An actual compromise

How come whenever an anti-gun person asks us to “compromise” or “meet in the middle” what they actual mean is “just give up some more of your rights?” I’ll be honest, if someone wrote a well-researched universal background check bill (instead of the crap they’re trying to push) I’d support it, on the condition that bill also provide for nationwide concealed carry reciprocity (Shaneen Allen’s Law) and the removal of SBR, SBS, and suppressors from the NFA list. That would be an actual compromise.

Which is why it will never, ever happen.


  1. Don’t forget the revocation of the un-Constitutional Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986. Typical of the government, it removes one’s rights unless you happen to be wealthy.

  2. I would want a repeal of the Machine gun portion of the 1986 gun law, and carry reciprocity, and just supressors….

  3. What is the real issue with background checks and from what perspective do we view it? Gun owners see it as an infringement of rights (depending how the legislation is written) and anti-gun people see it as protection from loose cannons amongst society (no matter how it is written). Yes, the burden is upon the Gun Owners and Supporters of the 2nd amendment, to review all the proposed legislation and recommend and sell intelligent legislation to the masses. It is unfortunately our responsibility to enlighten them to the ridiculous sections of any proposed legislation and the unforeseen consequences that could result. Sadly there are many pro-gun people that are not opposed to legislation that infringes on many of the freedoms we enjoy; they are in need of being made aware, possibly even more so than those who are anti-gun.

  4. I want everything that Caleb wants, plus repeal of the Hughes Amendment and the prohibition on out-of-state purchases of handguns from the GCA ’68 (which NICS have made almost entirely obsolete.) And make it _CARRY_ reciprocity – if you’re allowed to carry a gun in public in your state of residence, you can carry one in any state. Because RKBA.

    Also, possession of a carry permit, resident or non-resident, from any state removes the requirement for a background check.

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