Shooting for charity

A couple of years back, I raised a bunch of money for Livestrong here on Gun Nuts, because cancer sucks, and male specific cancers suck a lot. Of course, there are other cancers, and one of those is breast cancer. Let’s be honest here dudes (because I know most of you are dudes) we all love boobs. So this year, I’m going to do something fun with my shooting.

deep in pink

So, this year here’s what I’m doing with my shooting. I wanted to actually do something meaningful that would at the same time allow me to shoot the guns I wanted to shoot and not be tied to one specific sponsor gun or something like that. So, I’ll be running pink holsters all year long, and shooting whatever guns I want – and I’ll be making donations for each match to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They actually drive the majority of their donations to cancer research and not flashy fundraisers, so I know my money will get put to good use. Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Category win (High Press, High Industry, etc): $25 donation
  • Class win (A-class, Master class, etc): $50 donation
  • Top 10: $75
  • Top 5: $100
  • Match win: $150

Additionally, any time I get to walk the prize table, if the prize is something cool like a gun or something that has high resale value, I’m going to sell it and donate the money.

My plan is to spend the year shooting my Berettas, because honestly, I like Berettas. It makes me happy to shoot these guns, and it’s easy sometimes to get tied up in the business side of this game and forget that “having fun” and “doing good things” will keep me a lot happier than always chasing that next payday. Not that I’m going to stop doing that, mind you.

Here’s what I want you to do: absolutely nothing. If you want to join me and donate, and run the same system and donate, that’s fine. I may get some people to match my donations, but really I don’t care. I remembered how good it felt to use the shooting sports and my platform to do something good, and I wanted to do it again. Besides, saving boobs is doing the Lord’s work.


  1. I do something similar, I spun off you original Xrings for cancer research. This year I am thinking of finding a Sarcoma charity that invests more in research.

  2. Who makes that holster? I am looking for a new uspsa/3gun holster and the simplicity of that design is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for.

  3. Ok thanks. Maybe just the color or angle but it looked completely different.

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