1. My M9s ran fine, its the magazines that sucked. No spring tension, rounds would just fall right out of some of them. The magazines with newer springs still wouldnt feed too reliably (in extreme conditions).

  2. Berettas are good guns but not without quirks. I agree the G is the best model. The safety on the regular models is a mess, much like the 39/59/69 series S&W. Do a malfunction drill or worse yet, a real malfunction fix, and chances are you just put the gun back on safe. Plus the giant open slide has a tendancy to bite or slice your hand when you perform same malfunction fix. Thankfully, they are super reliable so these situations should be rare. The extra long DA trigger pull can be tolerated with a trigger job to lighten and smooth the pull. A heavy gun to carry but soft shooting and accurate. Most officers at my dept that initially carried a Beretta, eventually switched to Glocks because of weight and simplicity. However, the Berettas always seemed to be more reliable than the Glocks.

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