1. No doubt for a good cause, but how in bloody heck is this in congruence with Shelley Rae’s blog about women in the industry?

    1. Well, for starters there is the fact that the mini-kilt is 14 inches long, and as such is considerably more demure than the short shorts in fashion on the shooting scene.

  2. 14 inches? I’d prefer that she wear the short shorts and you wear the kilt. You know, in support of women and shit.

  3. Ha, ha. Reminds me of a match last year where we had to lie on a cot to shoot. The SO later said he wasn’t sure what to do about the hot .45 brass landing between and around the legs of the squirming woman wearing fairly short shorts.

  4. She should have read the fine print when you got married. Little did she know she would end up wearing kilts too.

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