Jerry Miculek talks about Mag-na-porting

Jerry Miculek, one of the best shooters on the planet and unquestioned master of the double-action revolver, has taken to youtube with a channel that has some very useful content. This week he released a video on Mag-na-porting that I found quite intriguing.

I’ve always been skeptical of the utility of the Mag-na-port system, thinking that the relatively minor modifications they make to a firearm can’t really make a significant difference. Jerry uses high-speed video to nicely demonstrate the advantages offered by Mag-na-port that now I’m considering sending a couple of my revolvers out for the treatment. He also does some low light demonstrations showing the muzzle flash a Mag-na-ported gun gets when using good quality defensive ammo.

If you’ve got some time it’s a worthwhile watch, as are many of his other videos. It’s some pretty good camera work and I personally find the high-speed video he uses interesting to watch. Check it out:

…and just for giggles, here’s Jerry rocking a .50 caliber Barrett rifle on a Bill Drill faster than most people can run a 5.56 carbine:

Tell me that’s not cool. Who says age has to slow you down?


  1. I wonder if the Mag-na-porting affects the bullet velocity? If it does, is it enough to matter though?

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