8 round single stack gets you about half way there. Let us know when you’ve got a frame mount, cock and lock, swipe down to fire safety.

    1. If you’re adverse to the frame mount safety thing, you could just splurge a bit and buy a P7-M8

  2. I have seen once, and only once, a GunBroker listing for a Beretta 92D Compact Type M – ’twas a Type M frame with a DAO hammer installed, mated to a 92D Centurion barrel and slide. I kick myself for not bidding on it…

  3. A friend and co-worker had a 92f compact in the ’90’s when we worked in aircraft. Nothing New about that. How old are you?. Parkerized only then, no fancy 2-tone crap back then. He didn’t like it. He wanted to trade for my S &W Model 1955 Target in .45acp. He couldn’t hit a thing with his.

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