The 5 gun websites I read every day

Yesterday I published the list of the 5 worst places to get gun advice from online. They’re all pretty execrable, but I wanted today to offer some balance, and give you a list of five places that I visit every day. As it turns out, I don’t read a lot of blogs, and I’m not active on a lot of forums. I obviously visit the sites I own every day, here and GunUpTheMagazine.Com, so here are the top five sites I read, in the order I hit them from first to last.

1. View from the Porch
Tam is one of the few people who’s been in the blogging game even longer than I have. She’s a good friend, a great writer, and someone whose blog I genuinely enjoy reading. It’s not just gun stuff, because she’ll post pictures from her town of Broad Ripple, blog about cats, and even talk about her dreams (I mean that quite literally). It is my first stop on the interwebs every morning.

2. Every Day No Days Off
I like to laugh. I also like YouTube. I do not have time to find the best (and worst) gun videos on Youtube every day. Luckily, ENDO collects them all for me, in one handy place. I never have to wonder if CarnikCon has a new video, because it’ll show up on ENDO. I’ve never met Mike, the guy who runs it, but I’d like to have a beer with him and talk about watches, snapback hats, and how to operate in an urban environment. He also makes rad shirts, of which I own several. ENDO’s a valuable service, because it means I never have to subscribe to gun related youtube channels (most of which suck, mine included) and can instead focus my youtube time on Achievement Hunter, Jenna Marbles, and BroScience.

3. Pistol-Forum
This is literally the only forum I’m still active on. I’m active on it because unlike a lot of other forums, it is largely derp-free, the mods run a pretty tight ship, and the clue factor is generally high. Sure, it’s not as good now as it was when it started, but entropy is a cruel mistress that eats forums alive. It’s still one of the best out there, and a place I’d strongly recommend for someone looking to step up their pistol game a bit.

4. Modern Service Weapons
The dudes at Modern Service Weapons are cool bros. Tim and Hilton run an awesome blog, they are 100% squared away and are frequently the first dudes I’ll turn to when I have a technical question about gun stuff. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Hilton isn’t actually human, but is really a wizard, capable of working dark magic on pistols. I’ve taken classes from them, had meals with them, and absolutely recommend their blog, training, and gear to anyone.

5. Say Uncle
One of the other small group of bloggers who’ve been around for longer than I have. I read Uncle every day, because I know that if there’s something interesting going on around the internet, he’ll have a link to it on his blog. That’s awesome and useful.

There are lots of other blogs out there that I’ll hit every now and then, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. For the most part, I hardly ever read blogs unless someone sends me a link to something. There’s just not enough time in the world to read all the stuff out there. I also spend a lot of time online being completely useless on Facebook, or trying to make myself smarter by reading the Wall Street Journal.


      1. He’s too busy out being awesome. Have you seen his youtube channel? I bet people pay for Jerry’s awesome piss so they can mix it in with their morning Wheaties in the hope of being a just a bit more awesome.

  1. I’ve found Brian Enos’ site and forum to be handy in terms of competition training. And his Dillon site takes a lot of confusion out of the purchase process.

  2. Despite the previous admonishment about brand-centric forums, I find to be pretty ecumenical. Heck, the owner of the forum posted a thread of “why you will buy a Glock.” Good people there.

  3. I have a crush on Tam just like everyone else, but don’t get about 90% of her references.

    1. I get most of her references but that creates the dilemma of deciding if that makes me cool or just creepy old.

    2. Mitori, reading Tam is done as if you are a snowplow driver heading out of the municipal garage to clear roads after a blizzard. Hop into the cab, fire up the rig, drop that snark-plow down to the gun knowledge level and clear that snark from that gunny goodness. Continue as necessary.

  4. Gun Nuts, The Firearm Blog, All, Modern Service Weapons, (sad to see it dormant).

    One thing, Caleb, to tie two of your subjects together – as pro and field staff for archery/bowhunting companies I was expected to push their products on/in forums as well as direct traffic to my own blog. I’m so sick of forums now that I rarely even visit them.

  5. haha thanks Caleb. BroScience is the best! I found out about it like a month ago and watched all his vids back to back.

  6. For the most part, I hardly ever read blogs unless someone sends me a link to something. There’s just not enough time in the world to read all the stuff out there.

    Unpossible, we all know you’re just sitting there waiting in the wings to see something you disagree with. People send you links? Please you’re god himself, you’re omnipotent, you know what people are going to write before they write it….

    – And yes that was just sarcasm, mainly because I bumped you a link yesterday and evidently that’s proof you read someone’s blog or something… *Headdesk*

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