Competition Gun Comparison: Gen4 Glock 34 vs. FNS-9 Longslide

fns vs glock 34

Both are 17+1 capacity guns with 5(ish) inch slides for good sight radius. They both have interchangeable backstraps, trigger pulls in the same general area, and no external safeties. The FNS in my opinion is easier to reload and comes from the factory with better sights, the G34 on the other hand is a proven, reliable design with a huge amount of aftermarket support.

Which would you pick?


  1. Until the Day that I can see Gunsmiths doing GOOD Trigger Jobs on the FNS, The choice is Glock!!

    Like you said, with all the Aftermarket Support, Glock is the Winner!!

    FWIW, I don’t shoot Glock, I shoot Springfield XDm and I rely on Springer for my work and Aftermarket Parts.

  2. I agree. I have a Glock 34 which has been tuned by a great gunsmith. I also have an FNX 9mm which has a pretty good stock SA trigger for use in ESP. I shoot both in IDPA, but mostly the Glock 34. I would be interested in the FNS.

  3. I have shot both and would pick the FNS. Although the Glock has an almost unlimited amount of aftermarket parts, the FNS feels better and fits the hand better. It is totally ambidextrous and was softer shooting IMHO.

  4. The FN is a sweet gun! I think I’d go with it. Even though it’ll probably be harder to find a holster for it.

    1. Holster is not the Issue, I got Safariland Holsters for the Standard one last year and I bet they already have the ones for the Long Slide now. Comp Tac probably has them too!!

  5. I would pick the G34. Have a bunch of mags that fit that gun. I’ve made a commitment to that platform and would find changing a distraction. Having said that I love to shoot different guns, but still think if you are going to be serious about shooting focusing on one platform helps IMO.

  6. FNX, because it’s not a Glock. Yes, I own a Glock, no I don’t carry it, but when I’ve got some nails to drive, it’s always right there.

  7. I have G34 with Trijicon RMR on milled slide with co-witnessed with compensator iron sights. Works great!

  8. Finally FNH-USA woke up and took the manual safeties off the striker fired pistol. This is over lawyering and catering to states like CA and MA. Ruger needs to wake up as well and get the horrible manual safeties off their SR and LC9 and LC380 guns. If you want to sell for the civilian disarmament states, go ahead and make a certain number fir those states. All the rest need to be without safeties.

  9. Glock.
    Everything transfers over to my carry gun G-19. How does the FNS compare to the FNS compact carry gun? Oh… that only exists in FN’s imagination.

  10. Can you swap barbell with FN as easily as the Glock?
    application is to be able to change and go with a different caliber? Like 35(40) with 9mm Barrel now you ave 40 and 9mm.pistol for only price of a barrel and Mags

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