Every Hi-Point comment ever

This blog has been operational for the better part of a decade. In that time, I’ve had quite literally over a million comments posted. Yesterday, while banhammering comments, I realized that whenever the topic of Hi-Point pistols comes up, the following comments are guaranteed to appear. And so I present for the lulz, the White Knights of Hi-Point.

Team ‘Murica
Hi-Points are made in the USA! Do you hate America? Glocks suck, they’re made in Yurope! MURICA!

The Big Baller
I own lots of high dollar pistols, and now I’m going to list a bunch of brands I found on Wikipedia to prove it, also I own an HK! But I always choose my Hi-Point because it’s the best!”

And finally, we have my favorite: The Super Shooter
My Hi-Point is great! I used at the 2nd Annual Cleeti Tactical-Ho-Down Shoot and Hog Roast, and I out scored everyone else there, even the people using full custom 1911s! My Hi-Point has been flawless for 10,000,000,000 rounds using my perfect hand loads/RIP Ammo!

The Grail Knight of Hi-Pointers is the guy who combines all three tropes into one comment. That guy is my hero. His Hi-Point can never cross the great seal in Dayton though, or the entire factory will crumble and fall.


  1. Now you’ve really done it. You’ll be hearing from the Hi Point Pistol Collectors Association of East St. Louis!

  2. I do like Hi Points. I wouldn’t carry one, unless I had no choice, but I take them to the range quite a bit, and have yet to have one fail. They’re great if you’re poor; people living in poor neighborhoods have a greater chance of being a victim of crime than those in affluent neighborhoods.

  3. The other one is “They aren’t designed to be pretty, they are designed to be cheap and go bang every time.” At which point I usually think “one out of two ain’t bad I guess…”

  4. Nothing wrong with a hi point. As long as you don’t carry it or shoot it or feed it after midnight.

  5. Fired a High Point 9 mm twice. When the second round fired, the slide came back, and when it went forward it propelled itself off the frame and onto the concrete range floor. It disassembled itself. Probably not in the manual.

  6. Still the best comment I heard on your blog was high point related. I forgot who posted it so I won’t quote directly but it went something like… I cycled 40k rounds through my high point flawlessly… And now I’m almost confident enough to actually fire one round through it..

  7. The US-promoters should note that Lorcin and Bryco-Jennings are also made in the US.

    My Lorcin made a Hi-Point look like the pinnacle of svelte ergonomics and Old World reliability. I traded it, no joke, for two high-cap Glock mags during the AWB.

  8. Of the three LGSs in my area, two sell Hi-Points. One doesn’t.

    The one that doesn’t also runs CCW classes. The owner of that store told me that he’s never had a Hi-Point make it through the class without malfing. So he stopped selling them.

  9. I have a Hi Point as my truck gun for two reasons:

    1) it goes bang every time

    2) if someone steals it, I’m only out $75.

  10. I honestly don’t understand all the animosity toward Hi-Point. I own several, and they all work flawlessly. I think the problem is that the haters don’t have the proper skill set to master the Hi-Point. When used properly, with the appropriate technique (overhand wrist flip), the Hi-Point is as deadly as any other ax, hatchet, or tomahawk out to 20 yards. Master the throw, and Hi-Point is your best friend.

  11. Thanx for this there has come a group of people who think that because they do something that it is the only way to do it. Even more that you do not have the right to do it different. That if they don’t like it thats good enough of you too. The internet is like water it reaches into all the little corners and alleyways into trailer parks and Manhattan high rises so there are many voices reflecting a myriad of opinion. That is what America is, stupid people, smart people yellow people, brown people, and even pink people. All of which need to remember to live together. i am a Glock 20 man myself.

  12. One of the worst firearm related injuries I’ve seen was a guy pistol whipped with a Hi-Point. He had a low hair cut with clusters of knots that reminded me of Fred Flinstone after he took one to the bean. Scary.

  13. Ugly? Yes. Heavy? Maybe. Rattles when you walk with it in your holster? Yup. Inexpensive? You bet.

    I have one. I carry one. It works, every time I’ve used it. I don’t have to worry about cleaning it after every use. Oh, did I mention that it works? And it has a lifetime warranty.

  14. I’m waiting for the story when a citizen fends off a home invader by bludgeoning him into unconsciousness with a High-Point after emptying the magazine.

  15. If you think it would be embarrassing to own one think how socially crushing it would be to be shot with one..

  16. RetMSgt, a hi point is great for someone that is on public assistance, or some poverty level single mother who works. Its great that a single mom who waits tables can go buy a gun with a days wages, and protect herself from say an abusive ex. I want her to be able to do that. I want the single mom in the ghetto to kill the ex if he kicks the door down. I want him dead, and not a scratch on anyone else.

    How ever i do not think close to middle aged men with pensions and means should be buying zinc (technically zamac alloy) slide guns, with 10 rd capacity, a terrible trigger, weird balance, weird ergos.

    If people want to brag on how thrifty they are, pick something else. Tell me how you got great furnature at a garage sale, shoes on clearance for 9 bucks, how you eat great for cheap. Do not try to impress with how cheap your defensive weapon is.

    It is not impressive. Also most decent guns can go hundreds and hundreds if not over a thousand rds or more with out cleaning. Tons of guns have lifetime warranty also. The important details your gun does not have is a good trigger, a 13-19 rd mag, quality materials, good ergos. If i lube my xd, mp, sig, fn, browning, i can go a couple thousand rds easy with out cleaning. Nothing has broke in any of these guns, i have replaced springs after i shot many many thousands of rds in a few of them. Same with my military surplus weapons. Lest you think i am a snob for spending more then 300 bones on a gun, i have a pa64, feg pa63, both under $100 bucks, tokarev under $150 bucks, makarov under 160 bucks.

    Now if you bought a new 400-900 gun for the price of a hi point. Awesome, i would be impressed.

  17. OK, Centerfire Systems lists a 9mm HiPoint for $155. http://centerfiresystems.com/HIP-CF9MM.aspx

    I’ll note that Centerfire Systems prices do not tend to run terribly high, so yeah, “$75 HiPoint”, my butt. Not today. (J&G Sales, another reasonably priced distributor, lists HiPoints for a few bucks more — between $160 and $180 in “service” calibers.)

    They also list an Armscor .38 Special, 6 shot revolver (Colt clones) in both 4″ and 2″ barrels for $189. http://centerfiresystems.com/AC-M200.aspx

    For an extra $35 you get a more reliable, more durable, SAFER TO CARRY handgun.

    Sarco starts decent, safe, service caliber pistols at $175 (Arcus Browning HP35 clones), $225 for a Daewoo (decent handgun, LIGHT YEARS ahead of any HiPoint pistol made in terms of safety, reliability, durability, and ergonomics) and their cheap handgun selection runs up to $300 for a Ballister Molina copy of the 1911 (and a damned fine handgun).

    There IS a place for a HiPoint — but the margin between what a HiPoint costs and a better handgun is MUCH, MUCH smaller than people think. . .

    1. excellent examples geo. I can buy pretty much any gun i want, although i do not have anything more then $2,000. I could buy any gun i want, and i want a arcus. Same with the armsor revolver. They are great value. Its one of those things where if you are actually poor, you can’t afford to waste money. Buy a nice military design, not a commercial price focused design. In every way hi point is a compromise. No compromise with the high power, it was designed to be the best from the start. The daewoo is the military side arm. It is a very solid gun.

  18. I once came across a guy on Youtube named gunthreadadapters and the guy literally claimed that Taurus was better finished and more reliable than Glock. He was dead serious about it and called all the Glock users “fanboys.” He managed to piss off twenty Glock guys, not including the non-Glock guys (H&K, SIG, etc, users), in a few go’s.

    1. contrarians are everywhere. I am into cars, and there are tons of old italian and english car guys that will blow smoke up your azz, saying old mg, triump, lancia, fiat etc are as reliable as anything. Just keep up on the fluids man!

      I love tons of old cars, bu its lies. The message is a contrarian thing first, its lies second and the goal is to buy a substandard thing, and act like you are emparting magic on the thing, because it works awesome for you. Ohh sure a 1980s fiat the electrical system is as good as an accord or camry of similar era. Then you buy a 1980s mini, or alfa and spend countless hours fighting fluid leaks and electrical gremlins (which is fine for a hobby car, not a daily driver) and then people will straight lie to your face. You will have people tell you i have a 200,000 mile alfa and never had to do anything to it. Its makes you want to kill them.

      Its real school yard, i am better then you bullshit.

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