The 5 Worst Places online to get firearms advice

The great thing about living in the modern age of the gun internet is that there is a nearly never ending stream of great websites out there to get information about guns, self-defense, the shooting sports, you name it and it’s out there.

The downside to that is that there is a considerable amount of bad information out there as well. While it frequently allows smart, like minded people to find each other, the internet also allows terrible, terrible people to find each other and create awful echo chambers of nonsensical derp. These five are the worst.

5. Nutnfancy
In a way, Nutnfancy is sort of like the Taurus Judge or SERPA holster of online gun information. He’s well enough known that even casual users are aware of him, and serious shooters and users know that if someone says “well, Nutnfancy recommends…” that we don’t have to listen to anything they’re going to say after that. Famous for three hour long youtube videos about guns that no one should ever own, Nutnfancy is one of the OG purveyors of gunderp. Whenever I find out that Nutnfancy likes a gun I like, it makes me question my beliefs. If you’d ever like to give yourself alcohol poisoning, play the Nutnfancy drinking game. Find one of his 1 hour and 39 minute long videos (all of them) and then take a shot every time he says “sheepdog”, “without rule of law”, “second type of cool”, or if he flares his lips like he’s having a stroke.


4. Any brand specific forum (GlockTalk, KimberForum, XD Forum, etc)
The problem with brand specific forums is that they’re usually filled with fanboys of that brand. Being a fanboy makes it hard for people to be objective about stuff, which means that the advice they usually give isn’t going to be great. For example, I’m a Beretta fanboy. However, I’m self-aware (mostly) so that I don’t go around recommending full size 92FS as CCW guns for everyone. Most residents of fanboy forums lack that objectivity, and will tell you that whatever gun they have is “best” and has been “flawless since I bought it.”

keyboard commando

3. Arfcom
There are subforums on Arfcom that aren’t total clownshows, and some of the regional subforums are actually pretty good. Too bad the average population of Arfcom are the sorts of people that undoubtedly know the taste of windows. The biggest problem of Arfcom of course is that it’s one of those places where your post count creates authority. “I’ve posted 100,000 times, I’m clearly an expert” is a pretty common mental malady over there. So you end up with keyboard commandos who don’t know the first thing about actually shooting a rifle for blood or money telling honest newbs how to set up their rifle so its a total sandwich of soup.

clownshoe rifle

2. Reddit
Every now and then Reddit will pick up a post from here and it will drive some traffic to the site. I’ll invariably go read the comments on Reddit, and then I’m reminded that the average redditor is like the medieval doctor that would try to cast demons out of someone with the flu. In the times I’ve been on reddit, I’ve been told that you should use birdshot for your self-defense shotgun (wrong), that .45 ACP has more “knockdown power” than a 9mm (wrong), and that if you’re pulled over by a cop you should toss your firearm on the dashboard (dangerously, facepalmingly wrong). Reddit actually is a perfect example of the best and the worst that the internet has to offer. What it has evolved into however is an insular community that think via their collective derp they’re somehow smart. It has successfully proved that if you put a million monkeys online with computers, you won’t get Shakespeare, you’ll get plagiarized content.


1. 4chan
I didn’t know that 4chan had a guns section. I really didn’t. So yesterday, when spitballing this post in the office, someone mentioned that. I went there. The last living bit of my soul didn’t just die, it committed seppuku for the shame that it shares simply because those people own guns too. I don’t even know how to describe the 4chan gun section to you, other than I’ve never seen a better collection of totally FUBAR’d Mosin Nagants and airsoft infants trying to pass themselves off as operators. I just…don’t go there.

4chan guns

The real lesson in this post is really that you can’t know what you don’t know. Whenever you read something, whether it’s in a gun magazine printed out for you, or a blog, a forum, or even 4chan, question the source. Is this person knowledgeable? What are their qualifications? If you’re reading a post by a grandmaster USPSA shooter about pistol technique, they probably know what they’re talking about. If that same GM is then telling you about how to clear a room by yourself…maybe question that source. Don’t just accept something uncritically because it’s written by someone you like, either. Confirmation bias is deadly.

But mostly, don’t get gun advice from Reddit.


  1. #3 reminds me of a comment someone made on another forum one time, “That is without a doubt the stupidest ****ing thing I’ve read all day. (And I’ve read ARFCOM GD today, so that means it’s pretty stupid…did you know PMags have an expiration date on them?)”

  2. Heh. The picture you have for 4Chan is from a famous Arfcom thread… it’s like full Derpception.

  3. Jesus, dude. Don’t get butt-hurt because NF gets more traffic than you do. It may not be your flavor, but it’s honest & he puts a lot of effort into it.
    Your choice of the whiny bitch picture is an appropriately Freudian projection. Tell me more about yourself.

  4. Tried a couple Nutnfancy videos, too much talking, too long, and really the the word NUT in the title should have given it away. Arfcom seems to be for guys and maybe gals who try to convince themselves that crap stuff is as good or better than quality stuff. However I do find the industry section helpful so all is not lost.

    1. Yeah, there are actually a few good sections of Arfcom. General Discussion is pretty much worthless.

      1. The arfcom reloading forum is actually pretty good. GD is good for a few minutes of laughs until you can’t stand it anymore.

    2. “the word NUT in the title should have given it away.”

      Psssst…look at the top of this page…and the url!!

  5. Oleg Volk didn’t make the list?

    I’m going to buy the Kel Tec of the week, and then go shoot it with some scantily clad women.

    1. I actually know Oleg a little. Having met him, I have always wondered how he attracts some of those girls and gets their clothes off.

  6. I’m going to have to disagree (in part) with the brand specific part of your article. I’m a shooter and a collector, and have found some of these forums very helpful in identifying and pricing older out of production models.

  7. Would brand specific forums include the dither of 1911 centric forums not associated with a manufacturer? Such as 1911forum…

  8. You forgot gunshops as a bad place to get advice…as retarded as arfcom GD is, the level of derp I’ve witnessed at every gunshop counter far exceeds it. Bad legal advice, bad gear advice, bad gun advice, and OMG…hand gun stopping power!

  9. Proudly banned by nutnfancy.

    I questioned his professionalism in interacting with a female competitive shooter. He was trying to film down her top.

    He responded to my criticism by banning me with the parting statement, “there is no place for elitism here.”

    I have to admire his sense of unintended irony.

    Nope, no elites on his channel, just mall ninja derp.

  10. I’ve found XDtalk to be really helpful on a wide variety of searches. I don’t have an XD(ms), but Google searches on various things (refinishing a beat to heck stock, makarov barrel removal, etc…) have often had XDtalk pop up in the results with good advice.

  11. I’ll have to stick up for the Sigforum a little, where the prevailing trend is to disparage most of the product line from the last 10 years, rather than go fanboy.

    1. This. While there is lots of sig-love there, it is quite balanced, with most folks ready to call a spade a spade. You can find lots of info, and threads on non Sigs there, and very few filled with unnecessary hate. Very rare for an Internet forum.

  12. The trues sages grew up in a time when there was no internet. They learned by first-person experience, reading, practicing, and doing. Every forum I’ve joined in the last fifteen years occasionally has some dweeb posting a link from one of the above “sources.” Thankfully the classic shotgun world isn’t inundated with these types yet.

    1. Well to be fair most of these guys can’t afford to go play in the classic shotgun space.

  13. In reference to Arfcom: I’d submit “clownshows” should be replaced with “clowntowns” for the sake of both rhyming and accuracy

  14. There’s a video of Nutnhoney at the Blue Force Gear booth at SHOT show 2013. In it Blue Force Brittney shows the current line up. His interaction with her is so creepy and you just feel sorry for her trying to laugh it off.

  15. It was the Blue Force video I called him out on.

    His behavior was adolescent and unacceptable.

  16. Wow! That’s bold… Nutn at all worthwhile in anything they have to say? Does it make you question your belief in the 2ndA, when you hear they support the Constitution? Lightn up dude, don’t be so “angry”.

    1. Just because someone is on “my side” does not exempt them from putting out dumb, misleading, inaccurate or really bad advice.

  17. I have never seen a NutnFancy video. I have heard the name before, but . . . nope. Never.
    So the question, then, is this: should I go watch some? Now I kinda wanna.

  18. I’m agnostic on NF, and am always ready to consider specific instances of poor advice. Could someone list, say, 5 specific pieces of bad firearms advice he’s given in his videos, preferably with links to the videos in question?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yeah, really. It seems like he just doesn’t like the way Nutnfancy looks, the length of his videos, the way he talks, etc. There were no actual examples of bad or outright dangerous advice. And it was even admitted that he likes some of the same firearms. Nutnfancy mostly talks about lifestyle and gear in an entertaining way that engages the audience. If you want pure information for informations sake (with no personality or anything else) then read an instructional manual , that’s just not what the major appeal of the channel is.

  19. I wouldn’t use the brand specific forums to select a firearm, but they are really useful once you own one of that brand. I have learned a lot about what scopes and rings work on my CZ 527 by searching their forum, and I was able to really improve an old Marlin .22 by searching that forum. Frankly, I think the brand specific forums may be one of the best sources of info if you use a little common sense. They’re especially useful for discovering oddball suppliers that cater to your specific firearm.

  20. Nutinfancy thought the Ruger Gunsite Scout was crummy. Everyone else on the internet and the shooting press couldn’t wait to go down on both knees. I bought one. It’s a crummy rifle with several design elements of the gun that make for a clunky hard to cycle gun. It took 45 minutes, but he was right.


  21. I found the pages on arfcom for assembling, disassembling and lubing my first ever ar-15 to be useful.
    Other than that I make no comments on the rest of the site. 🙂

  22. You are so friggin’ spot-on regarding the 3/5 of these I’m familiar with, that I’ll totally take your word on the other 2. Thanks for the life/time savings.

    Great article. Like Eric said, you win.

  23. There are actually pieces of quality information to be found on 4chan, you just have to find it between mountains of shit.

  24. Who, Literally. “The 5 Worst Places online to get firearms advice.” Literally Who, 09 May 2014. Web. 10 May 2014

  25. I dont think someone properly grasped the 4chan /k/ jokes.

    They make fun of “airshit” and any bubba’d image of a mosin nagant is for the sake of cringe.

  26. Hi. I heard about your site today for the first time. In fact I heard about it on 4chan where this post was quoted. FYI I’m a 50 year old professional, married 27 years and have a pretty nice collection. I eschew accounts and don’t post much, but quite a few people like me are out there and we do contribute when appropriate. Sites like 4chan and reddit make me nostalgic for the golden era of USENET, and I keep going back.

  27. Caleb, you must have been that weaboo samurai fag that got made fun of on /k/. Next time, don’t be a spastic sperglord when you’re asking for advice, and you won’t be treated like a retarded, crack addicted test tube monkey.

  28. I am here from /k/, This is the first time i have heard of your site. I think it was a pretty smart idea to trash five other sites to bump up traffic on you wee little blog here. I like /k/ cause at least no one is getting paid to spread the misinformation like you are. Sure you have to deal with day/k/are cowadooty children from time to time. and the people from /pol/ suck, but at least we know how to insult other weapons boards properly and have fun while doing it!

  29. >browses /k/ for a single day
    >thinks he knows enough to critique a website
    Gun Nuts pls

  30. Please tell me you didn’t go on /k/ during the day. Night /k/ is where it’s at.

  31. I enjoyed the article and liked the Nutnfancy blasphemy. I’m no expert and grab bits and pieces from around the internet and SLOWLY try to put together firearm advice that makes sense.

  32. Sorry but on 4chan we don’t like guns, we’re all about the art of the Katana (Superior steel folded 1000 times can easily slice a bullet in half out of mid-air)

  33. cant hanndle the bantz

    you won’t find advice on how many chinooks it takes to lift a nimitz, or stories of ejaculating over your buds mid firefight in afghanistan anywhere other than 4chan

  34. Im a fan of nutnfancy, got his pros and cons but seems a solid dude.
    Arfcom is a pain to join, none of the regular common email sites are allowed to sign up. And no need to join its more mall ninja central than anything
    4 Chan sucks.
    I like glocktalk havent tried the others.

    1. Darwin award of the year! My god it’s a mystery how these people’s genes get passed down from generation to generation. Idiocracy comes to mind.

  35. Just FYI, Caleb… the picture you are using as an example of 4chan, actually has its origins in a *classic* arfcom thread… and pretty much has zero association with 4chan.





    1. All caps and English clearly isn’t his first language. That was downright painful to read.

  37. To be wholly fair, on Arfcom, please go to the tech-specific forum for what you’re asking about. You have technical questions about your new-to-you Romanian WASR AKM clone, they’ve got a forum specifically for that. You go asking stupid questions in General Discussion, you get what you deserve. People are going to troll the very shit out of you, and you’re going to deserve it for not doing your own research and not knowing enough to at least have formed some vague opinions of your own. “Get both” and “87” are Arfcom memes that mean “you’re fucking stupid,” by the way.

    And on 4chan, between very approximately 7pm and 7am Eastern time you can find some actual adults posting in /k/ who actually have guns. The rest of the time you have day/k/are which is populated, as others have noted, by bored thirteen-year-old wannabees who have a plastic airsoft gun and play Call of Duty but their mommy won’t buy them an actual gun–idiots and trolls not readily differentiated from the idiots and trolls on /b/. But at night you’ve got some adults and you have some small chance of someone giving you a serious answer to your question, and some small chance that the answer will be cogent and correct. But speaking generally, in /k/, if you come in asking stupid questions, likewise you’re gonna get what you deserve. “FAMAS,” “katana,” and “Deagle Brand Deagle” are likewise se/k/ret /k/odes meaning “fuck off, idiot.”

  38. I follow PistolWerks on Facebook. It’s an all handguns.gear page, and they talk about knives, holsters, and stress value on your items, don;t get ripped off, pay too much…

    Love that page, follow it almost daily, nice guys.

  39. How do you measure knockdown power? A 124gr 9mm round is completely beaten by a 230gr 45acp round in ballistics gel. There isn’t even a comparison in that regard. The .45 clearly wins in damage to the gel and penetration. The 147gr 9mm round travels further in the gel than the .45acp but the damage impact is even smaller than the 124gr 9mm.

    I would assume the bigger round doing more damage to the body upon it’s entrance would have more “knockdown power” as you have a better chance to damage vitals. Also; I have been told by some reputable sources the slower the bullet, the more time it spends in the body, which means more damage. A bigger bullet will grab more meat on it’s way through as well. (And I’m not talking about billy-bob down at the range.)

    I guess it all falls on the shooter and their abilities to put a round where it needs to be, but I would say a .45acp has a greater chance than a 9mm would.

    Oh and; as a 4chan “contributor” for many years, anyone going to this site for advice deserves the repercussions of their stupid ass decision. Anyone who knows full well of this knows to weed through the bullshit.

    No one should ever browse reddit, ever.

  40. Spot on!
    It’s hilarious how butthurt NF fans get when you make fun of their sphincter lipped dear leader.

    to be honest, I’m a long time user of the 4chan gun board, and I agree with you. It’s 99% dogshit.
    there are a handful of knowledgeable posters, but they’re an incredibly small minority.

    It’s just somewhere to bullshit without worrying about getting banned for cussing or cutting up by a mod with his head up his ass. ( I.e. Jshirley on THR, a manlet who actually thinks he’s a ninja. he is knowledgeable, but is an insufferable Napoleon)

  41. Have you, as the author, every tried bird shot for self defense? Or are you juts going off what “they” say? I know it’s the second one, and therefore, your own validity of firearms should be called into question. Never accept something ‘just because’. Tom Gresham over at Gun Talk has tried out bird shot for self defense, and was very pleased with it.

      1. Sure, 100% better, as long as you don’t live in an urban environment with neighbors.

        Where’s the link to your testing? Or do I have to just take your word for it?

        1. The problem with birdshot is that it creates shallow wound tracks. So yeah, it doesn’t penetrates walls, but it doesn’t penetrate people very well either.

          1. Again, source for your testing. If I’m going to take someone’s word for it, I’m going to take someone who’s been in the industry for awhile, and who has done actual testing.

          2. GIS proves you wrong-o. Ballistics tests prove you even wrong-er. I think that makes you the 6th worst place to get gun advice on the internet yo #rekt

  42. This is the problem with small caliber birdshot pellets for self-defense:

    That’s the guy Dick Cheney accidentally shot in the face. Range was very close. The guy was over sixty, not in the greatest of shape, and got on the ambulance unassisted.

    The FBI tells us that a minimum of 12″ of penetration in calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin, which mimics human soft tissue, is needed, and 12″ to 18″ is optimum, for antipersonnel work; some will tell you “but the average adult male torso is less than 9″ front to back” but that’s only if you are measuring at an angle exactly perpendicular to the front of the body, and in incidents of lethal force the bad guy may not do you the courtesy of standing there exactly straight, motionless, facing you like a paper silhouette target. The 12″ minimum is because if the bad guy is pointing a gun at you, the bullet may pass diagonally through his arm, traversing 8″ or more of soft tissue, perhaps plus heavy bone as well, before it even enters the torso. They tell us that in defensive shootings, 40% of the time a bullet that strikes the torso passed through an arm or hand before striking the torso.

    You have a shotgun, and you want a minimum of 12″ of penetration in calibrated 10% gelatin? If you are satisfied with 10% of the pellets reaching 12″ or more and most stopping somewhat short of 12″, lead #2 birdshot (0.16″ in diameter) or lead BB shot (0.18″ in diameter), preferably hardened, copper-plated shot, will give marginally acceptable performance at across-the-room distances. However, you’re not going to find much in the way of shotgun ammo with lead #2 or lead BB these days, since they were originally manufactured for hunting geese, and lead shot for waterfowl hunting has been banned since the 1970s; the factories don’t make much lead pellet ammo with those shot sizes any more. It’d be a special-order thing, and you might wait a while for it to arrive. The steel #2s and steel BBs they sell nowadays for hunting geese are lighter than the lead pellets. They have less mass due to their lower density and don’t give reach the minimum 12″ penetration in gelatin.

    If you want the average penetration of the pellets to equal or exceed that 12″ mark, even after passing through heavy clothing (the standard four layers of heavy cotton denim test) the minimum common pellet size that will do that is #4 buckshot (0.24″ in diameter).

    If you want all of the pellets to get into the 12″-18″ range that the FBI’s researchers tell us is optimum, and you want individual pellets to have sufficient mass to break heavy bones in the human body reliably, such as the pelvis or femur, or penetrate the skull reliably without stopping or glancing off, you need to go up to #1 buckshot (0.30″ diameter). You’re starting to get into the range where a lot of the pellets will exit a human body here, however. You can’t have one without the other. If the pellets have sufficient momentum and sufficient kinetic energy to break the femur reliably, to penetrate the skull reliably, to go through an arm diagonally, break the ulna and/or radius, before entering the torso, and still reach the heart reliably, then from other angles there’s a significant chance they’ll go all the way through.

    And if you want at least half the pellets to reach 18″ you’re going to need #00 (0.33″ diameter) or #000 (0.36″ diameter) buckshot.

    Or you could use a “slug.” There is some shotgun ammunition intended for hunting deer that is loaded with a single enormous lead bullet. In 12 gauge they typically weigh an ounce and they’re over .70″ in diameter. They tend to work very well, but buckshot will destroy more soft tissue and make more individual wound channels, so buckshot has been demonstrated to be more efficient (read: more lethal) for short-range antipersonnel work, and the “slug” ammunition does tend to exit a human body more often than not, and penetrates common building materials in an impressive way.

    Choose one. For general home defense purposes, I suggest a 12 gauge and #4 buckshot. If you are very concerned about excessive penetration, if you live in an apartment building with thin walls, I’d suggest looking around the shelves where they keep the ammunition for turkey or coyote hunting and trying to find some lead #2 birdshot or lead BB shot ammo. If you’re hunting deer with it, #00, #000, or a slug. If I were walking point on a patrol in the jungle, and my issue weapon were a shotgun, I’d want #00 or #000 buckshot.

      1. 10% out of the number of total pellets in the cartridge. For example, if we are using lead BB shot, there are 55 of them to an ounce. If we are using a 1 1/4 ounce heavy field load with lead BBs, there are going to be approximately 70 pellets in the shell. Ten percent of that is seven pellets of the total payload, on average, that will reach or exceed the 12″ minimum.

        That article doesn’t go into detail, but if this woman not only returned fire but also walked back into her home to call police afterwards, and within days gave interviews to the press, it suggests–meaning no disrespect to this lady, who has been through a lot–poor bullet placement on the part of her attackers. Non-vital hits and grazing hits tend not to work very well with anything man-portable. Like the man says, “close” is only good enough with horseshoes, hand grenades, and 81mm HE.

    1. All you have to do is prove it. You stand on one side of a room and have your buddy shoot you with a birdshot shell from the other side. Put it on Youtube unless you are too pussy to do it.

      1. I don’t want to be shot with a .22 short, or an airgun, or poked with a pointed stick, either. It could put my eye out. “It could put your eye out” is hardly a standard for self-defense, however. Nonetheless, birdshot is still suitable only for squirrels, rabbits, and other creatures not weighing more than a few pounds. If you wouldn’t hunt 100-pound deer with it, why would you try to defend your life from a roided-up 300-pound felon with it? Reliably, repeatably putting down an armed assailant requires better tools.

          1. You know, I was talking to Ryan about that at NRA Annual Meetings, and he said it was a lot of fun to film those episodes.

            Look, I get that you’ve made your decision, and no amount of actual evidence (which has been provided) is going to change your mind. We did ballistics testing with a bunch of different shotguns consulting on a project ages ago, and that’s why I recommend and choose buckshot for home defense.

          2. Also, I watched all four videos at the link you posted, and I didn’t see anything about terminal ballistics. I saw people knocking over steel plates with shotguns loaded with birdshot. You can accomplish the same thing by hitting them with a well-thrown softball. That doesn’t make a softball suitable for home defense either.

  43. Sort of lose that snobbish high horse when you use a pic from arfcom GD to illustrate 4chan. Accuracy not required here, apparently.

  44. haha just the perfect amount of butthurt this generated, I love it. That ARFCOM thread on you is pure gold too.

    1. This whole thing reminds of a line from Men in Black, just substitute “Internet” for “FBI”: “The FBI does not have a sense of humor that we’re aware of, ma’am.”

  45. this caleb dick reminds me of that other little dick James Yeager, you really should put this god awful shit hole on the list too. I take advice from nobody, especially you

  46. Reddit is a mixed bag. /r/Guns is vile, but /r/CCW, and /r/Reloading are great.

    I am a little bit biased though, I moderate both /r/CCW and /r/Reloading.

  47. So many uneducated masses. IVAN CHESNOKOV is responsible for some of the greatest gun posts ever.

    In reply to people who modify their SKS’s:


    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  48. “the sorts of people that undoubtedly know the taste of windows.”
    This is hilarious! I have to use it somewhere now.
    As a Kahr owner and member of, I can say with certainty there are Kahr fanboys. My Kahr was a piece of crap for the first 750 rounds. I found and fixed the root cause of the problem unlike Kahr who fired 280 rounds through it and sent it back exactly the same. But don’t you DARE raise objections to the Kahr brand! Otherwise you will find yourself in a fight and probably banned from the website. (Which might not be a bad thing.)

  49. On this testing of birdshot as a defense load: What happened at common indoor distances of fifteen to twenty feet?

    I know from a friend’s experience that #9 Skeet at 20 or so yards is survivable, as is dove/quail at some 30-ish yards for another acquaintance. Seems to me, though, that up close and personal might be a bit different.

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