Good Sportsmanship, the Shooting Sports are the Exception

20140402-105924.jpgMaybe I’m biased, but I have seen more impressive acts of true sportsmanship from the competitive shooting community than from any other sport in America. Everything from the courtesy extended to me when I visit a match to the written rules of the 3 Gun Nation, lead me to feel this way. I would even go so far as to say that children who participate in the shooting sports seem to be better behaved and have better manners than any other group of kids I’ve seen. Can this all be credited to guns?

I have combed through the 3GN rule book a few times now, and I noticed that they include a note to spectators. The rules state that tee shirts displaying obscenities and the like, will not be tolerated at matches. They also spell out rules of conduct that have nothing to do with gun handling or participation. I think this is wonderful! It adds to my overall sense of safety at these matches, because I know that the directors are paying attention. I can liken it to a restaurant with a less than spotless restroom. If they don’t take the time to scrub the toilet, how clean is their kitchen?

It’s possible the behavior of those in the competitive shooting world is related to the level of rules we must follow to keep our selves safe from our own equipment. Those who are disciplined with firearms are probably more able to abide by rules in other parts of their lives. Then again, maybe it is those who are disciplined by nature who are attracted to the shooting sports. You tell me, which comes first? However, I imagine that those parents I’ve seen who are shooting matches side-by-side with their little ones, they seem to be appreciating a tool that can teach another generation good sportsmanship.


  1. Well, yes and no. It seems to me that many in the shooting sports are what someone might say come from Middle America. That’s the place where people still have manners and look out for each other.

    On the other hand, I have met some of the most self righteous people (who couldn’t shoot their way out of a paper bag) who think they know all there is too know about shooting in gun circles.

    It takes all kinds…

  2. I completely agree. Some of the best advice I have ever gotten was from people I was competing against. It takes a true sportsman to stop and tell their competitor how best to beat them. There’s an old 3gunner I see regularly and he smiles every time because he saw something I was doing wrong and gave me some advice. It ended up being that advice that let me win. It’s a spirit that I try to foster with helping other new people.

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