Gun movies we like: Sin City

Eva Green Sin City

We loved the original Sin City, which came out nearly a decade ago. The stunning visuals, the cool guns, everything about it was great. That’s why we’re excited for the second film, coming out in August. It has literally nothing to do with this movie poster featuring Eva Green and what appears to be some sort of j-frame. Nothing at all.


  1. If you are male, and noticed the make and model of the revolver, then. . . . .
    Well, you’re certianly not paying attention to the part of the poster that 50% of us were focusing on.

  2. Gee, you lambast Taurus for unsafe gun handling in a commercial and then you post this. Not enough T&A in the Taurus ad for you? I think that’s what you’re really saying.

  3. Hippie-critical:

    How about, Taurus is a GUN company, specifically marketing to the new CCW crowd, whereas this is a MOVIE POSTER for a fantansy/action film based on a graphic novel (i.e., long comic book).

    Do you really not see the difference?

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