How to break an MGW Sight Pusher

Learn from my mistakes so you don’t make your own.

This is a classic case of outsmarting myself. Here’s how it happened in pretty simple order:

  1. The MGW sight pusher is designed to have the back of the sight go through the pushing aperture.
  2. The LPA sight is too wide at the rear to fit, but the front fits.
  3. Reversing the insert allowed me to get the slide on so the pusher aperture could contact the front of the sight.
  4. New sight goes on and everything is fine and dandy.
  5. Even with the pusher backed all the way to the left or right, it now doesn’t have enough clearance to get the sight off.
  6. In my effort to move the pusher, I stripped the threads, jamming it place.
  7. Break out the sawzall.

I thought that “hey, instead of giving my slide to a local gunsmith, I’ll just do it myself.” In the words of Top Gear: “How hard could it be?” Honestly, it wasn’t hard, I just didn’t think it all the way through. Protip: don’t use sight pushers in a way they’re not designed to be used. Next time I’m giving the gun to a grownup.


  1. “Hold my beer…I’ve got this!” ~~ BTDT and will never do it again(well not with my firearms anyway)its sort of like going to the hardware store to get a drill and some tools to perform your own root canal.My local gunsmith has a very conspicuous sign in his shop that puts it all into perspective , it reads … We have only two labor charges “If we work on it $40.00 per hour.If you have already worked on it $80.00 per hour.

  2. You’re like Clarkson with a hammer. “I CAN DO ANYTHING!” — 20 seconds later — “I’VE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!”

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