Paul Hendrix cheating scandal update

Here is a quick update on the state of the Hendrix cheating scandal: Paul Hendrix’s Range Officer credentials have been suspended effective immediately, pending a further investigation by USPSA. According to USPSA by-laws, it takes a minimum of 7 days to convene a full meeting of the Board of Directors. Chuck Anderson, Area 1 director has been charged with investigating the incident further, and has solicited those affected to send videos, names, and any relevant information to his attention at [email protected].

For the backstory, please read “Paul Hendrix USPSA cheating scandal“.


  1. I’ve known Paul Hendrix for over 30 years and this just does’nt sound like something that the guy I know would do at all.
    Just a recreational shooter and store owner who only knows the guy as a friend.
    I hope that the court of public opinion doesn’t convict a man without a proper investigation.

    1. Yea but the amount of videos of him adding time to people he does not hang with and subtracting time of people he knows is damning. I can see being off once in a great while but a lot of times he doesnt show the shooter the timer and when you time the videos sometimes there have been differences like 4-6 seconds.

      It doesn’t look good and I bet there are more people involved, mark my words.

  2. I think what is disheartening is that so many cops now are lying or giving false evidence, shooting pets and lying at a time when we really need for somebody in govt to be honest. This is a nationwide corruption that will end up with them forming a “Brown-Shirt” type group.

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