It’s a good day


Pulled a brand new WASR-10 out of the box today. AK prices have finally started to fall back to the pre-panic point, as this gun is streeting for around $500. That’s actually a good deal, and puts the AK back in the “sensible purchase” category. When a new WASR was going for the same price as a decent AR15, it didn’t make any kind of sense to buy an AK, unless you just wanted to be different.

At $500, the WASR has a decent feature set. This gun has unusually nice furniture for a WASR, comes with the side-rail scope mount (that I won’t use), a slant-brake, hard-chrome lined barrel, and for giggles…a bayonet. For five hundred bucks, that’s a lot of Rifle for Glorious People’s Revolution. For 922(r) nonsense, the WASR also has a Tapco trigger and pistol grip, as well as some other parts that are installed because Rules.

The real question is “what to do with this AK?” Well, I could go one of two routes. It’s sufficiently different from the AR15 that I could just shoot the wheels off it and do all my tactical carbine training with an AK just to be different. Alternatively, I could build it into a sweet modern AK. I have a Midwest Industries rail system, a MOE stock conversion kit, and an RMR I could stick on it. That would be pretty cool as well to have a sweet modern AK.

What do you think, Gun Nuts? Is Rifle Fine, or should I make it more awesome and modern? Lights, lasers, and better stocks?


  1. Mods I would suggest;

    Remove bayonet

    Add sling

    Load magazines

    Go to range.

    If you are older like me and have trouble with seeing the front sight, they make this awesome rear sight modification tool called a “small round file” that can fix your rear sight by making the notch wider. Then go back to 1 through 4 above.

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  2. Moar Kit!! Seriously, this is a most un-altruistic post on my part: I’m considering doing up an AK, and I’d like to see where you go with it. That, or just do as per CH, above [/shrug]

  3. Fine as is. Picked one up pre-panic, thought about some of the mods you mentioned, but in the end decided to leave stock.

  4. I can see getting fancy with a good AR-15, AR-10, M1A etc. To me the AK’s are high power STEN guns. Who puts a rail and a scope on a STEN gun? I’d leave it alone and enjoy it for what it is.

  5. Rifle is fine. Especially if you’re ever going to get back to the vz58 sporter build

  6. It’s hard for me to modify a gun that works as intended; I think that’s from being a mechanic and if its not broke…
    But I do like modern looking AK’s. I have seriously been considering buying one because of the price of ammo. I’m interested to see where you go with it.

  7. Add all the rails and tactical Barbie shit you can.

    I have seen so many idiots on reddit post that stupid RIFLE IS FINE meme so many times that I just want to see a tastefully riced-out proletarigat.

  8. I have the same WASR10 and since it’s basically just a toy to me, I did mine up to look just like Ghost’s from COD: MW2. Which I guess kinda gets to one of your other recent themes about video games and gun culture.

    Every time I take a friend to the range for the first time they always geek out when I pull out my “ghost gun”.

    One other point, I like the irony in the title of your article. Ice Cube thought it was a good day when he didn’t have to use his AK 🙂

  9. Keep this one stock. Get a second one to drag through the TAPCO trailer park and see what sticks.

    That way… TWO guns!

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