Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger For M&P Pistols

By now you’re likely familiar with the Apex line of upgrades for the M&P pistols. One of their most popular kits has been the forward set sear, which allows you to get one of the nicest, cleanest trigger pulls possible in an M&P. This year, Apex has added an aluminum flat faced trigger to their line up.


  1. Too bad USPSA has rules against using the best gear you can use…

    Yes, keeping pistols stock for competition keeps the playing field level, but it means nothing in the real world where upgrading triggers, sears, and other parts can make a real difference in someone’s ability to shoot well. If I’m fighting for my life with my pistol, I do NOT want it to be a fair fight. I want the upper hand and I want to use it to crush my foes. Why would I want to compete in anything that hampers that ability by having to stick with stock firearms?

    1. Because some little trigger doodad isn’t going to make you that much better, where regular competition will?

      And when you take off your match gun and put on your carry gun, those skills don’t just disappear?

  2. Yeah I meant production obviously. I do run the Apex sear in my M&P’s…I feel like my current trigger system is plenty adequate for “crushing my foes”

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