Bianchi Cup quick recap

It has been a fairly busy week. I think I used up all the good juju in my gun shooting a main match PR of 1717 at Rockcastle. Here’s a quick breakdown of my three events so far:

Practical: 415/480. Pretty rough. I got very impatient with my sights here and didn’t wait for the best sight picture at 50, that cost me a ton of points.

Barricades: 416/480. Basically the same problem I had on the Practical. Got jumpy, pulled the trigger before the sights were where they should have been.

Plates: 360/480. I think this my worst score on the plates since my first year here. I was shooting them great in practice, constant 44-47. But in the match itself, pressure and nerves got to me for the second year in a row and I choked.

I’m going to shoot my last event, the Mover in a couple of minutes. The good news is that I’m as relaxed as I can be, because my match was over yesterday! That’s the game, and Bianchi is the toughest one out there.