1. I have a hard time believing alcohol was not involved somewhere in the process of coming up with, or making this video 🙂 Awesome by the way.

    1. I was definitely drinking when I thought it up; but when I actually filmed it I wanted to be quite sober since I knew I’d be handling guns.

  2. Well, I guess us lefties are left out of the “cool” factor.Oh well, our only chance of salvation is to outshoot all you righties.

  3. Dang. I’m not cool. I never was one of the cool kids. I always thought it was the size of a range bag that made someone cool. I bet if I learn to eject and catch I’ll start winning matches and have babes hanging all over me.

  4. Was there baseball on the TV when you filmed this? Made I larrf it did Caleb, good one.

  5. Love the video, as an RO I really like the shooters that expect me to catch the round they launch at me.

    I’ll also ask….Had you been drinking before this video??

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