Some guns are better than others

Buying guns is frequently an emotional choice, and people tend to get wrapped up in those choices. However, since here at Gun Nuts part of mission is to tell the actual truth about guns, it’s important to sometimes remind people that some guns are just better than other guns. But maybe not in the way you think…

Gen 3 Glock 19

Yes, there are the obvious “things that are better”: Glock is better than Taurus, Colt is better than Kimber, etc. But that’s not what we’re talking about here – what I’m actually talking about is letting your mission dictate your gear. For example, let’s say your mission is to become a Production Grandmaster in USPSA (a noble goal): your “best” gun won’t be the same as someone’s whose goal is kill a bear with a handgun. For example, a Glock 34 is certainly better than a Ruger Redhawk for USPSA competition, but the Redhawk is better if you’re going hiking in places with things that like to eat people. There are even situations where a Hi-Point could be the best choice. In fact, if someone is searching for a cheap pistol because they need a gun absolutely right now, Hi-Point is the only brand I’d be comfortable with recommending. Immediacy has a value all its own.

To determine what gun is best, we must first determine what our mission is. Every gun has a mission, even if that mission is “make loud noises at the range.” We can talk about the importance and validity of certain missions later, and to truly let the gun’s intended mission drive your choice requires a certain amount of emotional honest that some people aren’t capable of. The reason that honest is important is that it can keep you from wasting money on purchases that aren’t necessarily optimal.

I can speak from personal and continuing experience that I have traveled the road of gun derp over the years. I’ve collected obscure Berettas, I’ve owned Taurus upon Taurus, and in my competition shooting I tend to bounce from platform to platform because I’m easily bored with guns. My weakness is gun ADD, and although I always seem to come back to revolvers, I do wander around from gun to gun.

The next time you’re contemplating a purchase, ask yourself “what is this for?” That self-analysis can help guide your purchase on to the path of awesomeness. And reminder “because I want it” is a totally valid reason as well.


  1. You mentioned above Colt is better than Kimber. A few years back I purchased a Kimber Team Match II which is not there top of the line, but still one of their higher end products. The gun has been back to Kimber twice once when new (new slide) and a little later for an adjustment. The gun runs fine now and I know 1911 have more issues than other guns, but really this one has been a disappointment. Currently looking at other 1911 options.

    1. I own a Kimber Super Carry Pro HD (2+ years now) and it has not had one problem and I use Kimber Tac Mags.

  2. Great post… If I had read this several years back, I would have saved a lot of money on stupid purchases…

  3. Yay! Have to agree so much. Of course, I also use this thought process to justify purchasing new guns…each one satisfies a slightly different mission!

  4. You might want to try an STi 1911. My son and I have 3 between us, new and used, and they haven’t given any of the headaches I read so much about on the internet. Our only issue was a loose front sight which was instantly replaced at no charge. They’re best known for pricy competition guns but they offer a wide variety of models suitable for carry.

  5. Next time you are ready to lay down some green for a firearm, ask yourself this: Are you sure about this, can you afford this? Some how the answer always seems to be yes . . . even when it shouldn’t be . . . . I’ve been telling myself for 2+ years I didn’t need an AR of any type, still don’t have one. One of the reasons was the cost of a nice unit; but I’ve spent way more than that on other firearms collectively, just not on an AR.

  6. To my knowledge Glock makes only one kind of gun…a polymer frame handgun. Taurus makes revolvers, polymer frame handguns, and metal frame handguns. The statement “Glock is better than Taurus” would appear to indicate an ignorance of a comparison. And, I will put my Taurus PT99 up against a Glock anytime.

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