Tactical ammo derp

H/T to Tam for finding this video. As she mentions, you don’t need to watch the whole thing, because the derp comes fast and early in the video. While watching the video I was basically speechless, stuttering “what in the actual **** is this” when confronted with images like this:

the dumbest bullet ever

So, the projectile is designed to spread out over 10 inches right in front of the muzzle? So much for taking low percentage shots successfully. The Multiple Impact Bullet – tactical derp designed to separate you from your money.


    1. This is a projectile clearly designed by someone on whom the concept of “sectional density” is completely lost.

  1. How did they calculate “hit probability?” Is it in the video? I made it about 3:30 before I had to pause to throw up in my mouth a little. Is hit probability simply a way of saying, if I throw a golf ball at you I have less of a chance of hitting you than if I throw a beach ball? So bigger is better? 14″ is better than 10″? I would put in an off-color joke right here, but I feel like the inventor already beat me to the punch when he said “when it leaves the ‘tip’ of your gun.”

    1. I honestly have no idea. It just seems like the kind of product that someone who is catastrophically bad at shooting would invent.

  2. I don’t get it. And frankly, the fact that these tests were done on paper silhouettes alone is at a minimum indicative of sloppy testing, pure marketing gimmick, or most likely, some combination of the 2.

    FFS, they could have at least used ballistic gelatin to give a side by side comparison, penetration-wise, of their product vs the home defense and FMJ offerings on the market.

  3. ~(:>) ? Today’s defense ammunition for handguns is highly refined to meet different protocols. Has this ammo met any of these tests, specifically the FBI Protocol? What happens when shot into gel blocks? Will we see this tested by a few of the followed ammo testers?

    sign me Doubting Thomas

  4. The ammo developer has something about him that reminds me of a snake-oil salesman. The idea, though not a new one does seem innovative in a sense but until this ammo has been independently tested and the ballistics has been verified, I, like most posting to this, will stand down on dropping $50+ on 10 rounds.

    The ammo developer mentioned Hornady’s Triple Defense ammo. This is not applicable though for this demonstration because Triple Defense is a .410 gauge load and is not a semi-auto round. Therefore his mentioning this ammo was without merit!

    This ammo is a novel concept at the very least but only time and testing will determine it’s true worth and whether or not it prospers or flops among that self defense ammo crowd.

    1. You can look at it and see that the individual sections turn sideways. It is readily apparent what that does to their sectional density.

  5. My .45 would be embarrassed to let that junk leave its muzzle. Hell, it would be embarrassed to be next to a box of that stuff in the range bag.

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