The best stage you’ve ever had

What’s the best you’ve ever shot in a match? Do you remember? For me, it’s burned into my memory: Bianchi Cup 2012, the Plates. I shot a 470-47x with a Tanfoglio Stock II in .38 Super. I was lucky, because I got it on video.

I’ve been chasing that performance ever since. It’s funny now, when I watch the video a year and a half later, I can see little things I didn’t notice at the time. At the start of the 25 yard string for example, I’m so jacked up on adrenaline from cleaning it through 20 that my hands are shaking. You can see my right hand tremble like crazy. I’m also happy now that I dropped that 5th plate on string 1. If I hadn’t, there is every bit the chance I would have totally choked on my second run at 25 yards and just dropped an entire mess of plates.

Still, that was probably the single best shooting performance of my career to date. The best shooters in the world shoot 470-47x on the plates with iron sighted guns all the time, and for a day, just a day I was able to hang with that.

What’s your best shooting moment?


  1. 2013 Bianchi Cup mover. Using my Smith & Wesson model 64 open revolver I shot a personal best of 472. I don’t remember the X count.

  2. Must have been the second or third time I was at West Coast Armory’s Tuesday night IDPA. I don’t remember how fast I was, probably horrendously slow but still well under respectable for never having shot IDPA before. The part that impressed the hell out of my self and most people there was that I cleared every single target down zero the hard way. One to the torso and one to the head. And both steel poppers down in one each from 15 yards.I need to stop trying to go fast and get back to that.

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