The Leland Yee arrest is like a pro-gun Christmas

Yesterday, when the news of California State Senator Leland Yee’s arrest for corruption broke, many in the pro-gun community to include myself experienced quite a bit of schadenfreude at the news. An anti-gun, anti-video game, and generally anti-freedom advocate arrested for corruption? Awesome. But the real story is so insane it’s like the news ripped a page out of Unintended Consequences. Because soon to be former Senator Yee wasn’t just hooked up, he was hooked up for being part of an international gun-smuggling ring. It’s glorious. The SF Gate has the affidavit uploaded, and it’s pretty incredible.

Of course, the memes have already springing up around this, and so far the best is this one:

leland yee calguns

I just cannot express how hilarious this all is. I mean, think about it. An anti-gun politician tries to ban guns, and then gets caught smuggling guns to Islamic terrorists and Asian gangs. I couldn’t make stuff like this up and make it believable. It’s fantastic. And of course, the MSM has completely backpaged the story, although to their credit the LA Times actually ran a pretty good piece on it.

In closing, this is basically a pro-gun Christmas. It couldn’t get any better if we were writing it from a script.


  1. Well, it *could* get better. Yee could get convicted on all counts. Meantime, he’s innocent until proven guilty, no matter how sweet the schadenfreude might be.

  2. MIchelle Malkin points out that the Feebs might be clearing the decks of all their ongoing corruption cases against Dems now to bolster their reputation so they can do the perp walks on Republican politicians right before the election.

    Given how politicized the DOJ has become that isn’t necessarily paranoia.

  3. It’s not as if there is a shortage of corrupt republicans. Michelle Malkin is probably correct, holder’s (in)justice dept
    will probably have a pile of arrested republicrats right about October of this year. Remember, they’re ALL politicians, They’re ALL liars and they ALL want more power and money.

  4. Foreigninvader —

    Actually, no, he is either guilty or he is innocent, RIGHT NOW. Factual guilt or innocence has already occurred, whether anyone else on the planet ever finds out the truth.

    The phrase is “PRESUMED innocent until PROVEN guilty”, and it applies to how the LEGAL system and GOVERNMENT have to treat him.

    Several SCOTUS rulings are quite clear in differenciating between the two categories of actual versus presumptive guilt.

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