1. I want one. I don’t have a reason, but who cares. It’s on my “eventually” list.

  2. I think the height of their sex appeal was when Battlestar Galactica (the relaunch) was running, I recall the Five seveN was one of their standard sidearms in the show. I wanted one for about 20 minutes. My wife is a savvy enough shooter that I would get clunked over the head for buying one just because it was another esoteric ammunition type we would have to stock (I already have a 10mm habit).

  3. The reason I’ve stayed away is that it’s basically a .22 Magnum, but in a really expensive proprietary cartridge only available from FN. While the cartridge is reloadable, it’s really not worth doing so for what equates to a rimfire plinking gun.

  4. The 5.7 from a pistol is roughly equivalent to the .22 magnum from a rifle from what I’ve read. I’d love to have one as something light to pack along for four legged varmints when I’m in the pasture or woods.

  5. I would love to have one but both the pistol and ammo are too expensive for me at this time.

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