1. My J frame is an older Bodyguard Airweight, so it doesn’t have the sharp corner of the Centenials. I went back to the original wood stocks ’cause they allow the highest possible grip and aren’t grabby against fabric like rubber ones are.

    I shoot it with my thumb pressed down on the top edge of the grip so the off side edge of the hump recoils into the web of my hand, not my thumb.

    In any case, if someone is trying to kill you, you are fighting for your life and prevail, You wouldn’t much mind having a sore thumb the next day.

  2. It looks like an interesting product, but I’d be interested to hear (and see – hint) how well it handles out of concealment. It looks like it would actually enhance concealment in an ankle holster but it looks like it would be difficult to draw from the waist. This is merely conjecture since I don’t own ERGO grips but thanks for showing this product. I’ll be following your progress.

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