1. I had and worked up a Revolver reload that was pretty good, however, I didn’t try diff. powders then. Only used WW231 and WW296 for the Mag. loads in mag cases. It was a Lyman 156 grn. cast lead bullet from a 4 gang Lyman mold. Semi-wad cutter with 2 crimping grooves. The handgun was/is Colt Python 6″ bbl.. Cast in 20lb. RCBS elect . pot @ 750 temp. Wheel weights, half stick 50/50 bar solder. Fluxed it 3 times w/bees wax , heated the mold blocks on the stove until slightly purple and started casting. The lead flowed like water and went into the mold grooves. Had to scrape each bullet with finger nail to get hairs off. Whack the Spru cutter quick and get perfect bullet bases every time. Sized in RCBS sizer to .357, greased and added gas check. Roll crimp out to lowest groove w/ heavy roll crimp. Almost allowed a mag. powder charge crimping out to lower groove. Pretty accurate with nominal powder charge. Only problem I could see or test was 2 much muzzle flash. I suspect trying other powders would have corrected that problem. I don’t know about the powders now, but still have all the other and a lot more. Similar loads for other .30 cal.or larger would probley give similar results. Haven’t done that stuff for number of years but getting ready now.

  2. Get a Lyman single handloader. One die for everything, powder measure spoons, powder chart and load on the fly. Don’t even think it’s made anymore?. I would never get rid of that.

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