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NRAWalterWeaverThe NRA Museum has a unique S&W model 642 on display. It’s the model 642 carried by NYPD police officer Walter Weaver as he went into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Officer Weaver died trying to evacuate citizens trapped in a burning hell unleashed by vile bastards intent on the destruction of Western Civilization. Much gets said on the internet about the militarization of police and use of force issues, but none of the rioters or complainers ever seem to mention the Walter Weavers out there who will literally run into a burning building to try and save the lives of innocents.

Officer Weaver didn’t make it out of the World Trade Center alive, but his scarred, charred little J frame made it out to serve as a marker of what separates the protectors from the predators. The nitwits looting stores and claiming the police are worse than terrorists are contradicted by the silent testimony of this little gun. Some men want to set fire to the world. Some men will brave the fire to stand for what’s right…even if it costs them everything.

If you can visit this little revolver in person, I encourage you to do so. And say a little prayer of thanks for the man who carried it into harm’s way.



  1. It’s amazing how that 642 held up considering the firestorm and mass of building that consumed it. There’s no better physical symbol for American resolve. As long as we’re a country of Walter Weavers, we will prevail.

  2. Two years ago, I saw this very same revolver on display at the NRA Museums, while my hand rested on the butt of one of its many siblings(another S&W .38 Special 640 “Centennial,” which I bought from a FFL dealer who claimed that it had been previously owned and carried on duty by an NYPD Detective) – my own personal touchstone, that rides in my pocket every day…

  3. God Bless the cops, firefighters and ordinary people who risked and lost their lives on 9/11.

    But 9/11 didn’t happen because law enforcement was insufficiently militarized. It happened because 19 illegal aliens were able to use their valid, state issued photo ID to board and commandeer commercial airliners.

    Thirteen years later the federal government still has no program, and no desire to track and apprehend visa overstays which DHS estimates to be 2.3 million persons.

    Thirteen years later there is still no federal law forbidding states to issue five year drivers licenses to persons here on a nine month student visa.

    The men and women of the Border Patrol are being harassed, disciplined and sometimes prosecuted for defending themselves against people trying to murder them by heaving rocks at their heads. They are being assigned to babysit and bake birthday cakes for illegal aliens rather than secure the border.

    We don’t need a government handing out more machine guns and armored vehicles to local police. We need a government which respects the law and allows the people hired to enforce it to do so.

  4. A great post and fitting tribute to a TRUE HERO. The “hero” term is tossed about glibly, but that 642 is testament to true heroism!

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