Buying a Recalled Gun

20140312-110352.jpgA little over a year ago I wrote a post about a concealed carry pistol for which I had fallen. The XDs 3.3 9mm was introduced at SHOTShow 2013. I shot it, and as happy as I was with my Walther PPS, I couldn’t stop thinking about how well the XDs fit. For the past year I’ve thought about buying the gun, but just couldn’t justify the expense of two concealed carry guns. Then Springfield issued a major recall on the new 9mm as well as the previous year’s release in .45ACP. Fast forward one year and I find myself buying an XDs 3.3 9mm.

It’s understandable that one might ask: Why would anyone knowingly buy a gun that had been part of a recall? But I can truely say that I have no qualms about ordering my XDs in the last weeks of the recall repair schedule. This is not to say that the recall wasn’t major. Springfield realized that there was a chance that any of their XDs 3.3 9mm or 45acp models could accidentally fire, and had to have all of them fixed. The fix came in the form of a roll pin placed in the backstrap safety and Springfield is confident that this will resolve the problem.

My confidence comes from a few places. Mainly, Springfield acted so quickly and in such a sweeping manor that even those who had been using the guns from their original issue date couldn’t complain about the company’s care for its customers. Also, knowing many long standing XD customers, I believe that the brand will always stand their by their products and address any issues their customers bring up. Mostly, I have inspected the gun I recieved and I know the recall modifications have been made. Therefore, I know a safe, fun time will be had at the range this week breaking in my new CCW.


  1. I absolutely adore my XDs and I’m sure you going to have a lot of fun with yours. I never understood the “it got recalled so it must be junk” logic. There’s only so much testing that can be done in house. Not only did they fix the problem but they included a (not inexpensive) free extended mag as an apology. Forgive and forget, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I have a Ruger SR9c which I feel is an excellent gun. Sure, the SR9 was recalled and fixed. My SR9c had issues with the trigger reset. I tried several brands of ammo, several magazines, and let a friend try it (to be sure it wasn’t my technique) before I phoned Ruger. Their response was friendly, professional and efficient. They sent me a prepaid shipping label and I had the gun back in less than two weeks. It has performed perfectly ever since. You can’t put a price on such good customer service. No modern manufacturing process is perfect, not at reasonable costs. I once read “The sign of a true craftsman is not whether or not he makes a mistake, but what he does about it when he does.”

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