Have you ever operated so hard…

You needed to spin your flashlight like a boss? If so, the new SwitchBack Ring is for you!

If I can be serious for a moment, I can actually see the practical application of this product for CCW. However, the Tactical DerpStyle marketing just turns me off so bad that I’d rather stick with my Crimson Trace Railmaster technique.


  1. You want hard Operating!? You ain’t seen Hard Operating!
    I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just lost my job as Space Shuttle Door Gunner 1st Class because I refused to salute Nobama when he toured our base at an undisclosed location, when I got transferred suspiciously fast to The Sandbox. Without even time to grow a proper Tactibeard, I found myself squarely in the Battle of Fallujah. India Echo Deltas going off every other block, Tangos aplenty and I improvised this little tactiring with nothing but my flashlight and some chicken wire I pulled from a haji with my bare hands after my DI M4 shit where it ate and jammed on me.

  2. I don’t know, but for me the toughest part about using a flashlight with a pistol is keeping them both aimed at the same spot. I’m not sure this device gives you the ability to easily adjust the flashlight point of aim independently from the firearm. In fact if you look at some of the promotional pictures the firearm and the light appear a bit cross-eyed.

    For what its worth, its not legal for IDPA low light stages.

  3. Pretty sure Tiger McKee already invented something similar, but made a break away ring for safety purposes. Getting drug behind a car by your finger isn’t so Operator.

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