Taurus announces new CEO

(Miami, FL) – Taurus Holdings, Inc. announces Anthony Acitelli as their new President and CEO. Taurus Holdings encompasses the Taurus®, Rossi®, Heritage and Diamondback FirearmsTM product lines.

Mr. Acitelli is a longstanding industry veteran and joins Taurus with over 20 years of experience in the firearms industry, spending the last year as Senior Vice President of Sales at Colt. He has a proven track record with manufacturers such as ATK where he progressed in the company to President of the Accessory Division. As part of Mr. Acitelli’s industry tenure, he served as VP of Sales for Tasco Worldwide and led the sales and marketing team at Federal Cartridge.

“Anthony will be a solid asset for Taurus with his ability to grow brands as well as his experience in leadership,” states Andre Balbi, President and CEO of Forjas Taurus. “We look forward to seeing Anthony’s direction as we continue to develop closer relationships with our distributors, retailers and consumers alike.”

Mr. Acitelli’s education runs deep with an MBA from Thunderbird Global Schools of Management, a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of South Florida, a general management certificate from Harvard Business School and has had executive management training at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


  1. Perhaps they will adopt the “we should focus on upping our quality control instead of putting out eleventy billion new firearms with mother of pearl and gold accent grips…”

    maybe. I hope.

    But then again, they’ll probably just do what Taurus usually does whenever they get a new CEO…the same thing they’ve always done.

  2. So they hired a guy who could not turn around Colt’s commercial sales to turn around commercial sales at Taurus? I was going to claim stupification, but after more thought I can see how that fits into Taurus’ business model.

  3. “Mr. Acitelli’s education runs deep”

    Sounds like he went to school to learn how to manage people…not solve problems. This will work out well.

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