Robin Brown: point shooting tactical derp

I’ve long maintained that point shooting instructors are basically a never ending fountain of tactical derp, and Robin Brown aka Brownie on various gun forums is no exception. Now, before we get to the clownshow, one point I’d like to make is that I don’t have an issue with point or index shooting as a skill set. I use in matches when I don’t need a refined sight picture, but I also don’t ever practice point shooting. The simple fact is that if you can shoot well with the sights, you can point shoot well. Now on to the good stuff:

It’s a good thing he’s wearing a helmet, because his bus will be here to pick him up soon. Now, to address the technique itself, it’s pretty stupid. If you’re being attacked from behind by a known badguy, at the maybe 3 yards he’s standing from that target you don’t actually have the time to leisurely draw you gun and shoot under your armpit like your Mr. Smith drilling Irish mobsters.

Let’s keep it real – in the time it takes him it draw his gun, anyone but an infirm old lady would have closed that distance and would be playing chopsticks on his skull with a pipe wrench.

“But Caleb, what if you’re in a corner and can’t run?” Well then how about you turn the **** around while drawing your gun and then shoot the guy? I can do a concealed turn and draw with an A-zone hit in around 1.25 seconds, and I have the benefit of not being contorted over presenting my corn hole to a mugger.

I get why point shooting was popular in the 1940s, they didn’t have pistol sights to speak of. But it’s 2013, we have good sights, sweet lasers, and techniques have evolved. It’s time for these point-shooting clowns to hang it up.

For more hilarious tactiderp, check out his awesome “Quick” Kill video. Please note, there really isn’t anything quick about it.


  1. Thinking back to my ECQC experience, I don’t think his approach would work very well. And by “wouldn’t work very well” I mean that the opfor would have done a full-on NFL style tackle into his back, planting him in the dirt like an azalea bush before he could clear leather. Then they would have taken his gun and shot him repeatedly in the groin.

    I say that with considerable authority because I saw similar things happen.

    Anything looks good when you’re shooting at a huge piece of static steel.

    1. “Anything looks good when you’re shooting at a huge piece of static steel.”

      I’ll have to say that this looked dodgy even when he WAS shooting at a huge piece of static steel. It’s a good thing he’s shooting a gun without a safety, I suspect he’d be slow to disengage that too.


  2. I don’t fathom the scenario, is he drawing his pistol on someone he hasn’t yet seen or did he knowingly turn his back on a known threat? I’m not very tactical, this guy just screams double-ended football bat to me.

  3. Agreed — at “point shooting” ranges, with your back turned, “Hulk Smash!” is a very effective technique for the attacker to use, and one which is available without years of ninja training.

    “Puny pointshooter.” πŸ˜€

  4. I’m not sure what part of the “quick kill” was supposed to actually be quick. The shooting sure wasn’t and since half the shots went into the target’s gut the kill wouldn’t be, either.

  5. Caleb, Caleb,Caleb … the first video is just excellent. I can’t believe you don’t see what a fine training video it is …

    Of course, the only thing it teaches is what a bad, unpracticed, derp draw from a cheap holster under a poorly chosen t-shirt looks like …

    1. I… I’m actually a little embarrassed for him when I watch that draw.

      I mean, my draw is slow and awkward too, but that’s why I don’t have a YouTube channel to teach people how to have a slow and awkward draw.

      This guy’s videos are like illustrated footnotes for the papers of Dunning and Kruger.

  6. SPQR — That reminds me of when my CO used Apolcalpse Now as a training aid.*

    Sometimes, being a bad example is the best training service you can provide. . . πŸ˜‰

    * He jokingly said something about doing it off hand, the battalion CO told him, “No way can you make that work!”, and the captain, said, “Betcha I can make it work, Sir!”

    We used the village assault scene. Believe it or not, it IS a very valuable training aid. Of what NOT to do. . . and how not to let details distract your from the overall mission. After all us platoon leaders and platoon sergeants sat around for half an hour carefully critiquing all the things that went wrong (from a professional viewpoint) during the assault, the captain pointed out that ALL of those errors would have been avoided by answering one important question — “What was the mission?” “Move the boat to the other river, Sir.” “What part of that required attacking the village AT ALL, much less a battalion air assault into a KNOWN enemy position? Couldn’t they have used 2-3 birds, flown AROUND the village by a few miles, and inserted the boat & crew into the river without any fuss and muss?” “DOH! I guess that’s why you’re the boss, huh, Dai Uy?”

        1. Why is her radio dangling in front of her thighs? Let’s just say that if she were a man and had to sprint somewhere, that could result in some unpleasantries depending on where that radio bounced around too… there’s a reason I stopped dangling a long-ish chain of keys off my front belt loop when I was in high school…


  7. I’m no tactical guru but even I know enough to understand that throwing the heater out into open space without confirming what’s behind you is just plain stupid. How easy would it be for the BG to simply grab the gun, bust off several of his fingers and shoot him full of holes? This static, contrived scenario assumes the BG will be directly behind the defender, alone, at fairly close range, with no innocents in the vicinity. (and further assumes the BG is VERY large and immobile.)

    No, not me. There is a need to assess the situation before beginning the drawstroke. How’s this guy know there aren’t several BG’s behind him, maybe one, close in, just off to his side, and moderately skilled in disarming? How’s this guy know the BG isn’t 15 yards away, bladed to him? And some hippie dude is directly in the bullet’s path? How’s he know he’s not going to use a bus full of orphans as a backstop????

    Pretty sure there’s a rule about being sure about your target and what’s behind it.

  8. Thank you for the entertainment and I know why the DooFuss wears a helmet. That has to be for protection of his knob head when people hit him with baseball bats for being just himself. I can’t get the stupid out of my head after watching his videos. Why in the world would a person raise a gun up to the chin and not use the sights? He kind of reminds me of the old cowboy shows on TV where Marshall Dillion shot from the hip and killed his man every time which as it kid I imitated not knowing that most folks can’t do that well at all. Anyway thanks for the funnies.

  9. I think that helmet has nothing to do with his job. He’s had to wear that ever since “the incident on the swingset”, back in elementary school.

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