Dumb guns I want: Grand Power K100


Remember years ago, when STI was importing these as the GP6? Man, I wanted one of those to keep. I had a loaner that I got to shoot and it was cool, and then they just…went away. The reason why they went away is because no one bought them, which sort of turns out to be a good thing. The reason it’s a good thing is because now you can get them for $400 on the internet! Now that’s awesome. There’s something about it that tickles my “want” button, maybe because I’m a sucker for obscure guns.

Did anyone buy these when they were coming from STI?


    1. You know, I don’t know. I know that I’ve seen photos of people using them in IPSC Production, but that doesn’t mean much.

    2. Grand Power guns are gaining popularity in South Africa. Guys mostly use them in IPSC

  1. Is it me or does that look like an M&P and a CZ were frolicking in the gun safe?

  2. My very first gun was a GP6…worst decision of my shooting life.
    It shoots great and reliably but was fraught with stupid little problems caused by bad metallurgy…pins of all sorts that kept on breaking…a brittle hammer that broke off and hit me in my face after firing a round…..adjustable sights that wouldn’t stay put….and on and on… ah well…i traded it back in to our STI dealer and got an Edge….now that’s a gun!!

  3. Does the grip have a ledge right at the mag release? My CZ-82 has this, and it makes it incredibly difficult to actuate the mag release with my firing thumb. I have to use my trigger finger to press the “lefty” side.

  4. I’ve long had a weird desire for one of those Daewoo DP-51’s. Can’t explain it, just want one.

  5. In fact, the actual production od Grand Power is very high quality. Those problems mentioned above were sometimes present in early stages of development of this gun (Mk5, Mk6). Now, Mk12 is being produced and they are totally reliable, extremely accurate and problem-free guns.
    GPs are very popular in Europe because of accuracy, price and customer care.

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