Basic pistol class: September 28th, Brookings SD

I really wanted to work a quote in here about witnessing the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station…and I guess I did. To the point: We now have dates for our Basic Pistol classes and a location. Classes will be held at Beacon Hill Rifle and Pistol Club in Brookings, SD. The first class is Sunday, September 28th. Here’s a class description:

Fundamental Defensive Shooting
FDS is designed for shooters that are relatively new or moderately skilled and looking to increase their basic firearms proficiency. Topics covered will include the fundamentals of marksmanship such as sight alignment and trigger control, grip and stance, drawing from open holsters and concealment, multiple shots/targets, and reloads from open/concealment. No prior training is required. Cost is $150 per student, with an absolute maximum of 12 students.

Required Equipment:
• Reliable, functional handgun
• Rigid belt holster (non-collapsible)
• Rigid magazine pouch
• Study belt
• 400 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
• 3 magazines (minimum)
• Concealment clothing (if desired)
• Eye and ear protection
• Water and food

Sign up for our September 28th class at the button below:

In case you wanted it, here’s some back info on me.

Instructor Bio
Caleb Giddings has over a decade of competition shooting experience in multiple disciplines, starting in NRA bullseye and including IDPA and USPSA. He’s an IDPA 5-gun master, which means he just practiced their classifier a lot, and an A-class USPSA shooter. He’s finished in the top five at national level IDPA matches, but that was with a revolver so it doesn’t really count, right? His classes will focus on executing the fundamentals of marksmanship, because that’s all he’s qualified to teach. Also, he’s very short.

I also have a class on October 26th at Beacon Hill, which we will definitely have as well. I’ll post info on that later.