1. I’ve been looking forward to this. Nobody with an IQ above room temp and a milligram of discernment will be surprised.

  2. Would have enjoyed closer pictures/video of the actual RIP wound channel, some measurements, as well as a side-by-side comparison of a commonly trusted 9mm jhp. :/

  3. Well this isn’t a surprise. #1, it is only a 9mm. I’ve been on the receiving end of one of those, and had I been hit with a real round, I would not be alive today (the 9mm stopped short of my femoral artery, a .45 or .38 would have caused terminal damage). #2, it’s not made of lead, it’s made of copper. Less dense metal = less inertia = terminal velocity = less force imparted to target =, it’s not even as power full as a regular 9mm, which is already an underpowered round. 9mm and .22 are great training rounds and little critter getters, but I would never pull one of them in a firefight, might as well be armed with an airsoft rifle or harsh language for that matter

    1. There are entire graveyards full of people killed with 9mms. Why don’t you ask them if it’s like an airsoft rifle?

      1. Our local police departments have all stopped using 9mm over a decade ago because it lacks stopping power. The went up to .40 cal, and we are actually in the process of stepping all the way up to .45 cal. There is a reason the US special forces fought tooth and nail against switching to the 9mm NATO round, and there are many special forces operators who would only carry either 1911’s or the SOCOM H&K .45, because they have seen too many people get hit with 9mm’s and continue to shoot back at them. Having been shot by a 9mm myself, I am telling you from personal experience.

        1. Sigh.

          There are plenty of people who have personal experience with the 9mm from behind a gun that would tell you otherwise.

        2. Many people have been shot with .30-06 and 8mm Mauser in WWII and lived to tell about it. I guess those are ineffective rounds also.

  4. Check out TTAG. He did a comparison versus a common defensive 9mm round. No surprise, this ammo is all marketing hype, no substance.

  5. KAA Maden – Research Dr. Gary K Roberts and find the data he and his organization put together on the various rifle and pistol rounds. Modern 9mm ammunition has near same performance, expansion etc than .40 and .45.
    Caleb – good info. Thanks!

  6. The 9 mm is fine for any women that wants to step up from her .380. As for the rest of us I did not even know they made a men’s model

    1. I’d like to present to the class the above comment as a perfect example of everything that is wrong with gun owners. Note the poor grammar, misogynistic commentary, and ignorance of modern terminal ballistics. When combined into a single comment, it is almost artistic.

  7. Kaa Madden & Bullskins —

    9x19mm, with quality JHPs (pretty much any major US manufacturer), has an effectivness so near to ANY OTHER “service caliber” loading as to be insignificant. Shot placement and rapid followup shots (meaning, “recoil control”) make FAR more of a difference. And I say this as a guy who PREFERS to carry a 1911 in .45ACP (although I will readily and publically admit it is as much habit formed so hard as to be nearly ritualistic 🙂 )

    So, I do not buy Kaa Madden’s tale — 9x19mm that DOESN’T expand actually penetrates deeper than .45ACP (sorry, it’s physics; .45ACP will reliably go through 24″ of muscle tissue. . . but the “feeble Europellet” goes 36″ deep — smaller caliber also means smaller surface area means less resistance).

    Even in a quality JHP that expands exactly the way it was intended to, 9x19mm will easily go deep enough to hit the femoral artery on anyone under 500 – 600 lbs. For Heaven’s sake, your femoral artery is only a few INCHES below the skin, even on beefy, muscular people! You want me to believe you have a FOOT or MORE of solid muscle meat over your femoral artery?!? The difference in penetration between 9x19mm JHP and an equivalent .45ACP JHP is only about two or three inches — 10″ versus 12″ or so.

    Now, specialty whiz-bang rounds (like Glaser, especially the Glaser Blue) might not go deep enough. . . but they wouldn’t reliably go deep enough in ANY handgun caliber! Which is why you should save the ratshot loads for shooting rats.

  8. This test is severely idiotic! Although he was able to recreate the ONE shot from the G2 9mm, he did so with EIGHT OR MORE shots from the .22lr!!! The fact that even a sub compact 9mm carries a minimum of 5 rounds means that you will have to dump 40+ shots into someone with a .22lr to equal 1 mag from a 9mm!!
    SO TO SAY THAT THE G2 RIP 9MM IS EQUAL TO A .22LR IS COMPLETELY FALSE! Not to mention that they will be releasing a .40 and .45 RIP soon that will destroy internals even better!

  9. I remember when i first saw G2 vid on youtube I though “so this is a kick-starter ad right?”
    Also it it just me or does anyone else look those little segments in the bullet and think any rough handling is going to bend them and cause major feed problems?

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