Ruger GP100 Match Champion

Ruger will have a new model GP100 available in 2014, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion. This is the GP100 for competition shooting, and to be 100% honest it looks like Ruger went into my dreams while I was asleep and pulled all the features I want in a GP100 to make this gun.

gp100 match champion

The new Ruger GP100 Match Champion comes from the factory with the following features:

  • Black Novak rear sight
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Checkered Hogue wood grips
  • Beveled cylinder
  • Half-underlug slab side barrel
  • Delicious tears of S&W fanboys

Just from looking at the gun, if it came with a bobbed hammer and chamfered charge holes (editor’s note: it does come with chamfered charge holes), it would be perfect. As it is, it appears to be one of the best set-up out of the box competition revolvers since S&W started offering the 686SSR. I’m very glad to see Ruger going hard in the paint after the serious revolver shooter market with guns like this and GP100 WC model I have.

gp100 match champion profile

For our dedicated fans, I have already contacted Ruger about the new gun, and I’m going to be getting a couple in for long term testing in 2014. Plans are to run the same gun at all IDPA matches, NRA AP matches, and USPSA revolver. I have to give a hat tip the readers who’ve emailed, FB messaged, and otherwise communicated to me about this gun. I can’t wait to spend some time shooting this gun. We’ll get you more updates on the Ruger GP100 Match Champion when it comes in.


  1. This is KILLING me! I’m so not trying to go straight up revolver crazy but ever since you posted the pic of your other GP100 I’ve been stalking gunsmiths and researching legit mods for my GP100. Now this gun comes along… my poor bank account!!!

  2. I got to see this revolver in person at the 2013 New Hampshire Live Free or Die IDPA Match on the stage I was working. One of the Ruger shooters was competing with it. I have to admit, I’m a S&W guy but this is one really nice wheel gun. I still prefer my K frame model 66 but if I was new to revolver shooting, this would definitely be one of my top choices. It’s good to see a new offering for wheel gun action shooters. Now if S&W would bring back the 66 in a competition package, that would be great.

  3. I’ve always been an S&W fanboy, but I’ve also always appreciated Rugers. $900 MSRP for a Ruger is a little startling for a Ruger, but it sure looks like a nice wheel gun for competition.

  4. Add a bobbed hammer and have it cut for Moon Clips, and that would be an interesting little piece of scrap iron.

  5. Seriously, a very pretty gun. Is it just me, or does that model appear less tank-like than standard GP100s? Top strap & frame are thinner, etc.?

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