Notes on Revolver Nationals and minor scoring

Sometimes more is better. Despite my concerns about the future of USPSA in the post below this, there was a very interesting note from the USPSA Revolver Nationals. As many of you know, USPSA changed the rules for revolver division recently to allow for 8-shot revolvers scoring minor powerfactor in revolver division. That makes Revo somewhat mirror Single Stack. In Single Stack, you can run a 10-shot minor gun, and in revo an 8-shot minor gun. The difference is that most Single Stack shooters usually opt for the 8 round major PF guns. However, this year at revolver nationals, all 10 of the top 10 shooters were using minor PF guns.


In fact, only three of the shooters in the top 25 used Major PF guns. I actually wondered how this would turn out, because the Single Stack Nationals are set up in a way to encourage using an 8-shot major gun; I wanted to see if the stage design would push shooters one way or the other. It looks like I have my answer on that topic.

Of course, what this really makes me want to do is get my 929 all tuned up by Apex and go shoot a bunch of USPSA revolver now. Because shooting a six shot gun in USPSA is pretty much the definition of misery (hooray for standing reloads) but an 8-shot gun can be a lot of fun. No standing reloads? Sign me up for some of that. It also makes me want to get a 1911 in .38 Super and shoot Single Stack in Minor, because I do actually believe that’s the way to go for Area matches with a SS gun. More bullets = more better, in my opinion.

Of course, what I really want is for Single Stack to allow the Browning Hi-Power as well, so I can finally have a really good reason to buy a Browning Hi-Power Practical. Which I need. Because of reasons. But back to the point, I’d like to see more of this from USPSA: options. In Limited, the capacity advantage for Minor doesn’t really make it worth the points tradeoff, and the same applies to Open. Could USPSA change it to make things more interesting? Would you like to see USPSA expand the Production rules to allow 15 rounds in the magazine to match up to IPSC?


  1. Absolutely! USPSA should allow 15 rounds in production! I remember my first USPSA match and thinking production meant you could use any prediction gun and use however many rounds could fit in the gun. When I found out it was limited to 10 I went home and cried!

  2. As a new USPSA shooter, I’d like to see Major/Minor go away. Basically, what that says to me is “Do anything cool to your gun, you’re going to be in a division where the most common form of ammunition is a liability. You’ll either need to buy expensive ammo, or start reloading.” I shoot a 9mm. I have no interest in a .40, and substantially less in .38 super/special or 9mm major. But if I want a magwell, limited. After market trigger, limited. Slide mounted red dot, open.

  3. I would love to see 15 rounds in Production; not going to happen. There are too many states that have a 10 round magazine limit, and that would mean creating yet another division. I just went to Production from shooting Single Stack Major for quite a few years. After shooting it, SS Minor sounds like fun too, even though I never considered it. What is funny to me though is you look at what everyone is saying: pistol rounds suck. If that is the case, then why do you have Major/Minor scoring? I know some of it is just recoil.. Heck, look at 3 Gun. Optic, no optic. Most shoot 9mm, but you don’t have to. There are specific rules for Heavy Metal, but if you are not in that class, you are not shooting against them like Limited Major/Minor..

  4. Huh, I just added the Pachmayr grip to my grandpa’s Hi Power that I do IDPA in. Make sure you get an extended mag release since their logo basically blocks it.

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