1. One additional benefit:
    Its often easier to get really good accuracy out of a direct impingement system than it is from most piston systems.

  2. In semi’s one of the impediments to accuracy is the mass of recoiling parts which set-up secondary vibrations in the barrel, when fired. This is the reason that the M-14 has a captive piston and shorter op rod then it’s dad, the M-1 rifle and the reason early Mini-14s were so inaccurate; the mass of recoiling parts.

  3. Piston ARs are a solution to a nonexistent problem. I wouldn’t have a dirty old AK47 up my ass if I had room for Chicago.

  4. I would like to kill the myth that the AR15/M16 is a direct impingement rifle. Ljungman is direct impingement, the AR15/M16 is gas piston just with the piston in the bolt carrier not mounted on the end of the barrel.

    BTW I do agree with you about the over mythed unreliability of an AR15/M16.

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