New Gun Bill Signed Today in GA

20140423-103032.jpgLater today the Georgia governor will sign bill HB-60. Fox News and others are calling this bill “unprecedented”. Named the “Safe Carry Protection Act” it addresses gun issues like, hunting with a suppressor, the creation of a statewide firearm owner database, and deanying a lease of property to a person lawfully able to carry or posses a firearm. Most noteable though, are the bill’s changes to Georgia’s firearm carry laws in prohibited places.

Previously, firearms license holders, like myself, were not allowed to carry into bars that didn’t earn a certain percentage on the sale of food. This rule has been completely struck from the books. In places of worship, carrying a gun is allowed on a case by case basis, as long as it is ok with the powers-that-be within that organization. Government buildings that do not have screening at their entrances, are no longer off limits to licensed gun carriers. Though I had already believed this to be legal, picking someone up at the airport while carrying concealed (and entering unsecured airport property) is now ok. Similarly, school districts can choose to allow certain staff members to carry firearms in “safe zones”. As you can see, this bill is making some major changes in my state.

Interestingly, the bill’s first vote in the Georgia House passed 167 to 3, in mid February, 2013. While our legislature isn’t espectially balanced with democrats and republicans, it’s worth noting that a number of democrats voted for this bill, seemingly voting with the will of their constituents, rather than with their political party’s leanings. The final vote in the house passed in March 2014, 112 to 58. It will be interesting to see if this movement spreads through the south and maybe even the rest of the country.

Read the whole bill here


  1. The trend does seem to be leaning in favor of gun rights…that being said, it is wise to continue the fight and redouble efforts. Here in IL, we were just granted concealed carry, but it is far from over and the law itself, while a Shall Issue law (wohooo) is far from being ideal.

  2. This bill really isn’t novel or groundbreaking. The problem is even gun right’s folks think too provincially. There’s nothing in it that other states, in most cases dozens of states, haven’t had for years.

    What should be done any time such a state bill is proposed is for proponents to list how many other states *already” have the exact same provisions and note they have not had any issues. Take the discussion away from it being “unprecedented” (which is only ever true from a provincial mindset) to what it really is, just unremarkably “joining the crowd.”

    Immediately put the onus on the opponents to explain why they believe, contrary to actual extant experience, logic, and “egalitarian thinking”, that their own neighbors and fellow state citizens and law enforcement can’t or won’t be just as responsible, safe, and competent as the people in a dozen other states have proven to be over years.

    Hammer them with that question, go on the attack, make them justify their apparent low opinion of their own people.

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