From NRA Annual Meetings: The Sig P239 Tactical


While cruising the floor of NRA Annual Meetings, I made my ritual stop at the Sig Sauer booth, to handle guns I can’t afford. Usually I don’t make it past their competition section, full of X5s and SAO P-series guns, but that day I wandered just a bit.

That’s when I saw the gun pictured above. The Sig Sauer P239 Tactical. I don’t know if it’s a new SKU on the P239 line or if Sig just threw it together for NRA Annual Meetings, but it quite literally stopped me in my tracks. At first, I stopped and stared because I couldn’t figure out the “why” of this gun. The Sig P239 is a great gun, it’s one of my all time favorite guns, and in 9mm it’s a fantastic option for every day carry. With the SRT trigger it’s easy to shoot, it’s easy to conceal; it really is one of the best carry guns on the market. So my first thought was “why would you ruin it” by giving it an extended, threaded barrel and a 10 round extended magazine. Now the gun that was svelte and trim becomes bulky and hard to conceal.

But the longer I started at it, the more I wanted it. Seriously, I keep looking at the picture and thinking “man, that would be really cool with a can on it” and you could have the 10 round magazine for your reload, but carry the 8 rounder as your primary.

It was then that I remembered exactly what guns like this are for: to sell. It appears that this particular specimen worked on me.


  1. They’ve had one or two versions of the Tactical out for several years now at least. I nearly bought one. Comes with threaded barrel, night sights, SRT trigger, and meltjob standard. I had not seen an extended magazine for the P239 before. a 1″ longer threaded magazine doesn’t hurt concealment much if at all, obviously you’d carry it with the standard magazine and have a couple of extendeds ready to go.

  2. Handled one of these in a gun store back in 2008, and it’s been on the sig website for at least three years, so not new.

    Agreed, there is no practical purpose, but it’s all kinds of cool.

    Unless you are a double-oh, and need a pistol that is both concealable and suppressible.

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