Anti-gun ex-SEAL Brandon Webb to run for NRA board of directors

Many of our readers are familiar with Brandon Webb, the former Navy SEAL who is the proprietor of the popular website SOFRep. Unfortunately, many of those readers are not aware of Mr. Webb’s stance on gun control. After the Newtown shootings, Webb issued the following statements:

I don’t have all the solutions on this issue but I do know that I’m personally ready to compromise to limit mass shootings, and I’m ready to have an intelligent conversation on this issue. If leading gun organizations like the NRA don’t take a leadership role in proposing realistic solutions, then they will have failed to truly represent gun owners.

On December 2nd, Brandon Webb announced that he wanted to run for the NRA’s board of directors, displaying at the same time a startling tone-deafness and an utter lack of understand on what the NRA’s board of directors actually does:

Well folks, it’s time for some new blood at the NRA. We can’t bury our heads in the sand when it comes to firearms legislation. The NRA needs to actively participate in the legislative process not dodge it. (emphasis added) I’ve decided to run for an NRA Board seat and hope I can count on existing members within my network to help me get on the ballot and breathe some new life and young blood into this organization.

The part we bolded is the most ridiculous part of the entire post, and the most tone-deaf thing we’ve read in some time. For Webb to state that the NRA is “dodging” the legislative process displays a tremendous amount of ignorance about what the NRA has done before and after Newtown to preserve our right to keep and bear arms. If ignorance was his only sin, it would be enough for us to note vote for him. However, ignorance of the NRA’s role in defending our rights isn’t his only sin.

His other sin is one I personally share, and it’s hubris. Mr. Webb seems to think that his service to his country as a SEAL shields him from criticism, or from having to answer tough questions about what exactly he means by “compromise.” When asked repeatedly by readers on Facebook and other platforms, Webb has essentially said “I’m a former SEAL sniper, that should be qualification enough.” We all know how well a similar attitude worked for George Kollitides during his unsuccessful bid for an NRA board seat.

Make no mistake: Brandon Webb is a hero who served his country with distinction for years as a SEAL. In no way are we impugning his military credentials or his expertise on military and tactical issues. However, none of that expertise qualifies a person for a seat on the board of the National Rifle Association. Until Brandon Webb is willing to answer the tough questions about what he’s willing to compromise, and educate himself on the role of the NRA in continuing to defend our rights, the team here at Gun Nuts will do everything in our meager power to oppose his election to the NRA’s board of directors.


  1. We need to vote agains Brandon Webb!! Plain and simple!! There are plenty of other choices for BOD members every year!! DO NOT Vote for Brandon Webb!!

  2. Excellent article. It’s easy to think people in special ops to be red meat eating John Wayne types but the truth is there are many with very liberal viewpoints. They have the right to this viewpoint of course but the rest of us have the right to vote against them.

  3. We all need to wipe the “Team America **** Yeah!” from our eyes and read past “Former US Navy SEAL”…

  4. We have enough idiots in a position they don’t need to be in already. How is it we can’t stop this from happening? We as the American people have no say so anymore. Screw this government and all the idiots in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Every gun blog, including this one, is filled with Al Queda/Tea Party/Big Babies who are destroying America. Go Brandon, you have my vote!

    1. And the odds that you actually qualify to vote in the NRA annual elections is …. zero, I’m pretty positive.

  6. Great article, thanks for the heads up Caleb. Last year 7% of life members voted. 10% of those ballots were invalidated due to voting for too many candidates. Your job of educating us goes beyond “don’t vote for Webb”. How about reminding everyone to read the rules and to peel the backing off of the postage stamp before placing in on their ballot.

    1. “Last year 7% of life members voted. 10% of those ballots were invalidated due to voting for too many candidates.”

      Ulp.. So 93% of life members hide their heads in the sand rather than vote, and of the 7% who participate, 10% of them are idiots. That’s not saying a lot for the intellect of the life members, is it?

  7. I would imagine that Brandon is one of those, whose misguided sense of duty would lead him to fire on U.S. citizens, if the government ordered him to do so. He will NOT get my vote for the N.R.A. board.

    1. Well, that may be a claim too far … what we do know is that he is full of opinions about the NRA and gun control issues that show a strong ignorance of both.

  8. He has to get on the ballot first. That is not so easy. One way requires getting a certain number of signatures of voting eligible members. I would have to look up the number. He could probably do it but would have to fool people into signing for him. The other way is to get on the ballot via the NRA nominating committee. That won’t happen.

  9. I appreciate that the article was to the point…being that even though an individual has served in the military, and has expertise in particular areas of firearms and warfare, certainly does not qualify them to represent an established organization such as the NRA with rhetoric such as, “New Blood Needed” and more. We need qualified, well spoken individuals who “listen” to the majority of their constituents and represent “them” not their own special interests. Thank you for the article!

  10. This reminds me of the Gen. who said things even more drastic. Like single shots and shotguns only (or muskets).

    Ever wonder why the King has removed more than 200 Officers and NCOs?

  11. The sheer willingness to negotiate on an unalienable, God given right, that shall not be infringed, should be grounds enough to keep him off the ballot.

  12. with that 93%, it’s more likely the ballots get caught up in the 20 pounds of junk mail they get from the NRA every year.

  13. Brandon Webb has no honor. He refuses to fulfill his oath to uphold and defend the constitution.

  14. how about Colon Noir? Smart, articulat, common sense, a lawyer to boot.

  15. Wake up, Brandon. The “old blood” is winning! They’re doing a great job defending the 2nd amendment.

  16. Vidkun Quisling attended the Norwegian Military Academy and served in the Norwegian Army, and Smedley Butler was undoubtedly a Marine hero who became an outspoken activist against US corporatism and imperialism, speaking to pacifist groups and in churches…


  18. This is one of MANY reasons to support the GOA (Gun Owners of America). They have NEVER compromised, NEVER surrendered an inch, and spend their money on lobbying, NOT advertising and junk mail.

  19. I thought I would get this response. You can disagree with GOA all you want. That’s fine, and I can completely respect that. I respect anyone’s critical opinion. Disagreement is one thing, and it should end there. However, I respectfully submit that you have made a false accusation that is beneath you. Accusing Larry Pratt of lining his pockets is accusing him of theft, embezzlement, and fraud. Those are serious crimes and moral failures. I have spent enough time with him, and enough time in his humble offices, to know this is not true. If you loathe his organization, again, I can RESPECT that. But you should try to refrain from moral attacks from someone who is a respected member of his community, and longstanding elder in his church, unless you have substantial evidence. You’re much better than that

    1. GOA as an organization has never really accomplished anything other than trying to undermine the NRA. I apologize for the statement about Larry Pratt, I was under the impression that his salary was a much larger percentage of GOA’s revenue than I thought it was. I was incorrect in that assessment.

  20. Thanks, Caleb, for being honorable. And thanks for your analysis of Brandon Webb. I am part of the 7% who DOES vote, and will not vote for Brandon Webb for school crossing guard, let alone BOD!

  21. Same thing I say about John McCain: For his service I give him the respect he earned; for his political bullshit I give my anger and contempt.

  22. Brandon webb is exactly the type of person we need on the nra board. These people on the board just bang their fist on the table and say no which makes gun owners look like cavemen. Im a gun owner and a vetern and firmly believe in my second ammendment rights but if the nra keeps acting like 3 year olds we will not make any headway. Brandon webb has the right mindset and will bring back alot of former nra members like myself

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