1. She does a good job of controlling it. At least as well as can be expected. Bianchi guns tend to be top heavy with that massive optic and the switch lever for the mover. Once that weight on top moves, it takes more to get it back on target. Other than that mover mount, I don’t see why Bianchi shooters don’t go with a smaller/lighter optic. And lighter/faster bullets to not only make the comp work better but cut the lead necessary on the mover. Something like a Steel Challenge set up with barricade shroud should work great. I have always shot factory Win white box because it is 1200 fps out of my SIG Allaround in Production. Lead I use is the 10 ring for 10/15 and the 8 ring for 20/25. The lead works great, it’s the jerk behind the trigger that messes it up.

  2. You know why it moves so much??

    The loads are so light that the slide moves so slow, what you’re seeing is slide slap!!

    The slide is causing the movement you see, mostly when the slide moves forward and locks back up.

    1. They are perfectly safe, this is an optical Illusion from the angle Caleb shot the Video, this Range has hosted the Cup for 35 years without an issue!!

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