5 Tips for concealed carry

There are lots of little things you can do to make carrying concealed easier on a day to day basis. When I first started out carrying, there were quite a few things that I wish I had known at the time.

1. Try new guns and holsters out around the house before you wear them out in public
Whether you’re getting ready for your first CCW or switching gear, it’s a good idea to take it for a test run around the house on a weekend. This way you know how the gun/holster combo works when you have to perform regular actions like bending/sitting/going to the bathroom.

2. No one can see you gun, but they can see you fiddling with your shirt
People obsess about concealment. We worry about printing a lot, when the real truth of the matter is that most people won’t notice your gun. What people will notice is you fiddling with your shirt and constantly picking at the tail of it to make sure your gun stays concealed. Relax and stop picking at your shirt.

3. Actually practice with your carry gear before you wear it “for real”
Remember, we’re betting on this gear to save our life in an emergency. Never carry an untested gun/holster combo, because in the terrible moment where you need it, untested gear is more likely to fail than tried and true kit. I’d never carry a gun/holster combo that I hadn’t practiced with.

4. Don’t dry fire then immediately load up again
After you finish a dry fire practice session, take a 10 minute break before you reload and put your gun back on. The idea behind this is to create a mental separation between unloaded practice and actually carrying a loaded gun.


5. Don’t act like you have a gun
“Keep your distance, Chewie. But don’t look like you’re keeping your distance, I don’t know, fly casual!” There are times where newbie CCWs will very obviously look like they’re carrying a gun. Hyper vigilance, the aforementioned shirt picking, just acting nervous in general. Relax, as long as you’re obeying the law, you’re good to go.

Follow these five tips and your concealed carry experience will go nice and smooth.


  1. “Hyper vigilance, the aforementioned shirt picking, just acting nervous in general. Relax, as long as you’re obeying the law, you’re good to go”

    Every American citizen who isn’t a convicted felon or adjudicated mental defective has a Constitutional and moral right to be armed at all times. Even those living in or visiting/traveling through fascist jurisdictions which refuse to recognize the right. Just be aware of the consequences for carrying in a fascist jurisdiction.

    The above quote is good advice for those “:legally” armed, even better advice for those who choose to go armed in fascist jurisdictions.


    1. Here Here man!

      Have to say when I first started carrying it was something to get used to. I know I was obvious. Now I walk outa the house and don’t realize til I get to the car my gun was exposed. Almost walked into a chic-fil-a with my shirt tucked behind my gun. Yikes. lol. Seems people aren’t as observant as we might think.

      1. I did the same thing today. I’ve been carrying for years, but am usually very aware of my surroundings. Today I was still in my work uniform with the shirt tucked in, but wearing a coat. When I went to take my coat off, I realized my shirt was still tucked in. I was in a walmart and it was crowded, and my gun was only exposed for about 3 seconds, but as I looked around no one was paying attention. From my training I’m instinctively looking for people acting weird, or who are concealed so I didn’t do anything sudden or act like I was hiding anything. I think that if I wasn’t always looking, there’d be no way that I’d notice someone carrying concealed and it slipping out a little.

  2. Practice things like going to the bathroom with your gear. Because a crowded public restroom is no place to discover that there’s no place for a pistol.

    1. This is funny (not really) because I remember a year or so ago I was in the restroom at tgi fridays and a guy in a stall was carrying inside the waist without a holster, and when he dropped his pants, he dropped his gun. The noise made me look, and I saw the gun, and instantly thought “I just about got shot with my junk out, how would I explain that one?”

  3. Maybe because I conceal carry i’m aware of it, but I can’t count how many times I see someone walking through the store who is obviously carrying a gun. Typically, they are wearing the 5.11 tac pants and the obligatory shoot me first vest along with the molon labe ball cap. I wish had a small brochure I could hand them which gave step by step instructions on how NOT to look when they’re carrying a gun 🙂

    1. trilby hat, wayfarers, panel shirt, madras plaid shorts, top siders. glock 27 aiwb, 41 rounds. 😉

    2. One thig to consider is that non-gun people do not know 5.11, molon labe, or shirt fiddling. The vast majority of the public have no thought towards concealed carry nor what to look for. Not trying to be argumentative, just pointing out that only gun people put together these giveaway signs.

  4. Never thought of #4 before but the rest of them I tell customers all the time. Especially for folks who haven’t got their permit yet, carry around the house to get used to it, find out what works and what doesn’t. Also that if you’re carrying legally it doesn’t matter if somebody can tell you have a gun on. Most don’t notice and the ones who do are probably carrying one themselves. (Having your shirt caught up over your gun, however, is a bit embarrassing)

  5. #4 needs some explanation. It’s not clear what the purpose of this rule is.

  6. Personally, i don’t understand concealled carry. In most places, open carry is legal and I don’t want people wondering if I’m carrying….I want them to know I am.

      1. Then you are just asking to be disarmed by a thug who thinks its easier to rob a person than to rob a gun store for a gun. You are just asking to be disarmed, good luck!

    1. As a female I prefer concealed carry because I want to have every advantage possible. Letting someone know I am carrying allows them the opportunity to adjust their plan of attack ie. taking me out first, attacking with increased violence, etc.

      1. Agreed. But, when most people see that you are carrying, the adjustment they make to their plan of attack is to Not Attack. The type of people who you are worrying about prefer easy pickings. In fact when they see your gun, they aren’t going to mess with anyone within your sight.

    2. It gives you the element of surprise and you won’t be the one who gets targeted first. Like my husband says, if I’m a criminal, I’m going to take out the obvious threat.

    3. You don’t want to show a perp u carry a gun cause he might me in the market for a gun, YOURS!”

  7. There is a time and place for both concealed and open carry. Depending on the situation, Generally concealed is better, as long as you are well practiced with getting it out and running it. The point about carrying around the house is very good. Thats not even counting the idea that you could actually need it at home. Always be aware of your surroundings,and potential risk/threats, even at home, where you’re supposed to be “safe”

    If I were to add # 6 that would be it, Always be aware of your surrounding, and potential risk/ threats.

  8. Open carry is legal here, but frowned upon in urban areas, which is generally where I am. Easier to avoid a lot of hassle and carry concealed. Plus, a lot of the muggings around here are ambush style, so having a visible gun means that’s the very first thing they’re grabbing for and, contrary to intention, may actually make you more of a target for those specifically looking for firearms to steal.

  9. Not long ago, I was in a local diner, packing as I do most of the time. I saw a military looking 20/30 something stand up. As he did, his sweatshirt rode up, and I caught a glimpse of his holster. The diner was pretty busy, and I doubt that anyone else noticed. Most people (except for those who carry) are completely unaware of those who carry concealed.

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