Gun Nuts to interview Brandon Webb at SHOT Show

By now, many of you have seen Brandon Webb’s response to my article about his views on gun control. If not, the article is available at SOFREP. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so. I disagree with much of Webb’s response, but I believe that a huge part of that is because we’re approaching the issue from two completely different viewpoints and backgrounds.

Image courtesy MSNBC
Image courtesy MSNBC

I’ll admit my first article on Webb was written with an antagonistic tone, because that’s sort of what we do around here. I am looking forward to interviewing Brandon, because it’ll give us an opportunity to actually hash out the issues face to face. It’s easy for two guys on the internet with big egos and big web followings to get into a pissing match with each other, so in order to avoid that we’ve both chosen to take the high road on this one and talk it out. That’s a rare thing in this modern age where internet shouting contests have replaced discussion.

We’ll give you more details on the interview and where you’ll be able to find it once the time and final details are hammered out. Until then, keep it here on Gun Nuts for the best of shooting sports news and info.


  1. Hmm, I can see where he might not have meant mandatory training, though his comment about standardized training implies it. Knowing how sensitive the topic of mandatory training is to gun owners (or he should have known), he should have explicated there. Still not going to vote for him as it stands but I look forward to the interview.

  2. Standardized training, I sense back pedaling, It is what it is, a poll tax and a means to the end of registering every American gun owner.

    Perhaps if Mr. Webb steered well clear any proposal that hints at creating or enlarging any database, he might gain some positive traction.

    I truly appreciate Mr. Webb’s service and sacrifice.

  3. I read the SOFREP response:
    -What does his response have to do with SOF? I am a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer, an NCO that is part of a fairly cohesive group in the Navy called the “Mess”. From the photos I’ve seen Brandon Webb is also a Mess member. I now work for DON as civil service. In my daily life I do not advertise nor even mention (again and again) that I was/am a retired CPO; I want to stand on my own current merit. Yes, I just did it.
    -As far as I can tell, you, Caleb, are a self-admitted troll. That gets you clicks. Another member of with a blog has said the same (in nice words). But, GunNuts has some pretty darn good content so I must admit you are a lovable troll with merit.
    -Without going response by response, the SOFREP response/s doesn’t change my view of Brandon Webb nor would it convince me to support him for the NRA. Maybe the interview will be all enlightening and will be a game changer, but I’m guessing not.

    Happy shooting,

  4. I’ve read Mr. Webb’s statement, your response and his to you and I’m now more convinced than ever that he’s a very poor choice to be on the NRA BOD. Mister Webb tends to like to imply things he doesn’t come right out and state. Even to “seeing you at the SHOT Show media room. How can that be interpreted as anything other than a thinly veiled threat? And that is hardly the first time he’s done it. I can only believe he speaks (and writes) without considering the weight of his words or how to precisely convey his thoughts and ideas. Either that or he actually means what he says. Or implies. How about some simple, honest dialogue with simple, honest statements? Without the side order of bombast and implications of violence please.

  5. Webb comes off as quite the thug and not terribly bright, and not the type of person who should be leading a multimillion member organization.

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