Target says “no” to Open Carry

From Target’s statement on Open Carry: [S]tarting today we will also respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target – even in communities where it is permitted by law.

Looks like another “win” for Open Carry Texas! Good job “educating” the public and “normalizing guns”, guys. If we keep this up, pretty soon we’ll have nationwide CCW reciprocity thanks to people working hard to defend our rights, but won’t be able to open carry into any private business because you f***sticks keep screwing it up for the rest of us.


  1. Hi Caleb, Marie Saavedra here and I’m a reporter with WFAA in Dallas. I’m covering Target’s announcement today and looking for someone to voice what you wrote here! Would you be willing to speak with us (Skype? Phone call?) today for the story? We’d so appreciate your perspective…and I’m sure many in North Texas agree with you. You can reach me at my email – [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Those Asshats just gave a win to the Opposition!!

    Again, if your actions give a win to the Opposition, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!

  3. Or what might happen is this; Gun Owners will stick together whether they approve or don’t of OC and how some choose to do it. Gun owners will not shop at stores that Do Not Allow Open or Conceal Carry and thus there will be opportunities for new stores to sell to those who choose to Carry, whether Open or Concealed. Jobs will be created across the USA and the stores that shut us out, well, they will begin to flounder. Remember, we choose to shop, eat and seek entertainment where we want.

      1. The NAGR has started a petition to Target, visit their website to sign it.

  4. Just remember, like Starbucks this is merely a PR “request” to get MDA off their backs, not a ban. Until they actually post signs in accordance with the various state laws and state that carriers will be asked to leave (trespassed) by Target staff violating this -request- is simply rude.

    Now, I don’t shop there anyway, and I don’t believe in giving my money to people who don’t want my business, mere request or not, and I generally respect the wishes of private property owners, so I will abide by their decision.

    That said, we need to be clear to the press and public that Target, like Starbucks, has yet to -ban- anything by any meaningful definition of the word: as in, backing their request by posting legally-compliant signage and ejecting people for carry.

    OCT are still f***sticks, but we don’t want to cede the field to MDA’s lies about what actually happened.

  5. Is Target matching this request with signs? This is a pr loss for all of us, but it’s worse for those who live in states where such signs matter.

  6. These open carry spectacles only cause harm. I am very comfortable around firearms, and in the presence of those who are handling firearms in a responsible manner. That leaves out someone toting their rifle into Target. If I observed that behavior where I live, I would leave ASAP. Antisocial behavior (that is how I regard these antics) always increases the likelihood of a bad occurrence. If you want to be armed, get a carry permit.


  8. Hey Marie. You are welcome back in Springfield MO anytime. Hope you sre doing well.

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