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My quest for the perfect revolver holster continues. You’ll remember last year before Indoor Nationals, I talked about making sure my Blade-Tech holster met the IDPA rules for concealment, specifically the dowel rule. If you remember that post, the Blade-Tech holster in its stock configuration failed the dowel test for two reasons: additional offset due to the cylinder bulge, and I’m not 300 pounds. I was able to make it legal by swapping out the BT belt loops on the back of the holster in favor of a Safariland paddle. To be honest, I sort of assumed that putting a Safariland paddle on a Blade-Tech holster would open a portal into the nether, but I was wrong.

Photo by Garret Industries
Photo by Garret Industries

I happened to be browsing Modern Service Weapons and I saw their review of the Garrett Industries Silent Thunder OWB, which happened to be holding a GP100 in their photos. The Silent Thunder is not a holster that’s new to me, Shelley has used one to carry her Kahr PM9 for years now. It’s a great holster – a kydex outer shell that’s lined with leather. I had no idea they made one for the GP100, so I immediately ponied up some cash and ordered one. It should arrive tomorrow.

You know it’s serious when a gunwriter voluntarily pays for something! I kid, of course. But in all seriousness, I’ve liked the IWB versions of the Silent Thunder quite a bit, so I’m hoping this will work out for my needs.


  1. Caleb, you will love there OWB holster, I have two one for my M&P45 and one for my FNP-9, both are going strong, I’ve only had one issue with them and that is the belt clip (quick mount clip) on the one for the FNP-9. It broke but because it was outside there warranty period it cost me 17 plus shipping to get a new set. Since they mount individual to the quick mount I now have a spare in case one breaks.

    1. spell check fails again… there instead of their… darn typist. I think I need to fire him… 8^)

  2. Speaking of holsters, I saw a picture of your S&W 929 in a competition holster. What holster are you using. I can’t find any manufacturer currently listing a holster for the S&W 929.

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