A Girl & A Gun Shooting League Conference

On March 21st through 23rd, I’m hoping to get both myself and one of our other employees here at GunUp to the A Girl & A Gun Shooting League Conference in Waco, TX. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about the event, but the more I read about it the more excited I get.


The conference has not only attracted some major brands, but some talented shooters and instructors. Including Kathy Jackson, Tom Givens, Dianna Leidorff and Nikki Turpeaux. Participants at the conference will each choose a “track,” whether that be the beginner “blue” track that our assistant will be taking, or one of the more advanced tracks depending on your ability and experience. Within these tracks different courses are offered from countless instructors, and each lady can choose her own schedule.

It’s a great idea, and a unique opportunity for these women to take classes from a variety of gifted instructors on a wide range of topics.


  1. The “track” idea is intriguing. Carry that kind of thing too far, and you can end up walling people off from each other based on ability or popularity, but if the idea is to acknowledge that all women in the shooting community aren’t necessarily at the same level or interested in the same things just because they’re all women, that would be a pretty smart concept.
    I’m interested in hearing how well you see that idea work out. I don’t do “industry gun stuff,” so maybe this kind of “tracked” conference is already common, but I haven’t heard of it before.

    1. It’s broken down into “Beginner,” “Intermediate” and “Experienced,” not how many Facebook fans you have. I think it’s a great idea, and I haven’t really heard of training conferences like the one AG&AG is hosting before, but I think the way they set it up is quite brilliant and will help newer shooters feel comfortable and experienced shooters stay interested, both very important things when combining this broad a spectrum of skill levels.

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