California Democrat State Senator Leland Yee arrested on bribery charges

California State Senator Leland Yee (D), the representative of California’s 8th District which includes San Francisco, was arrested today by the FBI on charges of bribery and corruption. Sen. Lee’s arrested was part of multiple arrests conducted by the FBI as part of a large scale investigation.

Sen. Yee’s arrest has been linked to the arrest of Chinatown gangster Raymond Chow, who was recently arrested on racketeering charges. Sen. Yee is currently running for the office of Secretary of State in California in addition to his duties as a state Senator.


  1. Sweet. This is the mobbed up bought and paid for Chinese Triad whore Democrat who has been trying to ban every gun in California.

  2. It gets better, this guy is also being charged with gun running for Islamic terrorists from the Phillipines through the US to North Africa, and he had his hands on and test fired some of the weapons, AND even promised an undercover agent that he could supply more weapons for campaign contributions. Yee is as dirty as they come. Good riddance!

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