Media hypocrisy

In Ferguson, a white cop shoots a black teenager that was in the process of assaulting said cop. Media outrage, riots ensue.

In New Jersey, a white prosecutor is throwing the book at a single black mother of two who committed a victimless crime. No media coverage whatsoever. Why isn’t the media covering Shaneen Allen’s case? Because she’s not exploitable, because she’s a gun owner. You haven’t heard of the Shaneen Allen case unless you’re involved in the fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms.

Shaneen Allen is a law abiding citizen; and like many citizens and an increasing number of women, she recently purchased a handgun for self-defense. As a single mother of two, she’s responsible for her own safety and the safety of her children. She followed the laws for the purchase, passed a NICS check, and acquired a PA concealed carry permit. Shaneen now faces up to ten years in prison. Her crime? Crossing a line on a map.


Shaneen was pulled over in New Jersey; and in ignorance of NJ’s draconian gun laws, informed the officer who pulled her over that she had a gun, and a permit to carry that gun. Because New Jersey doesn’t honor her PA LTC, she was arrested. Under NJ’s terrible gun laws, she could face up ten years in prison and a felony conviction…for trying to do the right thing. The prosecutor in Shaneen’s case could absolutely have exercised his discretion and not filed charges. Instead, he chose to throw the book at her, simply for the crime of being honest.

Think about that for a minute. The laws of New Jersey encourage you, if you’re accidentally in violation of them, to lie. To be dishonest. Imagine if you’re driving a car, and by crossing an invisible line on a map, you’re suddenly committing a felony that you’re not aware of. That’s what happened to Shaneen Allen, and now she’s fighting a terrible legal battle to remain free. But there’s no media outrage. No riots. Jesse Jackson isn’t there, Al Sharpton isn’t there. Shaneen doesn’t fit the media’s desired narrative.


  1. This would be a good time for the NRA to step in, donate a reasonable sum of money for her legal defense, and raise as big of a ruckus as possible with the media. I don’t think you could find a much more sympathetic example of why these laws are not only stupid, but dangerous to decent people.
    This lady deserves some help and I will look for a way to donate some cash. She is probably toast though.

  2. It Seems To Me That Eric Holder Should Be There. As He Said The Other Day Even He Was Pulled Over Two Times On The Jersy Turnpike And Humiliated By Being Searched. Just A Little Fellow Feeling Is I’d Like Too See From Him.

  3. Kinda undercuts, too, the whole “it’s for the children” line of blathering, when you think what this travesy is going to do to Shaneen’s children.

  4. Sorry folks as a Licensed weapon carrier, it was her responsibility and no one else, to know where it was legal to carry her weapon. If she didn’t have the presence of mind to research the legality of carrying where she was going, she deserves what ever she gets and shouldn’t be carrying a weapon either!

    1. Wtf are you doing on a gun blog? Do you think I deserve to go to jail for carrying 8 rounds in NY? Or for having a 15 inch barrel on a rifle?

      Whatever the gov’t says is automatically right?

      1. Agreed, I can sympathize with the victim in this senseless gun law. Although she did have a responsibility to understand the restrictions of her permit carry, the fact we even need to have permits for a constitutional right is BS and the NJ AG prosecuting this case is probably some cheesedick commie scum! I hope the NRA steps in and helps her out, may lead to one less dem vote in November.

  5. The NRA did a nice video on this and are pushing the issue.

    FWIW, the prosecutor and judge are the same as the ones that let Ray Rice walk after beating his wife on video. They put him in “pretrial intervention” and he got a get out of jail free card for his crime. Shaneen Allen was denied the same treatment for her victimless crime.

    Short summary: New Jersey hates gun owners.

  6. I hate to say it but Tom’s correct… When I took each of my permit to carry courses I was clearly told to do my own homework to avoid exactly this situation! Now obviously these law in New Jersey is stupid and blatantly wrong… So change the damned law or even better get national retroprocity! Because guess what that is the only way this will end well.

    Short take away points:
    1. Change dumb laws!
    2. Since dumb laws do still exist do a little homework!
    3. Act accordingly to #2 (New York, New Jersey, Colorado and California… Yeah I don’t think I’ll be stopping by any time soon but thanks for the ads)!

  7. Good article… Shaneen Allen gets her PA license to carry firearms and gets in trouble for carrying in Never Jersey. She probably didn’t research to see if her PA drivers license was valid in NJ either. All gun owners should stand up for Ms Allen & her right to carry. Those of you who don’t should apply for ATF neighborhood watch volunteer.

  8. I just searched the net and there are many articles on Ms Allen’s persecution. Most of the comments are supportive of Allen, which gives me hope.

  9. See; thats where the problem arises. By naming it Gun Nuts Media. Easy though, probley first to come to mind. But I like to call Us, We, Everybody: Firearm Students; always learning, always testing and studying History of the same. Not to mention I’m having Fun to!.

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