Classic Colts

Colt Cobra and Pocket 9

Top: Colt Cobra .38 Special
The Cobra is an aluminum framed revolver on Colt’s D-frame that was produced until 1981. Unlike its competitors from S&W, the Corbra (and Detective Special) are unique because of their six-shot capacity. Also, the cylinder rotates clockwise from the shooter’s perspective, unlike S&W and Ruger DA revos.

Bottom: Colt Pocket 9
The Pocket 9 was a single-stack 9mm before it was cool, and an early attempt from Colt to get back into the CCW game. The gun was eventually discontinued allegedly due to a patent infringement lawsuit from Kahr, and was never heavily produced. Today used models will fetch a hefty price as the gun has a cult following both with hipster CCW dudes and (of course) Colt collectors.


  1. Hot Pocket Nine. That seemed to be (briefly!) a great product out of Colt. It was interesting see it become discontinued over IP issues.

    I don’t know how many people are excited about carrying discontinued guns that are also on the low end of the size curve. Can we hope for a review of the Pocket Nine as compared to more modern designs of similar size?

  2. My 1st revolver was a Colt Detective Special and I’ve always had a special place for Colt revolvers in my heart. I still own 2: a nickel 4″ Python that was my duty pistol for the better part of a decade and a Gen 2 Detective Special I acquired a few years at a good price. Though my duty and off duty pistols are now semi autos, I wouldn’t feel under dressed if I had to go back to the Colts.

  3. I’ve been looking at an Armscor M206 because of its similarity to the Detective Special, but most reviews I’ve read have been by people who only shot a box or two of ammo. I’m not looking for a defensive gun, just for something good enough for some cheap SSR fun in IDPA.

    Any opinions? Is it good enough for what I’m trying to do?

  4. Pocket 9 looks interesting; is it similar in size to a P938? It also looks way similar.

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