The 5 Most Overrated Guns of All Time

There are guns that are truly great and will stand the test of time. The 1911, the Glock 17, the AR15, the M1 Garand. Legends, and rightfully so because they’ve earned their place in history. Some guns served on the wrong side of wars, but represented innovations like the Walther P38 or the STG44. But what about guns that everyone says are great, but are actually kind of terrible? Some are propped up by lingering nostalgia, others are popular because of their price point, but for whatever reason, people love them…even if they’re not very good. So get out your stadium hats and start chanting with me: “OVER-RATED! OVER-RATED!” as we look at the 5 Most Overrated Guns of All Time.

mosin nagant

5. The Mosin-Nagant
If I’d written this list 7 years ago, this entry would have gone to the SKS; but as prices have climbed, the SKS is no longer the darling of the TapCo catalog, it’s simply another $250 C&R rifle. The Mosin-Nagant on the other hand? Well it’s now number 5 on this list, because it’s adored by an entire generation of internet fanboys who are too poor to buy a proper rifle, and can’t appreciate a $100 C&R gun for what it is. “If I put $400 worth of crap on my Mosin, it’s just as good as a Ruger American Rifle!” No, you fedora wearing neckbeard, it isn’t. It’s a $100 C&R rifle that’s fought itself in every major war since WW1 and lost every time. But that’s not good enough, because people need to justify their purchases, so instead of just enjoying it, these spazoids have to pretend that they’ve bought a WW2 sniper rifle while they watch Enemy at the Gates for the 3,299th time in their mother’s basement.


4. The Luger
The love affair with the Luger is perplexing. I blame movies. Yes, it’s an interesting piece of machinery, and it represents a great historical niche in guns. It was also a pretty awful service sidearm and was replaced as fast as possible with literally better in every way Walther P38. As collector’s items they’re neat, but that’s also created and absolutely insane market for them, so that even run of the mill samples will set you back close to $1,000. But, like I said, I blame Hollywood. Lugers show up in basically every movie that involves Germans as good guys or bad guys, regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate or period correct for the character to be carrying a Luger. Hell, even in the new Wolfenstein game, set in an alternate history where the Nazis won, you’re still getting saddled with a bunch of toggle-bolt full auto Lugers. People love Lugers because they look cool, and apparently that’s all that matters.


3. The AK47
Ah, the AK47. Beloved by people who want a rifle that holds the same number of rounds as an AR15, but don’t want an AR15 despite it having superior ergonomics, sights, and accuracy. The real legacy of the AK is that it’s a rifle designed to be used by literally the dumbest human beings on the planet, and in that role it excels. But…it’s not really a very good rifle. Its legendary reputation for reliability is mostly grounded in the same ‘Nam era war stories that make people think that M16s aren’t reliable. It’s earned this legendary reputation for mechanical reliability…which turns out to pretty much be just that, a legend. But the internet will tell you forever that “nothing can jam an AK”…until one does malfunction, then they’ll say “well that was a Bulgarian AK, not a true Russian model so it’s inferior garbage.” Whatever you say. Go rewatch Red Dawn (the good one) and tell your AK that it’s “just as good” as an AR15. If you say it enough, maybe you’ll start believing it.

M14 Service Rifle pic

2. The M14
I’d be worried about people getting out their pitchforks and torches and burning my house down because I’m defaming their beloved M14, but most M14 fanboys can’t get off the couch without a chair-lift anyway. Here is a typical M-14/M1A fan:

fatguy m14

Our love affair for this gun is utterly bizarre. It lasted about 12 seconds as our main service rifle and was replaced by the M16 which has been soldiering on for damn near 50 years now. Meanwhile the M14 is relegated to use as the occasional DMR rifle, and even there it’s getting replaced by longer barreled M16s and AR pattern rifles in .308, because they’re better. People who love the M14 have spent too much time reading about how the .223 is a “poodle shooter” and think that everything would be better if we all just went back to the 1960s so we could hit women and get day drunk at work. The sad thing about M-14 fanboys is that it’s not even the best .308 of the era, the FAL is better by pretty much every single metric. The best thing you can say about the M14 is that it has a perfect one-shot stop record on Vincent D’Onofrio.

springfield xd

1. The Springfield XD (all flavors)
Here’s your typical XD buyer: A guy who wants a polymer framed, striker fired handgun, but for whom the extra $100 for a Glock or M&P is too much. So instead he settles for the XD, and like anyone who takes their silver medal, must defend his choice vigorously to all comers. The XD enjoys all the benefits of the “Springfield” brand name, with all the quality control Croatia can muster! Because oh yeah, when I think quality firearms, I think “Croatia.” And you know what’s worse? Slapping the Springfield logo on the XD is what really ruins it, because when it was the HS2000 and cost $300, it would have made total sense. I would have climbed over mountains of Tauruses to get an XD, but nooooooo we have to import them with a reputable brand name and upcharge them to $450 for the base model. Now a new XDm will cost the same or even more than a Glock or M&P, which is just madness. It’s like walking into a car dealer and saying “yes, I’d like to pay $50,000 for a Camry” while the dealer himself is trying to sell you a BMW or a Mercedes.

Say it with me, everyone: “OVER-RATED! OVER-RATED!”


  1. Caleb, the pitchforks may come out. You stepped on a lot of toes. I will not argue with any of your choices. But I would put any of them on my safe. πŸ™‚

    1. I have at various times owned all of the guns on this list except the Luger.

      That’s why it’s tagged “humor.”

      1. That’s why there is a smiley! I have a Luger in the safe with the American Eagle on it. It was a test firearm for the military when they were changing over too semi-autos. It is not mine I am holding it for a friend. They told me to shoot it but I am resisting. Afraid I will break it.

      2. i too own all the guns on the list except the luger. if i have to grab a gun and go and have time to plan i,ll take an ar platform. If i have to grab and go without warning i,ll grab the AK because it will always work. i love m14-m1a,s for target shooting but would hate to use one in a continualling struggle as in SHTF. As far as the mosine good to bury with lots of ammo when all other ammo runs out and supplys are gone

        1. It doesn’t show up on mobile, but if you’re on desktop it is literally right at the top of the damn article, above the title.

      3. I had a glock and it was an ok gun but nothing to jump up and down about ,I dumped it for a ruger 45 ,I now have a springfield 40 cal that I would not take five rugers for and I am a ruger nut .as for the AK 47 I have one of them also and it is just a fun gun to shoot

        1. I’ve always carried a Ruger myself, and still like them. Have just recently bought a 45 Springfield and am wondering if I made a mistake.

          1. Will: I have a Ruger P90 that I got in the mid-nineties I it it a good solid pistol. Solid as in SOLID. I have the XD in both 9mm and .45. If my experience is any guide I can tell you you didn’t make a mistake. Both my XD’s are fine pistols. They both eat my reloads without a hiccup and both are accurate enough for me. Keep shooting it. I think you’ll like it.

      4. Caleb, I don’t know what your level of expertise is, but a recent list put out on the Military Channel disagrees with you. A list of the Top 10 Military rifles of all time has both the M-14 and the AK-47 on it. With the AK-47 coming in at #1, just ahead of the M-16!

      5. Humor is supposed to be funny. This list is just simpleminded whining and stereotyping, devoid of intelligent comment.

      1. The AK has just become overpriced because the US has placed sanctions on Russia so we can no longer import goods from Russia, this includes Russian rifles and Russian ammo.

    2. depends on how you tactical deploy it; i take the m-14 for anything when it comes to long range shooting and punching holes through buildings; my experience is war ones; the m-4 is nice but now with a new rounds of 6.8 or better 6.5 grendel a lot better then the 5.56 crap…….what nice about a m-14 (7.62 by 51 ) is its flat trajectory for in the desert; the 5.56 is crap……

      1. “My experience is war ones” – this is my new favorite nonsense sentence. I’d be willing to bet that the closest you’ve ever come to war is fighting your mom for more pudding.

        1. Caleb, you know I like you, this guy might or might not be the real thing, but one of these days, you might end up having your mouth run into a fist!!

          The world is full of Keyboard Commandos, former Rangers of SEAL Team Delta, but some are the real thing!! And just because you don’t like the way they write their post doesn’t mean they’re the real thing!!

          I don’t know who this murphy character is, nor do I care. But as a friend, be careful, this guy might be, like you say, someone with NO experience whatsoever, but then, he could be someone that might just enjoy punching your face in, you never know.

          1. “This is hilarious coming from someone who is 1) not using his name to comment, and 2) used a fake email address.” -Caleb Giddings

            Thought I generally enjoy your articles, this one was full of wind. You are, as “Surly Old Gun Guy” stated, “the classic big-mouth behind a keyboard” on this one. I suppose you could say the same about me, but I have also used my full name and real email address.

            I have not, however, made a series of blanket statements about very large number of people that I do not know. I have only made a statement about one person, you.

            I believe if someone in the gun control media made any of these statements we would rally together and denounce these unsubstantiated remarks.

            Instead, I expect you make a remark about me being a “ginger” (which I am, as I was born this way), and about how you are morally and intellectually superior and how you will be forcing me to give up my lunch money.

            Also, just for the record, I don’t own any of the firearms you list, nor do I really want any of them. But why do you harbor so much anger for people you don’t know who are happy because they have found what they want?

      1. You make fun of Croatia. But think Austria has outstanding quality control? Let’s be honest here if the ak was so overrated why are many still roaming around with 10s of thousands of rounds? I have an ar and an ak and prefer shooting the ak. And all xd models? The xdm also? Better sights better trigger equally as reliable and far better ergonomics

      2. M-14, and XD. I’ll explain why. When I pick up an M-14 and get a sight picture, and when I do the same with the AR platforms, I just like the way the M-14 fits me better. When I was a boy, I had a Crossman 2100, and shot tens of thousands of rounds a summer with that thing, and it’s shape is very similar to the M-14. I do have an AR, and I like it. I plan on buying another, maybe even to suppress it. I’ll get the tax stamp for it. I do like the 7.62 cartridge; still I prefer the hold the M-14 to the AR, even chambered in .308.

        As far as the XD goes, I didnt know a thing about guns when I got it. I asked for something reliable, with an American company, I am very happy with it. It’s an ugly duckling really, a subcompact ugly little brick. But like the M-14, after holding many many guns in my hand before the purchase, the XD “felt right”. I loved the 1911, but couldnt afford one I liked, and the XD fits like one. The M&P was my second choice. Now I have a 5″ M&P Pro with an APEX trigger, and Trijicon sights. What a pistol! But, I have to reach down a little further to get the M&P trigger, so the XD is my go to gun. The magazine release on the M&P is way better. I didn’t care for the grip angle on a Glock, though it’s a first rate weapon. H&K was a little clunky, and I didn;t like the way the Sig felt under recoil.

        Customer service and warranty with Springfield Armory is second to none. I got a reloading chart mixed up, overcharging the round, and after a couple heavy shots the barrel lug broke. SAI sent me a shippong label via email, I shipped the gun to them and it was back in a week, tested and repaired. Didnt cost me a cent. I later sold the gun to a friend who had work done on it. They also warrantied a mag that split. I now have the gun again, and it’s still covered by Springfield. My daughter, now 12, will get this gun, and she’s not worried about if they will cover it. Glock is the same way from what I hear. One thing I know about my XD, and the M&P for that matter, is that it will go bang when I need it.

        1. I agree with you about the XD. I’ve had a Glock, but didn’t care for the grip. Like you, when I picked up the XD it fit my hand like a glove. Somebody else’s mileage may vary. (Sorry for the double cliches.) I just love the XD. I’ve got the 9mm and the .45. I can’t remember it getting jammed and I shoot my reloads in it all the time. We don’t have as many choices when it comes to handguns here in the People’s Republic of California, but rumor has it that the courts are going to put the kibosh on the DOJ Handgun Roster and I’m looking forward to checking out the M&P. (The M&P Shield is available… Go figure. I bought one and am quite happy with it.) Anyway–fun list. I have the AK because it was cheap and available at the time. I got what I paid for. Nuff said.

        2. So one of your magazines split and you still think it’s fantastic, huh? Tell me more about your excellent taste in firearm quality.

          I’m sure you had the money to pass up an H&K or Sig for an XD, too. You know the mark of an excellent warranty? Never having to use it.

  2. Let the Butthurt Begin!!

    I honestly disagree on ALL your choices, but then again, I have a list that are totally different than yours!!

      1. Trollin’ two lines and gettin’ hits on both of them. List is fun, posted comments are funner.

        1. My favorites are my CZ compacts. I have 2 XD subcompacts that I bought a while ago, but over time I found that I didn’t like polymer guns. My wife shoots my XDs now, she likes the trigger. CZ just feels right, and I like the weight. I CC with cz75d pcr, which I believe has an alum frame. It is lighter than the compact, which has a steel frame.

          1. I own two CZs, when they were new to the US, they were the best damn deal on the market. If you wanted to save money and get a flat out racehorse, there wasn’t anything better I could think of.

  3. I disagree with your list but love your style. Signed a m14 fan boy that call still lift himself off the couch.

  4. But the M-14 has a much better sight radius than an AR-10.

    …oh, it’s 2014 and we use optics now? Carry on then.

  5. Hell, I have a box of USGI M-14 parts that is worth a fortune!!

    I have enough parts to build an M-25, just need that coveted LRB M-25 Rear Lug Receiver!!

  6. Well….I never put it together like this, but must agree. Every time I was tempted to go down the Mosin, M14, AK, XD road, I could not justify it. Pretty much for the same reasons. Of course, never been a “fan boy”.

  7. So I’ll agree with 1,3, and 4 completely. I’m more so kind of “meh” on 2, but I won’t argue with you on it.

    As for 5 – if it’s on the list only for the reasons you stated that’s fine (accessorizing one is about as productive as accessorizing a Honda Civic), however blowing away coke cans with a $100 Mosin with old iron sights is a helluva lotta fun.

    1. The post-purchase lipstick on a pig modding culture is the entire reason the Brosin’s on here. If people just bought their hundred dollar rifles and was like “Hey, I can hit a barn from the inside, and it’s a great tomato stake too” that would be fine.

      1. Russia’ probably sending them over here because they don’t have enough sun to grow tomatoes.

      2. Waitaminute. People are “modding” Nagants?!? WTF? How, and with what? I must have been under my rock too long, I’ve never seen anyone but collectors buy them, strip the gunk off, shoot them a few times and rub their shoulder then put them somewhere “safe” with a shitload of corrosive ammo that may or may not fire if they ever need it.

  8. The 1911 belongs on an extended version of this list. It was revolutionary 103 years ago, but in this day and age an 8 round 45 that weighs 3 lbs is pretty much piss.

    1. I was THIS CLOSE to making the 1911 number 1 on the list, but I chickened out because someone would have actually burned my house down for that.

      1. Sadly, some people just have no sense of humor, or just don’t get yours. (See Nick above, for example)

        Personally, I think if this is the kind of post that shows up when I only click through once a week or so, then I need to come by *less* often, because the trolling will be even better. Some sort of inverse law thingy.

      2. Good call. “Discretion is the better part of valor” – or so it says on my 1911 (in reeeeally tiny font). Good article/troll, Caleb. Sometimes people who are very easily offended or annoyed are simply overdue for a proper o-fendin’ and articles like yours help recalibrate them.

    2. That eight round three pound pistol is your lord and master Derpmaster. A hundred and three years old and still kicking all kinds of ass.

    3. Actually, glock deserves it more than the 1911. I’ve seen people call it the “AK of the pistols” and have personally seen a couple fail in front of me, another glock failure was written about when that new 5″ barrel .45acp model came out shooting Hornady Critical Duty (trigger reset issue, if I recall correctly).

      1. Send it to The Glock Store in San Diego, Cal. They will see if thats TRUE. If so, & you bought it there, they will fix it for free. Also ,they are a Full Service Firearms Dealer & have a SALE now on AK type & Clones of all those ones. Just got the e-mail a few days ago. They have anything and everything you can imagine for a Glock including replacement light weight stainless steel cut out frames–they have access to it all.

    4. I remember when I was a little boy and three pounds was heavy. 90 years later and my USPc .45 still comes with 8 round magazines. If you need 20 rounds you either picked the wrong caliber or you’re a cop trained 5 times a decade with an 8lb. trigger.

        1. Sounds like a moneymaker, Martin. I wonder if technically It wouldn’t be seen as an “over 10 round magazine”.

  9. Biggest advantage of the Nagant: If you can only afford one rifle, both of them can be Nagants. πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL!! I love my $100 Mosin..But its just that… a $100 rifle for shooting at the range. The looks on all the AR-drones is hysterical when the 3 foot fireball leaps out the barrel.

  10. Good list. I was especially please to see the AK47 on your list. Nothing wrong with the AK47as Caleb said it is what it is.

  11. You forgot the berretta 92 on your list. Loved by tactical timmey’s and fanboys… but you never see a SERIOUS competitor using one……

      1. *WOOSH* (right over your head).. πŸ˜‰

        I’m trolling caleb… he didn’t bite…. I mean it’s not like ben stoeger ever shot one or anything.

    1. Well, granted Ben Stoeger isn’t a very serious person, but he has won some very serious competitions (like USPSA nationals…several times) with a Beretta 92.

  12. Haha, I lol’d at pretty much all of these. Can you imagine an alternate history where the Luger in .45 ACP became our primary service pistol?

    Well, that or a .45 ACP Savage 1907…now those would be some funny guns to see on the Wilson Catalog some 90ish years later πŸ˜€

  13. So, this was one if the most incendiary posts on the interwebs that I’ve read recently. I don’t own any of these but I wouldn’t mind shooting any of them. You might have forgot to insult some people group in this… gingers maybe? What does it matter what people are shooting as long as they are getting out there and shooting? Maybe you can insult gingers in the comments and make this a perfect inflammatory post. Post-good… name calling-bad.

    1. Relax. Besides, gingers like to shoot AR-15s.

      Me, I happen to like my Mosin, but it’s the M44, not the M91. For some weird reason, people start backing up when I unfold the bayonet . . .

  14. Caleb; You’re about to find out that the fury of fanbois is at least equal and probably eclipses that of
    a woman scorned.
    However, I agree with you on all 5 counts. Especially the Mosin. Someone should tell the Mosineers the truism
    that “You can’t polish a turd.”

      1. John, I can get you TGO’s contact info and you can go LOL in his face if you want to.

        But then again, it’s not the Arrow, it’s the Indian!!

      1. No you dumbshit, I sigh because what I wrote in the post was “fought itself and lost” but smacktards like you aren’t bright enough to get a joke that’s been on the Internet for ages.

  15. Yup, stirrin that ol pot y’are.
    Count me as one of those guys who can still get off the couch who likes his M-14/M1A and XD’s. The latter is because I never liked Glocks, but liked the IDEA of the Glock and so waited for the product-improved version. If nothing else the takedown on an XD makes me prefer it and I see everything else as equivalent.
    I actually own everything on the list but a Luger; an AK to train people on them and M44’s because they and their ammo were too cheap to pass up back when.

  16. I actually bought a full size Springfield xd over a Glock due to the way it fit my fat sausage finger covered hand until the gen 4 Glock 30 came out and for some reason my sausages fit it perfect so I am now a Glock fanboy ….

  17. I think the Glock should go on that list. Every XD I ever shot had a much better trigger pull than Gaston Glocks abortion masquerading as a firearm. I would gladly pay an extra 100 over the price of a Glock to have something designed for the hand of a human as opposed to the Glocks “Ergonomics for an Orangutan” handles and that mushy trigger…

    1. Can’t argue that. I like my G23/19 but yeah, the stock trigger pull on a Glock is dismal. My daughters Nerf gun has a more clean, crisp trigger break! But, of all the guns I own, my Springfield R.O. with a 19# main spring has the nicest trigger of them all.

  18. Back when I didn’t know anything I bought the first XDm in the State of Alaska because… It looked cool. That was it. At matches I was a noob dork that looked no different than all the other noob dorks with my shiny new gun and the other kids made fun of me. Nothing I wasn’t used to since I’m kind of a nerdy dorky looking guy. Well then I switched to a wheel gun and now me and my awesome 686 are the coolest kids in class. Lesson? XD’s make your face break out in pimples and give you bad breath. Revolvers make you better looking, speak five languages, never have to pay for your own drinks and get you girls.

  19. I liked my XD better than my Glock. I have smallish hands and the grip on the XD is considerably more comfortable than a Gen 4 Glock 22.

  20. Ha! Great list! Love my mosin though, but for the right reasons. It was cheap, cheap to shoot with, and makes a great club in a pinch lol

  21. How about we make a list of the most OVERPRICED Guns in the Industry today!!

    How a NAME can make a Firearm cost more than an equivalent model!!

      1. Funny that you say Kimber, when it first came out in 1996 (I shot their first AD for Gungames Magazine) the Kimber was incredibly cheap!! You could get a Custom MSRP for around $600 with all the goodies that you would pay a Gunsmith thousands of dollars for customizing a Colt!!

        The Original Clackamas Kimbers were great pistols and Dirt Cheap compared to the new stuff

      2. I own a Kimber cause I couldn’t find a Delta Elite here in Cali. I am happy with my exceptionally expensive gun. Fun fact: My gun is still a felony to steal after passing that insane prop 47 that makes gun theft of less than 950 bucks a misdemeanor.

  22. lets go to the right range you take your AR and I’ll bring my M-14 and we’ll start off at the 200 yard line
    5 rounds sitting, kneeling, then standing
    Well move back to the 300 yard line
    10 rounds prone position
    Then to the 500 yard line
    10 rounds prone
    Best shooter wins a case of beer

    1. Naw.

      High power isn’t relevant. Call me when someone wins a 3-gun match with an M1A and they’re not shooting Heavy Metal.

    2. You’re on, as long as we are both using the same sights or optics. Also, are we going to the right range for you, or the right range for me? Guess it doesn’t matter, since my AR is chambered in 6.5 Grendel.

  23. The good ole mosin for about $69 bucks can’t be beat. If you happen to shoot an idiot in self defense with a rifle, hide the other rifle and let the cops confiscate the mosin.

  24. I have to agree, especially on the SD. I own a Glock 17, 20 and 22. (The 22 was issued, not a fan of the 40) after literally THOUSANDS of rounds, they have NEVER malfunctioned. I’ve shot 3 different SD’s and had a malfunction with each one. Fact.

  25. Hmmmm…no hate for the Ghost Gun? I would surely think it would gain top honors as the most overrated since it doesn’t actually exist, yet it has been all over the news and interwebs.

  26. Couldn’t agree more. However, I still would like to own these guns that you have listed, I like them all!

  27. First, and foremost you are a jerk. Second, you are super funny. Third, you hit me hard, and I intend to defend myself. #5 Mosin, I own several. Not because of the historical significance, but because the ammo is cheap $.20 for a round comparable to a .308. The rifle is very accurate, and I can go boom all day and still afford to eat. #2 M14. I’m not a big fat guy (not sure what that has to do with the rifle), but I was raised on an M-14. Shot my first one in the Navy and became a firearms instructor, because of my competency with this rifle. In fact, even today, USMC regularly uses them as scout sniper implements. So, I think you are way off base on this one. Perhaps, as a 5.56 fan you are suffering from projectile size envy? Finally, #1 (yep, busted me here, too). I’m a huge fan of the XDs, because I can carry my beloved 45ACP in my belt. It’s a firearm that is substantive enough that I can actually grip it, yet doesn’t look like I have a tumor growing from my hip. I don’t consider it a superior weapon to a Glock, yet it is a superior size. All being said, I’m with you on the Luger and AK. πŸ™‚

  28. I agree with everything but the XD. I can disagree with that openly because I own a Glock as well. I bought my XD because I got it brand new out of the box on a trade from my cousin. I won an LC9 in an auction, he won the XD 40 in an auction, we both paid $25, we traded straight across. I like it, it’s a good gun IMHO, but I’m not stupid and the last thing I’m going to do is tell someone that the price is due 100% to quality. I know that at least $100 of that price is paying for the Springfield name, if not more.

  29. I would have to disagree with the mosin nagant cosidering the other choices for rifle during the 1880s when the gun was developed. These things came out before the Winchester 1894 .30-30. Fast forward 50 years to WW2 when the russians were still using them, Maybe then.

  30. The russians didn’t lose WWII and the nagant while cheap is effective in the right hands, as far as the m 14 there is nothing wrong with i would rather have it than a m16

  31. You left out the most obnoxious reason XD guy buys an XD. “For the safety. Cause, you know, Glocks don’t have a safety…” At which point I bang my head on the counter. Repeatedly.

    1. I bought an XDM because it fits my hand better than a Glock, Beretta, or anything else but a 1911. I bought the XDM because I’d prefer more rounds than the 1911 holds.

  32. Tell me again how the Soviets “lost” WWII, if I remember correctly the Soviets took Berlin not the US, we met them at the Elba River. How North Vietnam “lost” using #5 and #3 to that POS M16 and M16A1 that I carried for 21 years in the US Army. I’m just trying to understand why you are trying to rewrite history. Just so you can call people names? I own a Nugget because I’m not filthy rich enough to afford some super shooter living on a military pension. So go ahead and get your binos so you can look down that long nose. Because I’m holding up my middle finger on both hands!!!

    1. The reason the soviets “took Berlin was because the US and British stopped advancing and let them have it. All part of a political agreement made with the soviets when Roosevelt was sick and weak and easily taken advantage of.

      1. Also, the Western Allies made the decision to let the Russian Army take the 100,000 casualties it would (and did) take to conquer Berlin. Can’t say I blame them.

    2. Talking about WWll history, you may want to read a book. The taking of Berlin by the Soviets was a POLITICAL decision. Not a military one. Allied forces on the western front were ordered to halt their advance. Left to the military forces, Berlin would have been entered and most probably taken by American forces, BEFORE the Soviets got close.

    3. The soviets were on their asses and would have lost badly even after the winter of 1940 without allied help. Their war machine is the definition of quantity over quality as a model of failure.

      1. Long supply lines, the Russian winter, Hitler’s megalomania, America’s lend lease program, and all the damn Soviet troops made the Allies’ invasion of Northern France possible. Without the eastern front, Nazi Germany would have been in a much better position to repel the American, British, and Canadian Armies.

  33. I disagree vehemently with #3.
    Not only any logical standing, but just, ya know, because AK Fanboi.

  34. Well partially agree. Aks aren’t overrated. there very good for the job. Most pro trainers train with them and run em well. Sure the fanboys say dumb crap about ar15s, but that don matter,

    the XD, i don’t see myself buying one but all the ones I’ve seen have been decent.

    Mosins suck. Its cool stock as a historic piece, like my 1895 natant or roomy tokarev. I know there just toys. The guy saying its his shtf choice? idiot.

    M14s do suck. Don’t know why they even exist.

    Agree on lugers. look cool, historically interesting, not worth it.

  35. Last I read the Russians did more than their share of the fighting and the winning on the Eastern Front against Nazi Germany. After a tough fight they came out on top against the Finns too. We’ll call Korea a draw. Vietnam? Definite win for the Mosin Nagant. I’ll give you World War I. Probably call the Russian Revolution a no lose scenario so.. a win.
    The top 10 snipers in all of world history used the Mosin Nagant. Even Simo Hayha from Finland used one to kill Russians. 505 of them in fact. Over 700 if you throw in the unconfirmed kills. This was without the benefit of a scope and I think he did it in about two months before getting wounded himself by…. wait for it! A sniper with another Mosin Nagant. It is probably fair to say that, infact, the Mosin Nagant is undefeated in war since 1945. Can’t say that about the M-16, M14, M1, Springfield 1903. (Ok I suppose that there may have been a few Mosin Nagants in service by various countries that have had their asses handed to them by Israel over the years but I’m not entirely sure about that. Anyway… You’re column was funny as hell. I enjoyed it immensely. Yes.. I do own a Mosin Nagant PU sniper along with four other models as well. I will also admit to having watched “Enemy at the Gates”. Twice. Totally agree with every other comment though. I will admit to having a soft spot for the AK platform though I’m a ’74 guy myself. Thanks and keep writing!

  36. Maybe you should ask all those Germans (they lost that war) that lost lives to Russians armed with Mosin Nagants, how terrible a rifle it is. Why the AK is still the dominant assault rifle the world over in its original configuration while the M16/M4 has gone through many changes. Of course the M1A has been winning the biggest three gun match going–the one in the Iraq and Afghanistan; many a Jihadi assumed room temperature thanks to this rifle that barely lasted 12 seconds. Crane Arsenal has not been able to meet the demand for producing the current DMR version of the M1A.

    Like it or not the XD/XDm has a vast following and will continue to do so for the fact it is $100 or more less than a Glock or M&P. Unlike Glocks and M&Ps, XDs do not have a million accessories so you can’t “build the perfect” IDPA/USPSA blaster. Not having all those cool kid add-ons is a big negative to many of the tacti-cool crowd.

    As much as you bash the Mosin Nagant, like the Krag of days done by many of them see life here in the US as hunting rifles because they can bring down most big game and are accurate out to two hundred yards. There are a half dozen or so soft point loadings, scout mounts for optics and they function in the worst weather. They are not pretty, but if you are on a tight budget its a viable option.

  37. What a fictitious Malay of thrown together claims.. Who is the joker that wrote this god forsaken article? The majority of these claims are false and just poking at one another. All of us in the gun community should be together not make fun of ones likes or firearms and call them garbage with ill intent! This article is the real garbage. Instead watching Enemy At the Gates or Red Dawn, maybe you should go watch the Wizard of Oz because you are definitely in your own fairy land!

  38. Hmm. I have an “overrated” Mosin-Nagant M91/59 that outshoots commercial, domestically-produced, new rifles consistently, yet it cost far less. I also have a PU sniper, that most likely WAS used in WW2 by the country that, far more than any other, saw the value of snipers and used then to better effect than any other country during that war. So pardon me if I snicker at the unabashed, yet clueless, snooty author of that article.

    1. Yeah I call total BS on this. 100% totally false, not a lick of truth. You are a liar, MosinTom. Your Mosin would not outshoot the worst Remington 700 that they ever produced… much less any Larue or GAPrecision rifle ever made. YOU might outshoot other people with other rifles, but that is you… not the stupid Mosin Nagant.

  39. I agree with the list except for the XD I own 4 of them, first one I bought back in 04 have put thousands of rounds thru it with no problems and still shoots the same group as new, when I was buying my first I looked at all three you listed shot all three didn’t like the glock just wasn’t accurate at all, the m&p was a draw knowing I would buy more guns I bought the Cheeper XD, a friend bought a m&p at about the same time less round thru it and has had a hand full of problems with it. But I guess even big name companies send out crap every now and then.

  40. What, no Colt revolvers? You could’ve lumped them in with the Lugers for basically the same reasons.

  41. You missed the 1911. Unreliable, maintenance intensive, insanely expensive (unless sourced in Turkey or the Philippines), hard to control, and low capacity. Yup. It’s a winner. (here come the pitchforks :D)

  42. “People who love the M14…think that everything would be better if we all just went back to the 1960s so we could hit women and get day drunk at work.”

    Umm…Caleb? Pretty sure that would be ‘everyone’, man. Hell, I ran over three of my own children on the way to the bar this morning.

  43. But Caleb, the XD would be perfect for a carry optic?????? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  44. Never had a FAL, but I’ve had (and traded off :before I got religion) two M1A’s. I forget what I traded them for and probably don’t even have that any more. However they were much more pleasant to shoot then my HK91, shooting that was, for me at least, like getting hit in the cheek with a dull ax with every round. Yes I tend to crawl a stock.

    My Mosion, is fun and a loaner but I think I paid $149.

    My XD… I like it. It’s like a fungus, it’s growing on me.

    Every Glock I’ve ever handled has felt like a dried up dog turd in my hand, The S&W MP felt the best in my hand of the three (Glock, MP and XD) but the writing was on the wall when I had the money and now you can not get a MP in Komifornia any more unless you are a cop. So by default I got the XD.

    I’m liking it.

    Funny article.

  45. I work on BMW, Mercedes and Toyotas, and I would rather have a 50,000 dollar Camry over any BMW or Mercedes.

  46. I would have put the 1911 and AR-15 in there. I would definitely take the Mosin and AK out of the list. There is no way that anyone with any real experience with an AK would say that it’s not as reliable as people say and it’s over rated. The 7.62×39 is a superior round to the .223 and the rifle, while not as egronomic, is just as accurate at 100 yrds as an off the shelf Bushmaster or DPMS. On top of which, the AK has never really had to be changed. The AR however was a failure for the start and rushed in to service. It still has many issues with dirt and reliability. It wasn’t until the AR adomped the gas piston system, that the AR had been using since day 1, did the AR even start to become somewhat reliable. The Mosin, while not some nice shiny new rifle, is the second most produced rifle in the world and has never had a history of problems and the ammo is very effective, inexpensive and abundant. This article sounds more like the drunken ramblings of a gun snob than that of an informed shooter.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if ever single mosin on the planet were cut in half and turned into a cosmoline reef off the coast of where they were all made. A gun that was made for an uneducated army and used to start communism. 1891, we have come a long way. It ins’t a sniper rifle. It was used in that capacity because they were too cheap to make a sniper rifle.

      As for the AK….another mass produced weapon for uneducated people. sheet metal with a barrel…probably a crooked one. There is now doubt that it has been effectively used in a lot of wars, police actions, and skirmishes all around the world. The point is, it isn’t as awesome as everyone says. They are typically not as accurate, and the fact that people claim that a $500 romanian WASR is somehow a real tool, are wrong.

      I appreciate this article and the authors opinions. It’s meant to be funny!

    2. What is your “real experience” with AKs? It is a fact that AKs are reliable, but its also a fact that they are not as reliable as the legend would say. By what metric is 7.62×39 superior to .223/5,56? None, except for maybe beating brush with less deflection. Saying that the AR was unreliable until the gas piston variants came along just reveals that you don’t have much technical knowledge or real world experience. Your post seems like something that would come from a guy who learned about guns by chatting with neighbors in a trailer park, shopping at Bubba’s Gun&Pawn at spending a year in the Mississippi National Guard as a supply clerk.

      1. I owned an AK (MAK90) and an Smith M&P15 at the same time. I sold the AK because it shot 4 inch groups at 25 yards. The AR would shoot less than 1/2″ so don’t say I just didn’t know how to shoot. I took the AR to a patrol rifle class and shot it all week without cleaning it just to see if it would jam. 750 rounds with no failures. Took an hour to clean it after that though. Accuracy and reliability, AR for the win! Also Glock >1911!

  47. I can’t comment on the XD as I don’t own one. Same goes for the AK. Neither appeal to me. The other 3 I own and shoot.
    The Luger is over rated in the technical aspect but in the “cool” factor it is unrivaled.
    The M-1A/M-14 is good gun. Not the best but certainly not the worst. Over rated by some and under appreciated by others.
    The Mosin Nagant is not over rated, it was over produced. Because it is so readily available from so many import markets the aftermarket industry has tooled up in hopes of cashing in on the “modernizing” and “sporterizing” market. I’m not sure of whether the abundance of the gun has fueled the market for accessories or the availability of accessories has driven the demand for the rifle, but let’s face it, over rated or not, the Mosin is here to stay until someone “discovers” the Schmidt – Ruben, or the Stier straight pull, or….
    Every Mosin owner has heard the stories of mediocre accuracy from rusted out barrels but thinks he can clean it, put it in a new stock, and enjoy National Match level accuracy. Ain’t gonna happen. It’s a $100 gun and sinking $200 worth of “improvements” into it won’t make it into a tack driver.
    This article and the opinions expressed there in are one persons idea and nothing more. We all have a list of guns we question why anyone would want one, but those who do own them might question our choice as to our list of favorite guns.
    Let’s not get hung up on each others favorite and disliked guns. Just read the article and enjoy the butt hurt you see others developing as their favorite firearm makes someone’s list as over rated/overpriced/useless.
    When it comes to the physical condition of the “typical” M-14/M1A owner, sadly this is the stereotypical gun owner as perceived and portrayed by anti gunners. I’ve been to my fair share of gun shows and have wondered if the most physical labor these guys do is loading and unloading their vans for the gun shows. There is a bit of truth in all stereotypes. Even in 60 year old retired Industrial Arts teachers.

  48. If I can’t lift myself off the couch, I have to say the M-14 line is mighty purty

  49. You forgot Glock. That brand is the epitome of over rated. As are all things Ruger (except the revolvers).

  50. Caleb, you have brought trolling for trolls/butthurt fans to an art form. It is amusing, and I bet it generates quite a bit of traffic.

    What ever happened to the Walther CCP?

      1. Caleb may be reluctant to tell me why the Walther CCP has dissapered, but he is no dummy.

  51. I think the Mosin fan club got out early so they could picket Caleb, and they picked up a few XD folks along the way. I guess all the Luger lovers are dead. Probably shot by Simo Hayha with a Mosin.

  52. Caleb, I can’t agree 100% with you this time. I don’t think the M1A is over rated, it has lost a lot of it’s luster and the fanboys are not at thick as they use to be. 15 years ago, I would say the M1A/M14 had a place on the list,now the interest just isn’t there. Many of the older “I hate the Poodle Shooter M16 crap” crowd have learned the Ar platform is much better. Don’t get me wrong, I have owned a few and I enjoy them but I don’t put them on the be all to end all list. I have other 7.62x51s I think are much much better and if I had to grab one, I think my 91 or one of my AR 308 would fill the roll better.
    I thought the Moose Nugget fad had gone away with the drying up of cheep steel ammo?
    XDs are for people not smart enough to spell Glock.

  53. Who cares. To each his own, they all go boom and get the job done. Some like coke, some like Pepsi. Waa, waa

    1. No one actually likes Pepsi. Their corporate slogan should be the universal response of a waitress when you order a coke and they don’t have it: “is Pepsi okay?”

      1. All your gun criticisms I took just fine. But running down Pepsi goes too far! Coke is OK for someone who wants sickly-sweet syrupy-sticky stuff that turns to tar on the tongue and acid in the stomach. But for a crisp, cloy-free cola that refreshes and rejuvenates, it’s Pepsi all the way! πŸ™‚

      2. I 100% agree. Can you even imagine how dorky it would be to go into a bar and order ” I’ll take a double bourbon and Pepsi ” just thinking it gives me the chills.

  54. As far as being one of those M14 guys who can’t get off the couch … true.

    Why do you think I bought it?

    I live in Milwaukee. Think I trust to be able to shoot thru the walls to clear my porch off with a wimpy .223? Or at least have a chance at falling on top of a couple dead apes in body armor after getting turned into Swiss cheese verses expiring away in my Lazy-boy with the frustration at having the rounds bounce of said apes chest protection? Sheesh … everything has a purpose.

  55. Just when I think you can’t get any dumber you go and prove what a no nothing you actually are. Once again proving any moron with a computer and a few bucks to put into a blog can become a gun guru. Laughable.

    1. Oh no! Someone is here to point out how dumb I am in a post with jokes about fictional suicides and getting day drunk!

  56. Thats some funny stuff right there! I was an armorer 61 thru 64 and on a european pistol team so I know that stuff. I may not understand the rules of this game but where are the SKS haters? I also have had a Kimber double stack carry 10 so I’m not buying the 19ll hate. Besides, I could shoot 270s+ on a national match course when I was practising every day. That is the real secret to pistol shooting. I’m not sure how this Mosin thing got started but why no 1917s, 98s 1903s Arisaka, or 30 carbine for that matter. I have shot them all and gained respect for the men that had to operate them under duress! My favorite service rifle? M14

  57. I dub Caleb, ‘Master Click Baiter’ πŸ™‚

    I my first center fire gun was an XD9 service model. I purchased it because I was turned of by the Glock fanboys. Turns out XD fan boys are pretty aweful and at at least you can buy parts for a Glock.

  58. The reason “AKs are inaccurate” statement gets thrown out is because most of them in the third world have zero maintenance done to them and are fired in a haphazard manner by people with zero formal rifle training. Take someone with a lot of rifle training, or a soldier trained on it, and yes, they will hit what’s in the sights.

  59. I don’t agree on the AK47 . Sorry . and the best once these days are made in Bulgaria. And it’s not not just the XD most of the guns are made in Europe. other companies do the same in the US the buy them and put their logo on them.

  60. I would love to see a bunch of Mosin fanboi’s do a series of Mad Minutes with their tomato stakes.
    The excuses muttered while trying to wrench open stuck bolts would be just wonderful.

    And yes, I am a SMLE fan.

  61. “It’s a $100 C&R rifle that’s fought itself in every major war since WW1 and lost every time.”

    Weren’t the commies on the winning side in World War II?

    Or did they switch sides while the Germans were bombing Pearl Harbor?

    I’ve made the mistake of pointing out the flaws in the M14 and the “logic” that drove its adoption…

    I think insulting the prophet and dealing with a couple hundred angry geehawdis would be easier…

  62. Oh yeah… gotta wonder, though, why you didn’t put the 1911 on your list.

    Now that is an overrated gun….

  63. Caleb, “day drunk” should have been hyphenated (two words acting as a single adjective or noun).

  64. The guy who wrote this is a tool, watching enemy at the gates and playing call of duty in his mommas basement. I bet the author is a weekend operator, who’s laser / bi pod / $1k optic wanna be seal team 6 rifle gets 5 shots off before 20 min of fixing while the guy with the quality AK is punching 2″ groups usung iron sights

  65. He deserves at least a couple of pitch forks. For #5; No argument. It is a bolt action AK. It is peasant proof. It’s main plus, IMHO, is it’s reliable feeding with a rimed round. For #4; The Luger does have faults. Try shooting hollow points! It’s also very sensitive to ammo pressures and dirt. But it is a joy to shoot. That grip seems to fit every hand. And if you can manage to acquire the sights, it is pinpoint accurate. #3; The AK 47 IS reliable. Like the Nagant, it’s also peasant proof. With high grade western ammo, it’s even decently accurate. But it’s main point is numbers. At minimum 100 million have been made. All 5.56 rifles combined just top 10-12 million. #2; I have always felt the M-14 offered few advantages over the M-1 to be worth it. But before the AR .308’s, if you shot ‘High Power’ match. it was an M-1A/M-14 or an M-1. 2-5 all have collector value. #1 is the one I’ve never owned or shot. I’m told it’s main appeal is the grip safety for those that don’t trust the Glock “safe action” trigger.

    1. Service rifle has been won with .223 ARs since the 1990s when the Army dictated that their shooters had to use them. AMU has a 1000 yd. target with a 10″ iron sight group hanging on their wall, shot with an AR. Far from stock of course but the M14s they used to shoot were also far from stock.

  66. Honorable mention goes to: mp5 (all variants), any gun in .357 sig or 40 (unless you shoot USPSA limited), and any sub compact 9, 45, or 357 mag. Good work troll master.

  67. A troll that does it right doesn’t use as much subtlety. Your post read as sarcastic but that is all in the mind of the reader. If you were kidding why fill it with fictitional crap? If you were serious then I can’t even begin to form a rebutal you would understand. I’ll assume it was all b.s. and you actually like all those firearms.

  68. NO!
    My List of 5 most rated guns of all time: 5.Springfield 1903 (the Krag was just fine) 4.Glock 17 (polymer sucks) 3. Colt 1911 (we were doing just dandy with revolvers) 2. Thompson Sub-machine Gun (climbs too fast, waste of ammo). 1. AR-15 (ugly, feels weird, does not fit in any saddle scabbard, throws brass where I can’t find it)

    So you’ll know where I’m coming from My 5 Best Guns of all time: 5. 1895 Winchester 4. 1894 Winchester 3. 1873 Winchester 2. 1873 Colt Single-Action Army Revolver 1. Marlin 336.

  69. Best list EVAH. I giggled like a school girl. I have never owned a Mosin. I have never had the clap. There are some things that are just not worth getting into. Mosins are like Subic Bay “entertainers”. I may play with one whilst covered from head to toe in plastic, but I am damn sure not brining one home to meet Mom and Dad. The Luger (and yes, I have experience with them and stand to inherit one) is like a old timey bicycle with a giant front wheel, ergonomically, and I haven’t seen anyone win the Tour de France with one of those in a while. The AK….where to start… Sure they are reliable, but for the love of the 9 pound baby Jesus, please don’t rail on how “accurate” they are. A two inch group from the bench in a sandbag vise is the BEST it could ever do with match ammo…..LOL Match ammo in 7.62…That is like a performance package for a Chevette. Ahhhh, the M14/M1A. I was on this kick for a few years. A cocaine habit would have been cheaper and easier on my sense of self worth. I had three (two M1As (standard GI and a SOCOM) and a duty gun that was a TRW M14. I have crawled through the muck with that thing to get a decent perimeter position and found that it is as handy as a extending ladder in the woods. It has the ergonomics of the M1 Garand, but those days have passed. Damn few people choose that weapon anymore and I would challenge anyone to prove otherwise with references. It was the coolest 4 MOA rifle I ever had (way better than any AK…and heavier, more awkward, and with less capacity). I just don’t get XDs. I don’t hate them, but I can’t see the benefit over any other poly framed gun. A grip safety on a striker fired handgun is plain unnecessary though. Its the trigger finger kids, keep that booger hook off the trigger and you will be ok. Putting extra safeties on the gun makes it more complicated. More complicated means more parts and construction. More parts and construction and design adds to the invitation for Murphy to come along and rat fook your plan. Just saying… Well done. Now go piss in my Wheaties before they get soggy.

  70. I would add 2 to your list:
    1. M1 Garand. Sure, it was better (faster) than the Mausers and Arisakas it fought against, but it has a guaranteed-to-fail operating rod, you can’t top off a partial load, and you have to stick your hand into the action to load it.
    2. Colt Python: The same size and weight as a 686 or a GP-100, but much more complicated, impossible to work on, with a stacky trigger. But the bluing sure is purty.
    What the hell, I’ll throw in Number 3. 1911. Antiquated design, high-maintenance, heavy, and low capacity. The reason it stayed in service so long was that the military was broke between the world wars and used what money it had on rifle development. After the demise of the horse cavalry, any pistol was considered useless. After WWII the military tried to get rid of it again, but ran out of money and didn’t like the other contenders. (The main result of the 1950s attempt to replace the 1911 was the Smith Model 39.)
    On the other hand, I like my Mosin Nagant, so you’re obviously an idiot.

  71. opinions are like a-holes, and every a-hole has one… Here’s mine. The XDm is a fine pistol. I own several M&P’s and an XDm. I wouldn’t sell any of them and prefer the XDm over any Glock in fact. All fine weapons. I’m surprised Glock isn’t on your list, while having a glorified history of innovation and quality, it’s reputation in this day and age of polymer pistols has outlived it precedence, and it is now quite over-rated in comparison to what the competition has to offer. If fact the XDm forced Glock to rethink itself several times now and the current generation of Glocks would not be what they are without the XDm having been in the market. Tell me I’m wrong…

  72. I’m perplexed by your XD assessment. You actually did not divulge one fact about an XD as to what is bad about the gun. It’s origins have nothing to do with its quality or anything of that nature. Tell me one piece of fact that makes a Glock better than a XD. I had to put 4,000 rounds through my XD9 with doing a field strip only to clean before I had failure to fire. Pulled the slide apart and got the firing pin all clenaed up and I was back in business. Reliability is top notch, ergonomics and features better than any Glock, I can’t think of one reason someone would chose a Glock over a XD aside from just pure preference from being a Glock fanboy.

  73. I find it funny that any appearant gun nerd with a self inflicted narcissistic ego can post an article that outside the realm of fact or experience is relevant! Simply put do your homework shoot the guns you write about and check your history. Simply put your knowledge of the M 14 is at best marginal especially when you glorify a Garand in one sentence and then crucify its counterpart which by the way is the same rifle except barrel length, caliber and clip feed design which in fact killed more troops than truthfully helped due to giving up position. And was a required feature design by the US Government. As the M 16 made its debut killing its troops in the Vietnam war as well. The success of any weapon is based upon the user and application of that weapon in its given environment. Your claims are aimless deluged by self impression instead of the experience of using the firearms in account. Get off your high horse!

    1. If you’re referring to the ping of the clip ejecting, I think the eight bangs ahead of it did more to give away position.

  74. Very nice, you have skillz. I would have added the Desert Eagle and upped the total to 10 so you could trollzer even more people.

  75. this is the best list of over rated guns ever. I am in love with you . I been saying this same thing for years. especially that m14 crap. well done!

  76. so i figured this would be a well written article that provided sound reasoning for the selections. Instead what it is, is a poorly written rant. If you want to bitch about guns provide some constructive criticism and back it up with facts.

  77. This guy is an idiot. This article may as well have been titled “unless you have $1000 to spend on a firearm, you are not getting anything good”

    First, who rates Molson-Nagant highly? The only people that would even mention this are either 100 years old or, how the author put it, “fanboys too poor to afford a proper rifle”.
    This seems to be the generally feeling expressed by the author, his guns are better because he’s not poor.
    Allow me to enlighten you, not everyone earns what you earn. You have no idea what that person had to go through to buy that $100 Molson-Nagant, that is how they chose to practice their first amendment rights. While I agree that similar to any tool, higher quality comes with a higher price tag, but I would not think a person is any less skilled because they use Craftsman tools and I use Snap on and I find it pretty tasteless of the author to insult them.

      1. Yep, 1st Amendment. Mossy Nugget fanboys can’t hit shit with their tomato stakes, so they have to resort to talking about them.

  78. Sweet baby Jesus, I hope Detroit notes the lack of critical thinking skills displayed in these comments and ramps up short bus production. Yo butthurters, those magazines in the checkout line that shriek headlines? Don’t believe them! The Onion should not be used as a primary news source! Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a puppet! Sacred cow roasts up good and it’s fun watching folks get angry as its juicy remnants run down your chin. . . .

      1. Yeah, and my mom wears combat boots too, nonny nonny boo boo.

        But hey, I’ll make you a deal: you keep taking satire seriously and I’ll keep laughing at you about it. And don’t read anything by Jonathan Swift lest your head explode.

        You know, maybe they should put warning labels like they do for cigarettes on books by Swift, Twain, Mencken, et al in case folks like you mistakenly crack a satirical tome. We wouldn’t want the level of distress those books would cause to flash across your silently moving lips as you try to keep up with all those Big Words and Comical Caricatures.

        1. Great Comment:

          “But hey, I’ll make you a deal: you keep taking satire seriously and I’ll keep laughing at you about it. And don’t read anything by Jonathan Swift lest your head explode.”

          But then again, if you have to explain that you are writing a Satirical Post, you FAILED!!

          Well written Satire is obvious, TO EVERYONE!!

          1. Uh no, good satire should be really hard to distinguish. Also, this really isn’t technically satire. That’s a very specific type of post, this is just generic humor.

  79. I see you learned the number one rule in the interwebz (which you won today)….

    ….sacred cows make great hamburger!

    Wish you woulda had the balls to list the 1911, but getting the XD in there was just as good. Well, almost.

    The (AR hating) Guy (as I was once named, for my disdain of all ARs is legendary. Building one for my wife right now as a matter of fact.)

  80. I could care less which guns you want to crap on, considering everyone has their opinion, even when it is clear that it is full of uneducated bs, but your article comes across as if it is written by someone who still has some major growing up to do. Your comment on the M14 is just one of the many examples. Are you really that desperate for attention that you have to go out of your way to be a douchebag? Grow up and stop embarrassing yourself.

    1. I’m torn on whether or not to answer this question honestly, but for once I will.

      Shooting qualifications: I’m a Master class shooter in all five IDPA divisions, a Master class NRA Action Pistol shooter, and an A-class USPSA shooter. I’ve won multiple state level matches in various divisions, and finished in the top 5 at multiple IDPA National championships. I shoot at least 10,000 rounds a year in training and competition.

      Training qualifications: I’ve taken professional training from Gunsite, InSights Training Center, Todd Green, 10-8 Consulting, and several other smaller operations. I also have for the last four years worked as a firearms trainer, teaching people the fundamentals of marksmanship.

      Industry qualifications: I have at various times consulted with companies in the firearms industry on product development. I have been published in National Rifleman, Combat Handguns, and so many magazines I can’t remember them all. Finally, I founded GunUp the Magazine and this blog, two of the most successful digital pubs in the industry.

      But if your asking for my qualifications on a joke post, you’r probably missing the bus.

      1. so that makes you just as qualified as a few hundred other internet commandos. I find it amazing you cannot recall all the magazines you have written for. There are not that many now a days, one would think as young as you are you would be able to remember them; there is only a dozen or so today. Its not like you are an Ayoob, Towsely, Sheriff Wilson, Hackathorn, Rauch, Davis; and have been writing for decades and have had literally hundreds of articles, white papers, major presentations to such establishments as ILEETA, IALEFI, taught at Gunsite, Thunder Ranch etc.

        Winning a handful of titles does not one an expert make, there are very few Leathams, Jarretts, Butlers, Miculeks, Spauldings, Clint Smiths, et al. Even they know their limitations and strong points, and stick with them.

        Its cool you started GunUp…whatever it maybe, if gunnuts didn’t pop up in a few facebook feeds; would not have a clue who you are. It does look like you have the ability to really put people off, good luck with that and thanks for enlightening me as to why classic firearms are overrated.

        1. I’ve written for so many magazines I literally can’t remember all of them. The checks show up and I cash them.

          The only literary criticism that matters says “pay to the order of.”

          1. Probably not. I don’t freelance much these days, the money isn’t great. Running my own company and selling ads is a lot more lucrative.

            But the important thing is that I’m definitely more qualified than you to talk about this stuff. πŸ˜‰

  81. *2nd Ammendment, not sure if that was me being stupid or my spell check “fixing” things.

  82. You got a fucking problem with Croatia there cheif? This is the biggest piece of trash I have ever read.

  83. Everything except the XD is a classic. That is why they are well loved even if they have subpar performance. It’s like an old car.

  84. I have been shooting the XDm since it came out and to say it is any different than a Glock or a M&P from a quality just shows how ignorant you really are. I personally cant stand a Glock. I cant stand the feel of it in my hand and I dont care who says it is the best out there. The best pistol out there is the one that feels good in your hand and the one you are comfortable shooting not what some internet so called guru claims is the best. It doesnt matter if it is a HiPoint or a Sig. But to say that an XD is over rated would be just like saying that every striker fired pistol is over rated because they all are basically the same.

  85. Funny shit.. There are a BUNCH of thin skinned mo fos on here. The comments are way funnier than the article. And you’re probably right on the 1911 comment. I hear sirens now.

  86. Caleb, this sounds like a satire. Perhaps you should have asked the tens upon tens of thousands that are now underground what they think of the M14 and AK. I’m guessing they didn’t feel they were killed by an “overrated” gun. For that matter, the Mosin as well.

    You see, you’ve missed a major point in all of this. The Mosin, AK and M14 were made at different times. Soldiers didn’t get the chance to decide “Hmmm, my Mosin or a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle?”

    The M14 served the Army and Marines from ’61 to ’70 in combat until the M16 became issue in 1970. Overrated? It’s a silly premise. Our troops really had no choice. It served them well. It was what it was for 9 years or so. Soldiers didn’t get the chance to decide “Hmmm, my Issue M14 or a S&W Model M&P15 – 300 Whisper?”

    Regarding the XDm? I have Glocks. I have XDm’s too. The XDm fits my hand better. Period. 5.25″ barrel. 14 rounds of .45 ACP. Adjustable sights. 32 ozs. Never a jam. Never a FTF. I prefer the metal magazines over the Glocks too. Easier to load IMO. Especially the last 2 rounds or so. Overrated? Only in your eyes apparently. I will actually go further and say that the XDm’s are indeed UNDERrated.

    What is next from you? The Remington Model 700?

    1. It’s really not satire. The Internet has ruined that word so that now any sarcastic article with a humorous bent is satire.

      This is really just more “general humor” than anything, and it’s clearly not for everyone. Although, I’m surprised at the number of people who are taking an article that is clearly labeled “humor” so seriously.

      1. I think you really missed the boat though. You should take the XD off the list. Replace it with the “Most powerful handgun in the world”, the .44 Magnum.

        Even if it is hard to type while squinting . . .

  87. Speaking for myself, I missed where it was labeled “humor”. Now if at the end it had a little note about your self saying that not only have you written for countless firearms publications but also for Andy Dick, well then hahahaha

  88. Oh my! Hit the “desktop” option and there it clearly says “humor”. Maybe you are not the idiot i took you for i apologize

  89. crap!!! I bought a dozen HS 2000’s for $125 @ and sold every one for $350 good guns but not a Glock

  90. Caleb, a perfect article. Laughed my nuts off. Gotta go find them soon.
    Some of our friends take themselves too serious.
    My son handed me a MN M44 that he gave $89 for. It certainly is an $89 dollar rifle.
    MN does come in first in one category though. Bubba art.

  91. M-14 rifles were a distinct minority at Camp Perry when I was regular there 30 years ago. They’re almost extinct there now. Not necessarily saying they were not a good rifle for highpower at one time, but that time has long passed.

    1. The M-14 was big in The Masters, when the Match used to be big!! The Last BIG Masters was in 95, It died right after that…

    2. My previous comment was a reply to Gunny Oso. Unfortunately, it ended up down here a couple of miles from the original comment and thus lacks context. But the point still stands.

  92. So there I was, toggling my chair lift over to the corner where I keep my ‘In Case Of Internet Gun ‘Riter Insulty-Guy’ pitchfork when I thought: “Lemme do a little more research on this.” Then I saw it: it’s HUMOR! So I laughed, and settled back down to my pork cracklins and Enemy At The Gates. I love my 91/30. Well done, Caleb. You can come watch a movie with me anytime. My mom said it was okay.

  93. Two main problems with the article:
    1) Why the hate on fat guys? We’re fun and everything.
    2) I honestly do love the occasional day drunk instead of going back to work.

  94. Caleb I own a Springfield Socom. It’s in the M14/M1A1 family. I’m wondering at this point am I a go to get day-drunk and slap women around? *fingers crossed*

  95. Might be Humor.. but you defaming my M1A and My XD’s…. Dem’s fighting words.. LOL

    I used and trained on M-16’s in my time in the military.. and to me.. the M1A/M-14 family has it all over the 16′.. I don’t CARE how short of time it was in our inventory.. I noticed in Iraq and Afghanistan.. the M-14 Came back ya know..

    But I also own a Glock 30S..

    Ah well.. I don’t care…

  96. Caleb,
    I have to disagree.
    Everyone knows the Nagant is a turd, but past that, You started typing and stupid began spilling onto your keyboard.
    The AK does what it is supposed to, it is the Glock of the assault rifle world, it is as accurate as it needs to be, and is chambered in an effective round.
    The M14 is a next generation Garand, “the greatest battle implement ever developed” and the only reason it was replaced was cost.
    The XD has endured the Glock torture tests and passed, and the 45 actually fits your hand where the G21 does not.
    And the Luger? The Luger was developed in what? 1908? It was a pistol built by craftsmen, something nobody does anymore, considering what it was, it was a piece of art, and it feels great in the hand, something your beloved glock falls short on.

  97. Oh man, this list and pretty much all comments that followed are exactly what I needed after a shit day at work. Caleb, well done sir. I appreciate the humor!

    Although, you shouldn’t have chickened out in the 1911. This would all be 5x funnier.

  98. I am goad you did not put the 1911 on the list it is the perfect embodiment of pistols and is almost literally an estension of my sled and the mossin I like for a challenge its heavy and ungainly but still a fun rifle its far better than the Brits 303 lol

  99. Every poly pistol should be $300, be it Glock, S&W, XD or whatever. All perform about the same, all have about the same cost to manufacture. I believe it was covered in the book about Glock. Glock wanted to sell his guns cheaper, but price is part of perception of value. You will sometimes sell more product at a higher price because of buyers expectations. They set the price higher but worked out killer deals with departments to trade in old pistols to corner the police market. The public paid more for the perceived value. The market will determine value and if you did your homework the difference is profit.

  100. Comical… a less fact filled article there has never been.

    Just to toss this to the author…

    “When I think quality, I think mass produced Glocks being sold because they are the lowest bidder on contracts….”

  101. I own three Mosin-Nagants of various types, and love them. However I paid only $20 each for them in 2001. Easy to maintain. Drawbacks: so loud that shooters on nearby benches have to double up on ear protection; enormous recoil.

    But I am totally infatuated with my AR-15. Don’t have to reacquire the target after each shot.

  102. I got my XD’s cheaper than a glock boat anchor with more options and accessories, they are not my USP .45 but by far a fave after having glock for too many years.

  103. The crap about XD’s is just that Crap. Have owned XD 45 and currently own a 3.8 Xdm .40 cal. I have put more rounds down range with these guns than any other i have owned. And for the 500+ dollar range, sure there are a few decent guns out there and i own a few. HOWEVER. I have not had a single failure with the so called piece of junk and trust my life to this gun hands down. And at least for the money they give an extra mag, straps for grip and a hard case. ect…

    The most over rated gun and unsafe gun is the Glock. Well made gun with exception of lack of proper safety, and they come out with more generations that the damn i phone…, Talk about a marketing ploy to sell more guns.

    I will put my Springfield up against a Glock any day! And FYI remember the recent article about that idiot ex major league baseball player that shot his finger off cleaning his gun??? Jose Canseco Bet it was a Glock! Bet my paycheck on it. The grip safety and match grade barrel on my XD’s provide dependability and safety. Didn’t mean to go on a Glock rant, With a proper safety i think they are great guns. Just too much hype and dangerous in my opinion. If i were to spend a little over $100 bucks more i will buy Ruger SR1911. Nuff said

  104. Great just what we all needed, another opinion. You know what they say opinions are like?

  105. I haven’t had this good a laugh reading an article and posts, in a very long time…. lmao still!!

  106. I can’t afford any of the others, but I did buy a Mosin Nagant not quite KO-91/30. That is, the receiver is stamped that by Molot, but nothing else was done to make it a KO. No new chromed barrel or any of the other mods. Original Mosin solid walnut stock (although it has been repaired at the butt), all matching numbers except the bayonet, and with the NcStar 2-7X 32mm long eye relief scope and handload Match ammo, I shoot 2MOA at 100 yards with it. I would not part with it for any amount of money. Next is a Mosin Nagant M44.
    Your article may be humor, but the Mosin is one darn good rifle for less than $150.

  107. I chose the XD 45 (double stack) for one reason, grip fit in hand. The Glocks (my wife and daughter each have one) does not feel comfortable in my hand. I tested a variety of sidearms for fit, the Springfield XD was the first to feel comfortable in my hand. One exception to this was the Paraordnance P14.45, but my understanding of their quality stopped me from looking for one to buy.

    I know Glocks are good firearms, but they are not a good fit for my ergonomics.

  108. My Goodness!!–A million blogs-my eyes hurt as I scanned past them. Major AR selling point-can carry 4 times the ammo as M-14 in .308 or .30-.06. Weight and firepower is a Killer for the soldier in the field. As for reliability–the problem was the crummy dupont powder the govt. contracted for it. Dirty-dirty-dirty!. Chromeing barrell & chamber too cant hurt either. They even fluted the chamber @ one time to reduce surface extraction area. Speaking from time @ Aberdine proving ground.

  109. On a more serious note, how about I give you a couple?

    The Taurus Judge
    Does this actually need explained? This thing had me saying WTF from the time it hit the shelves….

    The Remington Nylon 66
    These things were 40.00 on dealers shelves, all over the country, then some waterhead wanted to start collecting them.

    Any revolver Taurus ever made.
    Mankind has been making revolvers since before slavery was abolished, and these dipshits still can’t get their QC to a point that most of their revolvers work?

    The Savage 99
    As a kid I remember these being 50 bucks cheaper than the Winchester or Marlin lever guns on the rack, so at 100.00, it was tempting to own one, but it was so ugly, you didn’t want to get caught with one…

    And lastly, the Marlin Camp Carbines, they are just almost a good idea, but how hard would it have been to make them use 1911 mags and Beretta mags?

  110. And dammit, you forgot to mention the obscenely high bore axis of the XD. It’s like somebody took Mt Rushmore, stuck a barrel on top and said, “Oy, shoot it from up here!” The only thing that would make this Nerf wannabe worse would be if they emblazoned the words “GRIP ZONE” on the grip for the ADHD short attention span internet kids.

  111. Wow! Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Mommy didn’t give you enough hugs when you were a kid?

  112. You my friend, are the stupidest writer I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across. I’m not a mouth breathing, couch surfer and I own an m14. Possibly the greatest semi auto rifle ever inducted into the US armory. And oh that’s right, the longest serving firearm as well. In the marine corps (yes, vet here), the m14 is extensively used as a DMR and has shown no slowing down on it’s service life. The ak47, built on simplicity and reliability has managed to give us a run for out money as the oppositions weapon of choice for over 40 years. The mosin? Hard pressed to have won a war but for shits sake, was designed and built on an economy and infrastructure that was little to none. How about you get ur fatass off the sofa and go out and actually do something and stop describing the types of people you think like certain firearms, you incompetent piece of shit. Pitch forks are out, think before you speak. 2007-2012 USMC 1833 3rd tracks, echo 1st. My info is input, come find if you want to get some

    1. Yes, A Lot A Do about nothing–Total waste of the Printed Word–Yes!-I read them all-Christmas Presents are already wrapped–Honey!.– But that aside.Yes the Reds one Their war, but only because of Sheer Numbers. Their Death Rate on the field was 60%? or more. I was Army Search & Destroy-’67-’69 .

  113. Stopped reading after number 3. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen such a close minded, anger filled, ignorant stereotyped rant. Like, maybe the last time I checked out Alex Jones or the HuffPost.

    Congratulations on making fun of people you don’t know for having something that makes them happy.

    1. Yes-Me Too–But, I’m doing it now while eating a Hot Dog with KETCHUP! , followed up with one with mustard, onions, & relish. I’m going to then wash it down with some Laquer Thinner I have right here after I finish Stripping the Finish off of a Holster.

  114. The Marlin Camp 45 does use 1911 mags. Sweet little gun, just hard to find. Savage 99 was the first lever action to use more powerful bottleneck cases with pointed bullets because it has a box magazine. Very strong action too. The ones made pre-1950 were very well made. Caleb, I agree with all 5 on your list. Yes AK’s are reliable. It will reliably spray hundreds of bullets all around the periphery of your target. #6 – All Taurus handguns. #7 could be the FAL. They’re none too accurate or handy in the field either.

    1. I have a Savage 99, great lever gun. Not fired it for many years. Also a Rem. .350 mag bolt gun–you know-zebra wood stock & high polish blued and Ribbed barrell; is that the right term?.

  115. Where is the FN Five Seven?

    I agree with putting the XD on that list. It’s a good $300 pistol. Sadly Springfield Armory changes a premium for their logo.

  116. Where’s the 1911? The old ones where good. The newer production ones are garbage.

    1911 fanboys are the worst.

    1. I have a Series ’70 Govt. & a same era Gold Cup National Match I bought from the friend of a Relative in 1992?. He wanted 700 dol/s then high but did anyway. Now worth Double that. I wouldn’t trade my 1911’s for any 2, maybe 3 Hollywood babes in Movies. If I did, my wife would then get my gun collection.

  117. Whatsvover rated are these gay ass blocks oh I want a glock 22 gen 8 gen this like i phones same fuckin phone just diffrent bs glock thisband that geb 1 2 3 to 40 lol same pistol just diffrent name I phone 5 iPhone 4 bs lol over rated my favorite gun of all time is one that shoots fuck the price ha ha as long as it shoots and protects I love it ha ha

  118. Caleb please write more articles like this. I just spent an hour reading the comments, laughing my ass off.

  119. They guy that wrote this list is not only a moron but knows nothing about firearms, so to all those that believe that nothing on the Enet can be untrue I say this: If you believe this story then you don’t need a gun because you are to stupid to operate one!

  120. I’ll take a m-14 or m1a1 over a AR or Ak anyday of the week. I have a AR and just purchased a SOCOM II.When TSHTF guess which I will grab.

  121. HAHAHA…i haven’t seen this many butt hurt fan boys outside of a comic book convention in a long time. I love my bulgarian AK, but the entry on it was fucking hilarious….

  122. I had Army basic with the M-14. The M-14 is a different animal than an M1-A. When in ‘Nam, Marines favored the M-14 even though the M-16 was available. The ‘Nam era M-16s left a LOT to be desired.

  123. I liked your list, despite the humor tag. πŸ™‚

    I love glocks, and my buddy who bought his high slide sitting XDm, couldn’t ever out shoot me. Heck, he could barely hit his targets with the dang thing. He used to borrow my glock to actually hit what he was shooting at, lol. Now he owns a glock and the XDm sits there collecting dust. I know the problem was him and not the firearm, BUT seeing it labeled number one on the list makes the whole situation just funny as crap, ahahaha.
    I used to hate AKs, loving on my AR-15 and AR-10, but after learning about them and their history I collected a few Polytechs, Norincos, and one Russian. Most are not ergonomically sound, I agree, but THEY sure are fun to shoot, ammo is cheap, and their historical use is cool.
    I don’t get Mosins, or anything that mimics one of these ugly, overly long, clumsy looking firearms. However, reading up a bit about the German markings on them and swastikas and stuff causes my interest to be kindled. The fact that non Germans own them and what that represents (they utterly lost) is just cool given their war strength the villainy of their motives. We plundered them, and I would like owning a piece of that, no matter how dang ugly it is. πŸ™‚

  124. The new production 1911s are the problematic ones. The older ones are good.

  125. You do realize the m-16 and ar-15 are no longer being used by the U.S. Armed Forces other than basic training. A Swiss sniper got over 700 confirmed kills in less than 100 days with the Swiss version of the mosin nagant rifle in the winter earning him the nickname “White Death”. The AK 47 is still being modernized and it’s operating system has been put into almost every kind of weapon imaginable. And the M14 was directly derived from the M1 garand.

  126. Victory over Nazi Germany was mostly at the hands of the Soviet Union. The Allied invasion of Northern France wouldn’t be possible without the fighting in Russia. The American, British and Canadian forces may have been pushed into the channel without the Russian front. The D-Day invasion was a second front.

  127. I just purchased an XD subcompact yesterday for $339 new. Shot 250 rounds through it today. No failures, accurate, and sweet shooting. I own 5 Glocks. I like the XD better. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  128. Where are the firearms manufactured by Kel Tec? I have never seen reliability problems like Kel Tec. Every CCW class I have taken the Kel Tec users wound up borrowing a sidearm in order to finish the class.At least two of these guys are now revolver users; one shoots striker fired pistols; and one has a Browning Hi Power. None rely on anything by Kel Tec.

    1. The WORST Gun I ever saw was a S &W Mod. 39. I knew a guy once who shot one with a ‘LITTLE’, only little reload that blew part of has face and lower jaw off in Real Time. Too many Starsky’s & Hutch s’ I guess?.

      1. I haven’t ever seen that catastrophic of a firearms failure. That’s why you’re not supposed to fire a Nazi stamped Hi Power; the Belgian workers sabotaged the heat treatment of some of the pistols thy when forced to produce.

  129. Aaaaarrrg! I KNEW I should have picked up a Glock instead of that Springfield XDm! Ah well, it’s only a backup for my Taurus PT1911 anyway…

  130. I swear I was reading a /k/ thread just now.

    >competing item is literally better in every way
    >fedora wearing neckbeard
    >AR vs AK debate
    >Mosin Nagant is owned poor people

  131. If you don’t think the Xd is a piece of crap, just tell me the last 5 times a major competition was won with an Xd or Xdm.

  132. I agree with most of your choices, but I love my XDS in .45 acp. I have several concealed carry guns, but it’s my favorite. I also really enjoyed shooting the M14, and earned my expert rifle medal with it, although it was replaced as our main battle rifle for several good reasons.

  133. “…think that everything would be better if we all just went back to the 1960s so we could hit women and get day drunk at work.”

    I quit reading after that. Go to Hell and take your opinions with you.

  134. I have an XD and it’s with me every day, all the time. I would be one of those people who thinks it doesn’t really belong on your list, for the simple reason that (a) it ALWAYS works and will reliably chamber anything, and I DO mean ANYTHING, that fits into a .45 ACP shell and also fits in the magazine. It will even reliably chamber empty shells. (B) it always goes bang when it’s supposed to and it’s quite acceptably accurate, to boot. I find its quality of manufacture to be very good, absolutely no complaints. And, since I bought mine used, I got it for a genuinely fair, even good, price. So my XD has ALL the attributes that would qualify it as a good handgun.

  135. The HS2000 was one of the best values in firearms. The problem with the XD is that the Springfield Armory logo adds around $150. They are decent firearms. I just wish they were priced like the HS2000.

    1. Fred, have you given any thought on the R&D Springfield put into the HS2000 to turn it into the XDm 5.25??

      Into the XDs??

      FWIW, I do know…

      It took years to come up with the XDm 5.25, I saw prototypes of it back in 2010…

      It takes time and money to come up with these pistols.

      I use a Springer Tuned XDm 5.25 for USPSA and IDPA, the last Rob Leatham class I took, Rob mentioned that Springer makes and tunes up one of the best XDm Triggers he has ever felt.

    1. It has nothing to do with Fanboys, but human nature.

      Most folks don’t have disposable income to buy tons of guns, wen they do, they do it with some effort and they don’t like to be told that the guy they purchased with hard work, effort and savings is a POS or it’s overrated!!

      It’s HUMAN NATURE.

      1. It’s an interesting point. The XD isn’t a POS, like the offerings by Kel Tec.

    2. I read this post in the spirit in which it was written. My opinion of a gun is based on my own experience. I have an SKS I bought in the mid nineties for a $150 (I live in CA where we pay a “Marxist Legislature” mark-up on all firearms) is it a high end Weatherby or Ruger? No, but it’s easily good fun for the money. Same for the AK. As for the XD, it’s my bedside gun. So yeah, I don’t think it’s over rated at all. Is the Glock a great sidearm? In my opinion, yes. I just happen to like the XD better. That’s why we have choices. (Well at least the rest of you do, we’re about three laws away from Flintlocks only.) Haha.

        1. The courts have surprisingly have started to push back a little on the draconian and Byzantine gun laws here in the once Golden State. The ten day waiting period has been eliminated after the first purchase. In other words the first time you buy a gun you wait for ten days then on subsequent purchases the wait is waived. CCW is coming although the sheriffs are slow walking the setting up of the process that I’ll probably be dead by the time it’s implemented fully. The CA DOJ Authorized Handgun Roster is also rumored to be on the chopping block. This roster is what limits what we can purchase after the manufacturers jump through more hoops than a circus full of trained seals. All in the name of “consumer safety”, of course. What people that don’t live here don’t think about is California, with the exception of Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco, is not populated with lunatic leftists. It’s possible that the last election has awakened the more sane of the legislature to the fact that their days could be numbered as well. One can dream, can’t one?

          1. The wife has about five years to go until retirement and we are so out of here. The gun laws being only part of the problem. I have a lot of people on these types of forums and others that say “Just get the hell out of there.” After 40 of residence we have a house (luckily not upside down on), jobs, kids, friends, church, etc. In other words, easier said than done.

          2. Maybe we are Long Lost Brothers?. Our stories are almost identical. Working on this of & by the last five yrs. I bought a Quartz Mine in Southern Idaho about six months back. Where theres Quartz theres sometimes Gold Deposits. I bought it for the Land only. it includes 26 acres of unspoiled land with a stream in the high Mountains. One 1 lane road up & the same road down @ 8000 ft. 10 ft. of snow in the Winter. No Up or Down during that time. I bought a 6 x 6 Army truck & backed it into the Tunnel for Future Endeavers. The Kids live in Henderson, Nv. where we are @. Close to Lake mead– Maybe a House Boat later?. Sold off everything except Tools & Guns & 4-wheel drive Suburban.

          3. Sounds like you have yourself a nice sweet life going, Martin. I’m happy for you. There’s life after The Once Golden State after all.

      1. A long time ago in California-before guns and the Population was 6 people, 2 goats and a few apes-they were killing each other with those Pointy Sticks and Big Rocks. It just required more effort & took longer.

  136. Still there are worse firearms than the ones listed that some people have to get.

    Desert Eagle- Spotty reliability, expensive, and really big.

    FN Five Seven – Expensive pistol firing very expensive ammo.

    Kel Tec – Unreliable marketed as a quality firearms. Often they are given a pass by the reviewers. People believe the hype and trust their lives on these crappie weapons. They are the worst.

    1911 – The new ones are quite expensive and have reliability issues.

    Tec 9 – Another POS designed by the people who gave us the the Kel Tec. It’s s scary looking weapon with horrible reliability.

  137. I was actually relieved to not see my Mauser C96 or Polish Radom Vis 35 or P64 on the list. Shooting my C96 is a joy I don’t get to have near enough. It’s almost a love affair, but that would mean I was cheating on my Hopkins & Allen, not happening. With a Versa-carry, my P64 is with me more than anything else, and that is the point isn’t it?

    I knew the 1911 haters would be trolling around, they always are, the newest C&R to me is the Star Model B. I’m into the “C” aspect and historical context. And the ruby “Red” extractor isn’t lost on me!

    As an aside, the Glock 27 could be the “Swiss Army Knife” of the gun world. With a Wolf threaded barrel in 9mm and damn near any other Glock mag ever made, I’m covered. Yes, the 27 is a .40.

  138. eat shit u maroon ive oned 2 mosins actually THREE MOSINS and ONE OF THE M SUCKED but the other tow were good, iron sites i BLAST BRICKS at FEETS UP UP TO 35-50 YARDS. they are also cool because if you fire them off in the dark not only does it upset the neighbors dog but you can see a foot and a half flame shoot the fuck out of there!! now thats cool! plus you get that screwdriva bayonette u could fuck someone up with that stick it in them then shoot out their heart.

    now onto the AK – i’ve owned THREE OF THESE also!! 2 were crap! one of them blew a whole in the gas block :(. but that was because it was MADE IN ROMANIA and only 300 dollars it was CRAP. i sold the other one before it did the same. the last one is a YUGOSLAVIKAN and its GOOD. actually it came defective but its OK NOW BEcause i sent it back and got a new one that isnt. its the most fun to just fire off a whole clip from the hip and destroy half of what your shooting at but also put a bunch of holes in the ground and other things! can’t do that with your stupid AR!5

  139. 5. Mosin-Nagant – meh.
    4. Luger – exotic-looking, but suffered somewhat in reliability, particularly the toggle action in wooded areas. I’d dispute the Hollywood factor though; it was already an immense souvenir magnet in World War I.
    3. AK-47 – the β€œuse by dumbest human beings” translates as β€œreliable”. And it was, certainly more so than the early-issue M-16. The author may dispute this, but my experience with it holds otherwise.
    4. M-14 – love it, but then I started out with it thus it becomes a gold standard for me, particularly its use as a 7.62mm platform (it all depends on the environment in which it’s used). I agree, though, that the FAL (or SLR as the British tagged it) was a notch above, if only because it had a flash suppressor that was welded on.
    5. XD – don’t know, don’t care. There are others clearly just as good or better.

    1. I’m beginning to feel like the resident defender of the XD. All I can say is I believe it’s on the same parr as the Glock, the Smith & Wesson M&P, and the much vaunted HK. I’ve owned them all and I like the XD the best. It all comes down, as with most things, to personal preference. I’m amused how some on this thread have taken criticism of their favorite guns as a personal affront. Heck, some people love their Kel-Tecs. I think that’s great. Favorite guns is a fun topic to kick around, but it’s not the end of my world if somebody thinks my favorite firearm is a piece of crap. Different choices are what America is all about. Getting down off my soapbox now. Merry Christmas!

  140. I know it’s tagged as humor, but I tend to agree with 4 of your 5 choices. I get very tired of hearing how accurate the Mosin-Nagant is or how the AK47 out classes anything NATO can come up with. The one I disagree with is the M14/M1A. I admit it’s not the best general infantry rifle, but it’s tough, reliable, and easy to use. Worth a spot in my safe for sure. That being said, I’m working on an AR10 build. Surely there are a few guns out there more deserving of the top 5 than the M1A.

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