Crimson Trace M3GI coming at you!

Sure, August is pretty far away. And yes, I have several important matches (NRA AP World Shoot, Bianchi Cup, IRC) in between me and the M3GI, but I can’t help it. Crimson Trace’s Midnight 3-Gun is one of the coolest matches every year, because lasers and machineguns in the dark. Come on!

Last year was my first time at M3GI, and my first serious three gun match ever. My gear wasn’t really sorted out, except for my rifle. I ran it with a pump shotgun, didn’t really do a lot of reload training, and had a gun with just night-sights and no light. Not this year. This year I’m doing it right. While Shelley Rae will be running a sweet Beretta 3-Gun set-up, my primary focus is elsewhere this year. That means I can game this as hardcore as possible. The rifle should be easily sorted out, but where I was really hurt last year was shotgun and handgun stuff.

This year, I’ll be ditching the otherwise excellent Sig P229 for something a little bit more vanilla…and lasery. This year, I’ll make sure my gun has a set of sweet beamz on it before the match, and I’m going to upgrade my personal lighting solutions as well. I jerry-rigged a StreamLight head-lamp into a wrist light last year, which worked about as well as it sounds like it would.

Even more important will be the shotgun, and I’m going all out. Goals for the shotgun: must hold more than 8 rounds, and be relatively easy to shoot quickly. No more 7+1 pump guns for me. I’m going big. To be honest I’ve not sorted out exactly yet what the gun will be, but two words keep ringing in my ear: “open gun.”

There’s a $2,500 payday on the line for the best Media shooter at the M3GI this year, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it comes home with me.